George Deacon

George Deacon.

George Deacon

George Deacon


Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry

More about George

I love getting to know students and helping them achieve their goals. Mostly I enjoy being a guide and assisting students in overcoming obstacles. Please don’t be afraid to reach out.

Advice and tips for students:
Earning your Undergraduate degree is quite a journey. It is normal to experience some challenges along the way. Please don’t let that derail you. If you get stuck, come talk to me. I can help.

Advice for first-year students:
As you likely know, succeeding and excelling at this level will require tremendous effort. I encourage you to fully commit to your studies but remember to stay balanced. Take frequent breaks. We tend to think more clearly when we take time to breathe.


  • Hiking and camping with my family
  • Reading (I especially like the classics and poetry)
  • Collecting rare and first edition books
  • Cooking and grilling (I tend to make things a little on the spicy side)
  • I am a diehard Bills and UB Bulls fan

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