Jason Briner

professor flerf

Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies

PhD, Geological Sciences, University of Colorado – 2003

410 Hochstetter Hall
(716) 645-4326


Quaternary and glacial geology, paleoclimatology, arctic environmental change

Research Interests

My interests lie in the broad field of Quaternary geology and global climate change. I study glacial settings to better understand ice sheet processes, glacial landscape evolution and past glacier fluctuations. I also study paleoenvironments recorded in Holocene and Pleistocene lake sediments to better understand paleoclimate, which provides a template for modern global change.

Course Offerings

  • GLY 101/102 – Global Environmental Science
  • GLY 312 – Surface Processes and Hydrology I
  • GLY 445/545 – Glacial Geology
  • GLY 453/553 – Quaternary Dating and Paleoclimate
  • GLY 478/578 – Advanced Field Methods: Alaska’s Changing Glacial Landscapes
  • GLY 499 – Independent Study
  • GLY 599 – Supervised Teaching
  • GLY 633 – Graduate Research
  • GLY 700 – Thesis Guidance

Current Students

Please see the Paleoclimate Lab for a list of current students. 

Recent Publications

Porreca, C.*, Briner, J.P., Kozlowski, A. (in press). Laurentide Ice Sheet meltwater routing along the Mohawk River, eastern New York, USA. Geomorphology.

Lesnek, A.J.*, Briner, J.P. (in press). Response of a land-terminating sector of the western Greenland Ice Sheet to early Holocene climate change: Evidence from 10Be dating in the Søndre Isortoq region. Quaternary Science Reviews.

Philipps, W.*, Briner, J.P., Bennike, O., Schweinsberg, A*., Beel, C., Lifton, N. (2018). Earliest Holocene deglaciation of the central Uummannaq Fjord system, West Greenland. Boreas, v. 47, p. 311-325.

O'Hara, S.L.*, Briner, J.P., and Kelley, S.E.* (2017). Early Holocene alpine glacier and ice sheet moraines in central West Greenland deposited in tandem with Laurentide Ice Sheet meltwater events. Boreas, v. 46, p. 655-666.

Leonard, E.M., Laabs, B.J.C., Schweinsberg, A.D.*, Russell, C.M., Briner, J.P., and Young, N.E. (2017). Deglaciation of the Colorado Rocky Mountains following the Last Glacial Maximum. Cuadernos de Investigacíon Geográfica, v. 43, p. 497-526.

Briner, J.P., Tulenko, J.P.*, Kaufman, D.S., Young, N.E., Baichtal, J.F., and Lesnek, A.J.* (2017). The last deglaciation of Alaska. Cuadernos de Investigacíon Geográfica, v. 43, p. 429-448.

Philipps, W.*, Briner, J.P., Gislefoss, L., Koffman, T., Fabel, D., Xu, S., and Hormes, A. (2017a). Late Holocene glacier activity at inner Hornsund and Scottbreen, southern Svalbard. Journal of Quaternary Science, v. 32, p. 201-515. 

Mangerud, J., Briner, J.P., Goslar, T., and Svendsen, J.I. (2017). The Bølling-age blomvåg Beds, Western Norway: Implications for the Older Dryas glacial re-advance and the age of deglaciation. Boreas, v. 46, p. 162-184.

Valentine, G.A., Cortes, J.A., Widom, E., Smith, E.I., Rosoazanamparany, C., Johnsen, R., Briner, J.P., Harp, A.G., and Turrin, B. (2017). Lunar Crater Volcanic Field (Reveille and Pancake Ranges, Basin and Range Provience, Nevada, USA. Geosphere, v. 13, p. 391-438.

Schweinsberg, A.D.*, Briner, J.P., Miller, G.H., Bennike, O., and Thomas, E.K. (2017). Local glaciation in West Greenland linked to North Atlantic Ocean circulation during the Holocene. Geology, v. 45, p. 195-198. 

Pendleton, S.L..*, Briner, J.P., Kaufman, D.S., and Zimmerman, S. (2017). Using cosmogenic 10Be exposure dating and lichenometry to constrain Holocene glaciation in the central Brooks Range, Alaska. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, v. 49, p. 115-132. 

Gump, D.J.*, Briner, J.P., Mangerud, J., and Svendsen, J.I. (2017). The deglaciation of Boknafjorden, southwestern Norway. Journal of Quaternary Science, v. 32, p. 80-90.