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A heartfelt thank you to all the Alumni and friends that supported our crowdfunding campaign and made this years field camp a success!

A job ‘well’ done!

The North Campus has a new feature: three crowdfunded wells. This spring, more than 50 donors, including many geology alumni, gave $10,000 to support the drilling of the wells and other aspects of a geological field methods course. Students usually travel out west each summer to complete the course, known colloquially as “field camp.” But with the pandemic, students stayed local this year. The class provides undergraduates with hands-on experiences critical to geology careers, and the wells will be used in many future hydrogeology courses. Photos: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Published June 2, 2021

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Thank you for supporting the department of Geology

Thanks to Martin Derby (see featured alumni profile) for this nostalgic photo of Field Camp 1983.  There were 14 students that year, compared to the 35-40 that is the typical enrollment of our current Field Camp.

Field Camp Update

Field camp 2018 Geology students and staff, photo was taken at Bridges National Monument, Utah.

Thanks to all the alumni who donated to the 2018 crowdfunding effort, which surpassed the target!  With those funds we purchased quality radios for each student mapping team to carry in the field for safety purposes, as well as some additional Brunton compasses and other items needed to supply Field Camp.  2018 and 2019 were the first two years where students carried the radios, and we were able to address injuries (thankfully, all minor!) and to radio instructions when there were weather issues such as lightning.  In 2019 we started another crowdfunding effort to raise money for a seismometer to use for geophysics field training.  Some funds were raised, but we've put a hold on that effort so that we can restart it at a better time.

COVID-19 unfortunately caused the cancellation of the 2020 Field Camp - the first year in many decades without the course.  However, several of our faculty members are stepping up to the plate and rapidly developing a virtual mapping course.  More than a dozen of our seniors were relying on Field Camp to fulfill their graduation requirements, and this virtual alternative will allow them to do so.  We also plan to use the virtual version to provide advanced mapping courses for students in the future who are unable to participate in Field Camp.  Rest assured, though, that we intend to resume standard Field Camp in 2021, assuming the pandemic is under control by then.

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