UB Ingestive Behavior (UBIB)

Students at a poster presentation.

At the University at Buffalo, we strive to be on the cutting edge of scientific research, to enable growth in both academia and within our own community.

Ingestive Behavior research conducted at the University at Buffalo spans from basic science to applied behavioral, clinical, and community-based studies. The goal of UBIB is to foster collegiality and stimulate new interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers who are studying ingestive/eating behavior across different scales of inquiry.  To support these efforts UBIB faculty have formed the Center for Ingestive Behavior Research, which contributes to our training, outreach and collaborative research programs.  

This highly distinguished group represents over a dozen faculty and more than 50 trainees, accounting for 8 departments across three campuses. Regular meetings culminate in an annual UBIB Research Day, where research is put to the test for the community at large. We are at the forefront of scientific thought in this area, cementing our university as a hub of thought-provoking and groundbreaking inquiry.

If you’re a prospective student or postdoc who would like to become involved with UBIB, you can directly contact the faculty member whose work interests you, or email ubib@buffalo.edu with more general inquiries.