EunHee Lee

EunHee Lee.

Associate Professor

623 Baldy Hall
(716) 645-0125


  • PhD, The University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Semantics and Pragmatics, Second Language Acquisition, Korean Linguistics.

Selected Publications

  • Lee, EunHee (2020) The Logic of Narratives. Brill.
  • Lee, EunHee (2019) Korean Syntax and Semantics, Cambridge University Press.
  • Lee, EunHee (2018) "The universal topic prominence stage hypothesis and L1 transfer: A study of L2 Korean written narratives by L1 English and L1 Chinese speakers" Linguistic Approach to Bilingualism (online first)
  • Lee, EunHee (2018) "L2 and heritage Korean tense morphology in discourse: Interplay between lexical and discursive meaning". Heritage Language Journal 15, 173-202.
  • Lee, EunHee (2017) "Discourse properties of now". Journal of Linguistics 53, 613-640
  • Lee, EunHee (2017) "The pluperfect in discourse: When and why do we go back in time?". Journal of Pragmatics 121, 76-90.
  • Lee, EunHee (2017) "Case alternation in temporal adverbials in Korean" Lingua 189-190, 1-18.
  • Lee, EunHee (2017) "Long distance anaphora caki in Korean" Linguistic Analysis 41, 99-126.
  • Lee, EunHee and Mitsuaki Shimojo (2016) “Mismatch of topic between Japanese and Korean”. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 25, 81-112.