How to Apply

How to Apply to June in Buffalo 2023

June in Buffalo 2023 will be fully in-person and take place at the University at Buffalo campus, beginning on Tuesday, June 6, and ending on Sunday, June 11. Please read our tribute to our Artistic Director David Felder, who restarted and reconceptualized the June in Buffalo Festival in 1986, and grew the Festival to become a hub for high-quality and virtuosic contemporary music workshops, lectures, masterclasses, events, and concerts. We extend our gratitude for his leadership of the Festival for 37 years and wish him a healthy and happy retirement. 

This year our Senior Composers will be Ann Cleare, new June in Buffalo Artistic Director Jonathan Golove, Robert HP Platz, Mathew Rosenblum, and Melinda Wagner. Our resident  ensembles will be the Arditti Quartet, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, Slee Sinfonietta, Switch~  Ensemble, and Talujon Percussion Ensemble.  

To apply, please provide the requested information in the text entry fields below, including your first and last name, email address, institutional affiliation, and recommender. Then, upload a URL link enabling us to download a zip file containing: 

1. A résumé or curriculum vitae detailing your education, experience, and creative activity.  

2. A letter of reference from someone acquainted with your current compositional activity. Please have your recommender email their recommendation letter directly to Robert Phillips at  

3. One or two proposals requesting the performance of a recent work scored for the ensembles below. 

Arditti Quartet: vn1, vn2, vla, and vc.  

Slee Sinfonietta, large group: a work for nine instruments or less of the following: soprano voice, fl, ob, cl, bn, perc, pno, vn1, vn2, vla, vc, and cb.  

Slee Sinfonietta, small group: an unconducted work for three or less of the instruments  above; solos welcome.  

Switch~ Ensemble: fl, cl, sax, perc, pno, vn, and vc (or subset).  

Talujon Percussion Ensemble: four percussionists or less. All keyboard percussion and all standard non-pitched percussion instruments available. 

4. A score of your proposed recent work(s), and one or two additional scores that represent your recent compositional activity. Proposals with electronics or multimedia will be considered.  Included with the proposal should be a brief description of the work that includes length, full  instrumentation, and any technical requirements. Proposals for works in progress will also be  considered. A portion of the score plus the description listed above must be included with  application materials for in-progress works. 

5. A $25 non-refundable processing fee. Please pay online at the University at Buffalo  marketplace:

Applications materials and processing fee must be received by Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

Tuition and Housing Costs

Participant Tuition: $800 
Auditor Tuition: $400  

Auditors have access to the senior composer lectures, afternoon and evening concerts, and  may sit in on the masterclasses without sharing their work. To apply as an auditor please  upload a CV and send the processing fee.  

Unfortunately, on-campus housing is no longer available. The festival will arrange six nights of stay at a nearby hotel for each participant for a cost of $375.

For general information, contact June in Buffalo’s Managing Director Robert Phillips:  

telephone: (716) 645-0624  
fax: (716) 645-3824 

Submission Form


*Please provide a link to a shared cloud storage folder through a service such as Box, DropBox, or Google Drive that contains: your proposal, your CV, and up to three recent scores.