Geology in the News

In a two-part series, local news station investigative reporting includes an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Thomas about the impacts of climate change on western New York. The coverage includes Dr. Thomas’ research on changes in precipitation through time, one potential impact among many in our region
In gold mines near Fairbanks, Alaska, scientists are hunting for something precious — and it’s not metal. he ongoing project, funded by a grant from the National Geographic Society, could help researchers and policymakers understand how Alaska might respond in coming years as the planet heats up again.

Center for Geohazards Studies

The Center for Geohazards Studies supports research and training that improves our understanding and mitigates the consequences of natural hazards. 

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Faculty member and student with equipment.

We offer a cutting-edge curriculum designed to train the next generation of earth and environmental scientists. 


Geology is all around us. Join the department for a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring hidden gems of the Western U.S. 

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