College Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

Published March 29, 2021

Dear Faculty, staff and students, 

The College of Arts and Sciences stands with the victims, families, and communities in Atlanta and with the broader Asian and Asian American communities now coming to grips with the recent mass shooting that has taken the lives of eight people, including six Asian women. As we offer our heartfelt condolences to the families and communities affected, we are compelled to speak out and act against the racism, misogyny, and xenophobia that motivated this latest atrocity. As we learn more of this tragedy, our concerns turn immediately to our students, staff, faculty and to all members of Asian communities on our campus.
Our ability to act in solidarity and to provide more effective support requires that we recognize a number of fundamental factors that have shaped the current circumstances. First, we must recognize that this was not an isolated event, but part of a long and ongoing history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the Unites States. Second, we must understand how this violence is rooted at the dangerous intersections of racism, sexism, colonialism, and xenophobia, rendering all peoples of Asian descent and their communities as targeted and vulnerable. And, third, we acknowledge that since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a spike in violence against Asians and Asian Americans across the country.

In condemning this violence, it is the responsibility of everyone in the College to work together to make our community - and nation – more inclusive. We must intensify our efforts to normalize the understanding that everyone belongs. These painful times serve as a stark reminder that equitable and safe environments are not accessible to all. We must continue to strive to make this a reality through our actions and investments. Our commitments to equity and belonging must include commitments to ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being.

Robin G. Schulze
College of Arts and Sciences         

Theresa McCarthy
(Six Nations, Onondaga)
Associate Dean for Inclusive Excellence