Spanish: Major or Minor

Student explains painting in Age of Lorca class, spring 2018

Student describes paintings in SPA 409/539, "The Age of Lorca,"  Spring 2018

Why Study Spanish?

Learn about the language, literature and culture of Spanish-speaking world regions: Spain, but also Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Mexico,  the United States and more. The undergraduate program will develop your research and analytical skills, enhance your capacity for aesthetic appreciation, strengthen your powers of observation and self-expression, and prepare you for cross-cultural, global interaction.

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Degree Requirements

The Spanish undergraduate tracks cover a wide range of disciplines and historical periods while providing linguistic proficiency and cultural fluency. Students gain breadth and depth of knowledge in Spanish and Latin American Studies as they earn credits necessary for fulfilling a major, a joint major or a minor.

Academic Advisement (SPA 200+)

BA in Spanish

36 credits (including double and triple majors; for double degree combinations, see below):

  • Six credits of lower (200) level coursework: any two courses taken prior to upper-level courses, SPA 210 strongly encouraged; letter grades required; minimum cumulative GPA 2.5
  • 30 credits of upper (300/400) level coursework: any 10 courses; breadth in language, literature,