Journalism at UB

The Journalism Certificate Program trains students to be 21st-century thinkers, writers and media professionals. Journalism today is engulfed in change. Online technology and citizen journalism are altering how journalists gather, report and convey information, and students need to be ready.

Our instructors, many of whom are working journalists, combine lessons on reporting, interviewing and writing skills with discussions on how to use new media to convey information. The program, approved through the SUNY system, begins by teaching the fundamentals of reporting, writing, editing and producing stories for print, online and broadcast journalism. Introductory courses teach students where to go for information, how to conduct interviews and produce accurate and clear pieces on deadline. Advanced courses focus on feature, opinion and online writing, and the possibilities the web and video offer. The program is interdisciplinary and offers courses from the EnglishMedia Study and Communication departments.

Our award-winning instructors serve as mentors and take time beyond class hours to assist students. UB has produced numerous successful journalists including CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (1999, 1970), CNN Senior Producer Pam Benson (1976), NPR’s Terry Gross (1972), and Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Tom Toles (2002, 1973) and has an active alumni network to help students get jobs. The program is housed in the English department.

The Journalism Certificate Program continues to add courses and to grow every semester.