GLY Governance and Committees

Groundhog day outside of Cooke Hall, Dr. Charles Mitchell and Alison Lagowski.

Groundhog Day Celebration outside of Cooke Hall

GLY Committeess

2020-2021 Executive Committee:

Bea Csatho, Professor and Department Chair

Greg Valentine, Professor and Associate Chair

Chris Lowry, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Margarete Jadamec, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

2020-2021 Graduate Studies

Chris Lowry, Director,  Associate Professor

Kristin Poinar, Member, Assistant Professor

Greg Valentine, Member Professor

2020-2021 Undergraduate Studies

Margarete Jadamec, Director, Associate Professor

2020-2021 Awards Committee

Tracy Gregg, Committee Chair, Associate Professor

Margarete Jadamec, Member, Associate Professor

Erasmus Oware, Member, Assistant Professor