Learning Outcomes

What our students will gain!

By the completion of the program, we expect our students to be able to do the following with mastery:

1. Distinguish main components of academic study of religious and literary texts versus studying/practicing them in religious and/or lay context in order to produce critical academic work on these texts.

2. Recognize and critically evaluate issues in contemporary broader humanities today with an emphasis on the contribution of Jewish thought.

3. Identify, analyze and describe main texts and traditions of Jewish thought.

4. Develop skills in the close and critical reading of primary sources in Jewish thought including historical documents and texts, as well as use, apply and critically evaluate secondary sources that theorize or historically/culturally contextualize topics in Jewish thought.

5. Hone critical skills in mutual renegotiation of classical Jewish and general philosophical, rhetorical and ethical thought.

6. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the research writing process and produce research papers with elements of innovation, including a thesis-length research or a project paper with considerable elements of original achievement.