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Marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of the festival under Morton Feldman, and the 30th anniversary of David Felder’s artistic direction, June in Buffalo 2015 featured an expanded roster of nine senior composers, a performance institute directed by Eric Hubner, with student performers in addition to student composers, and concerts on UB’s campus and in Buffalo’s community. It took place from May 29 – June 7, with an unprecedented total of 16 concerts, featuring works and world premieres by participant and senior composers, including David Felder’s monumental masterpiece Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux for orchestra, soloists, electronics, and video projection.

Feel free to peruse the booklet with complete festival program. Complete photo archives from Irene Haupt are available.

June in Buffalo Press Archive

Senior Composers

Martin Bresnick.
David Felder.
Brian Ferneyhough.
Bernard Rands.
Augusta Read Thomas.
Roger Reynolds.
Harvey Sollberger.
Steven Stucky.
Charles Wuorinen.

Resident Ensembles

Special Guest

Performance Institute

Performance Institute.


Jonathan Golove.
Eric Huebner.
Tom Kolor.
Jean Kopperud.
Jon Nelson.
Yuki Numata Resnick.

Performance Institute: Concert 1 - Saturday May 30, 2015

7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Capriccio – Heinrich Sutermeister.
Michael Tumiel, clarinet

Scenes from a Jade Terrace: II. Memories of an Ancient Garden – Alexina Louie.
Benjamin Havey, piano

Der Kleine Harlekin – Karlheinz Stockhausen.
Pei-Lun Tsai, clarinet

Pei-Lun Tsai playing clarinet.

Burritt Variations – Alejandro Viñao.
Max Fahland, marimba

(dys)functions for trumpet and electronics – Samuel Wells.
Samuel Wells, trumpet

Boureé – Andrew Greenwald

Performance Institute: Concert 2 - Sunday May 31, 2015

7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

A Curtain Raiser – Jeffrey Stadelman
Figment II – Elliott Carter
Elegy – Elliott Carter
Song – Jennifer Higdon. Wayla Chambo, flute
King of Denmark – Morton Feldman
American Breserk – John Adams.
Adam Sherkin, piano

Praegustatum for James Levine – Charles Wuorinen.
Hangyu Bai, piano

Trombone Trio – Charles Wuorinen.
Benjamin Herrington, trombone

Day 1 - Monday June 1, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Martin Bresnick
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

Meridian Arts Ensemble & Talujon
4:00 PM, Slee Hall, B1

Autumn Water – Shuyue Cao
The Freedom of the Moon – Lisa Eleazarian
Four Possible Coceks – Louis Goldford
Rust Belt – Elliot Gabrill
Victory over Jester Douglas – Travis Huff
Metabolic Motives- Hangrui Zhang
Beginning of Origin – Tiange Zhou


New York New Music Ensemble
7:30 PM, Slee Hall, Lippes Concert Hall

New York New Music Ensemble.

The Advancing Moment – Harvey Sollberger
Echoi – Lukas Foss
Bird as Prophet – Martin Bresnick
New York Notes – Charles Wuorinen

New York New Music Ensemble taking a bow.

Day 2 - Tuesday June 2, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Charles Wuorinen
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

Meridian Arts Ensemble & Slee Sinfonietta Soloists

Meridian Arts Ensemble.

4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Falling Out of Time – Iddo Aharony
Perceptive Fragments – David Nguyen
Learning from the Laughing Man – Ori Talmon
Three Family Photos – Matthew Chamberlain
Chocolate Android Proton Thrust – Zane Merritt

Meridian Arts Ensemble & Talujon
7:30 PM, Slee Hall, Lippes Concert Hall

A message from the Emperor – Martin Bresnick
Canzone XXXI – David Felder
Bone Alphabet – Brian Ferneyhough
Bill Solomon, percussion

Bill Solomon playing percussion.

Refrains – Steven Stucky
Brass Quintet – Charles Wuorinen
Okho – Iannis Xenakis

3 performers playing "Okho".

Day 3 - Wednesday June 3, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Steven Stucky
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

New York New Music Ensemble members.

New York New Music Ensemble
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Insight II – Stephen Yip
Trio II something in somewhere another thing somewhere else – Can B. Bilir
Memos – Weijun Chen
reactivities – Andrew Maxbauer
Dark Roses – James Chu
Humayun – Timothy Pag

Two Performance Institute Members playing piano.

Performance Institute Members
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Four Movements for Two Pianos – Philip Glass.
Anna Whistler & Adam Sherkin, Piano

Piano Quartet – Steven Stucky.
with Mia Detweiler, Violin and faculty members of the Performance Institute

Piano Etudes, Book I – Roger Reynolds

A Performance Institute member playing the piano.

Day 4 - Thursday June 4, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Roger Reynolds & Irvine Arditti
9:30 AM, Baird Hall

Samuel Wells, Trumpet.

Performance Institute Members
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Emptying the Body – Fernanda Nevarro.
T J Borden, Cello

Scenes for Violin – Niki Charlafti.
Mia Detweiler, Violin

Misprision of Quod – Steven Crane.
Joe Desotelle, Percussion

Blue Sky Catastrophe – Paul Hembree
Samuel Wells, Trumpet

Irvine Arditti
7:30 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Irvine Arditti playing violin.

Duo for Violin and Piano – Elliot Carter
For Aaron Copland – Morton Feldman
Unsichtbare Farben – Brian Ferneyhough
Eight Whiskus – John Cage
Kokoro – Roger Reynolds

Late Night Piano Ensemble Concert
9:30 PM, B1 in Slee Hall

Five Pianos – Morton Feldman
Six Pianos – Steve Reich

Performance of Five Pianos by Morton Feldman.

Hangyu Bai, Nicholas Emmanuel, Anna Whistler, Bryndis Schilling, Ben Havey, & Adam Scherkin, Pianos

Day 5 - Friday June 5, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Bernard Rands
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

Faculty Lecture: Brian Ferneyhough
3:00 PM, Baird Hall

Performance Institute Members
6:00 PM, Kleinhans Concert Hall

Scat – Augusta Read Thomas
Wayla Chambo, flute; Michael Tumiel, clarinet; Anna Whistler, piano; Christina Courtin, violin; Sarah Bish, cello; Daniel Bassin, conductor

Performance Institute.

Walcott Songs – Bernard Rands
Julia Bently, mezzo-soprano; Veronica Nettles, cello

Passion Players – Augusta Read Thomas
Wayla Chambo, flute; Michael Tumiel, clarinet; Kristen Theriault, harp; Nicholas Emmanuel, piano; Max Fahland, percussion; Christina Courtin, violin; Veronica Nettles, cello, Daniel Bassin, conductor

Passion Players.

Capriccio – Lukas Foss
Sarah Bish, cello; Bryndis Schilling, piano

Memo 4 – Bernard Rands
Come Around – Jacob Druckman
Wayla Chambo, flute; Pei-lun Tsai, clarinet; Adam Sherkin, piano; Joe Desotelle, percussion; Mia Detweller, violin; T. J. Borden, cello; Matthew Chamberlain, Conductor

Harvey Sollberger Recital
8:00 PM, Pausa Art House

Harvey Sollberger Recital Accordian performance.

The Tinker Polka
Wir Fahren mit der SBB – Walter Wild
Non Ti Scordar di Me – Ernesto de Curtis
‘mbriacame – Mimmo Di Francia
Reginella – Libero Bovio & Gaetano Lama
Anema e Core – Salvatore d’Esposito & Domenico Titomanlio

Riding the Wind II – Harvey Sollenberger
Movement I of Tetratkys – Giacinto Scelsi
Cara per te quest’anima dal’opera “Armida” di G. Rossini – Saverio Mercadente

Harvey Sollberger Recital flute performance.

Day 6 - Saturday June 6, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Augusta Read Thomas
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

Performance Institute Members
4:00 PM, Baird Hall, Rm 250

Souvenirs/Miniatures – Ryan Jesperson
Mia Detwiler, violin; Sarah Bish, cello; Nicholas Emmanuel, piano

The Journey – Ying-Ting Lin
Pei-lun Tsai, clarinet; Christina Courtin, violin; Adam Scherkin, piano

third world fable – Liliya Ugay
with T. J. Borden, cello & Liliya Ugay, piano

Liliya Ugay with T. J. Borden and & Liliya Ugay.

Music for Mad Scientist – Texu Kim


Ensemble Signal & Slee Sinfonietta
7:30 PM, Slee Hall, Lippes Concert Hall


Ensemble Signal & Slee Sinfonietta preforming in Slee Hall.

Les Quatre Temps Cardinaux – David Felder

Ensemble Signal & Slee Sinfonietta preforming in Slee Hall.
Ensemble Signal & Slee Sinfonietta preforming in Slee Hall.

Day 7 - Sunday June 7, 2015

Faculty Lecture: Harvey Sollberger
10:00 AM, Baird Hall

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

4:00 PM, Slee Hall

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

On Time and the instrumental Factor – Morton Feldman
Six Poems from Neruda’s Altruas – David Felder

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