What is Philosophy, Politics and Economics?


Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary field which studies the complex interactions of markets, formal political institutions, and informal social arrangements. 

PPE affirms a tight connection between philosophy and the social sciences. It joins rigorous philosophical analysis with empirical results and social-scientific tools from economics, political science, and related fields.  Combining these insights is invaluable for understanding how markets, democracy, and other institutions may help or hinder the realization of important collective goals. 

The study of PPE has led to a surge of interest in the relationship between markets and the liberal sociopolitical order, how informal institutions support or constrain formal institutions, and how diversity and dynamism can be harnessed for our collective benefit.  PPE’s core insights, along with its orientation toward examining how real institutions function, have provided a strong foundation for addressing a wide range of research questions.

A degree in PPE equips students to either continue on with more advanced academic pursuits, or immediately become a valuable contributor to a firm or organization. It offers analytic clarity and practical guidance, grounded in the pursuit of our social and political goals.