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New Computer Lab!

Geology students working in the new computer lab.

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Help keep Geology out of the dark ages! The UB Department of Geology is one of the fastest growing geology departments in the nation. Undergraduate enrollment has doubled since 1990, and faculty research has attracted students from all over the world. Our alumni are successful in their careers, and work in a variety of fields as educators, scientists, and consultants. Please consider assisting us in continuing this important work today!

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Your donation to UB Geology provides the next generation of geoscientists with the opportunity to study geology through real world experience, using the latest technology to help advance the field and further our reputation as one of the leading schools in the discipline.

We are honored to accept donations that go towards facilitating education and progress via research, academia, and achievement. Donations to UB Geology, whatever the amount, are very much appreciated and endlessly valuable. Our students, faculty, researchers, and staff all thank you for your support!