Continuing Students

The College of Arts and Sciences is here to help you succeed. We offer a wide range of resources to suit your individual needs, whether you like popping over for a drop-in session, prefer one-on-one advice, or favor the energy of group advising. Explore our many tools and resources designed to level up your learning and make the most of your time here at UB!

Advising Options

To serve our students and help address various advising needs we offer three distinct advising options: daily drop-in option for quick questions, individual 30-minute appointments and group advising targeted for specific cohorts of students.

Drop-in Individual Group

If you have a question that can’t wait for a longer appointment, drop-in advising with on-call academic advisor is the best option for you!

Quick Questions

Offered Monday–Friday, 1 p.m.–3 p.m.

Not every question needs an individual appointment. We have an advisor 'on call' for Quick Questions each business day, 1 p.m.–3 p.m.

Start of the Semester Advising

Offered during add/drop period fall and spring semester

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, students tend to have many questions about courses they are registered for or courses that they are still considering add or dropping from their schedule. During this busy time, we will have all advisors available for drop-in advising Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-11:45 a.m. or 1 p.m.-3:45 p.m. so students can get questions answered as fast as possible.

Dismissal Appeal Advising

Offered after the Spring semester

If a student is notified that they are academically dismissed from UB because of academic performance, advisors are here to support in deciding on next steps. After dismissal notifications are sent out, advising will have drop-in advising available to discuss the reasons that led to dismissal and can also walk through the appeal process.

How Virtual Drop-in Works

Watch Navigate Video Tutorial on how the Virtual Drop-in works. 

  1. 📲Open Navigate Student mobile app or login via the desktop version.
  2. 📆Click Appointments.
  3. 👀Select View Drop-in Times (under the Other Appointment Options).
  4. 🕰Select Find Available Time.
  5. 👨‍🏫Choose CAS Advising as your location.
  6. ✅Choose the “Check-in with first available” button.
  7. 🎉You’re checked in to our drop-in advising queue! An advisor will be with you shortly.

Your advisor will call you on your mobile phone, using the number listed in HUB, when you are next up in academic advisor’s queue.

Make sure you are prepared to answer a call, even if the number is not recognized by your phone; for example, a private, blocked, or unknown number.

Tools, Resources and FAQs

Tools and Resources FAQs

Course Schedule Viewer: Find Free Electives

Get a jump on planning your schedule. Use the Free Elective Course Schedule Viewer Tool to view courses with no enrollment requirements across the College.

Free electives are courses that have no enrollment requirements and typically fall outside of the required courses for your area of study. Some of the courses on this list could be free electives and UB Curriculum requirements. Check with your advisor to see how free electives can fit in with your graduation plan.

Once you've found courses you're interested in, talk with your advisor and head over to HUB to register for your next semester.

Change your Major or Minor

Submit the CAS Major/Minor Change Request form to request one of the following changes to your academic plan:

  • Add a major, minor, or certificate in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Drop any major
  • Drop any minor

Force Registration Requests

To request force registration into an open course that has restrictions, please complete the Force Registration Request form. Select the course, section, and appropriate reason for the request. Students may need to justify or provide supporting documentation for your request.   

Before you submit your request, please check to see if the course you are interested in has a waitlist. If it does, please add yourself to the waitlist, and do not submit a force registration request. You cannot request force registration into courses with an active waitlist. It will be denied. If the waitlist is full, do not submit a force registration request. Speak with your academic advisor to discuss alternate course options. *You cannot request force registration into closed courses.

a student and an advisor looking at a computer screen together.
Pro Tip

Always make sure that a current mobile phone number is listed in HUB, based on the advising option choosen, an advisor may call the number listed in HUB.