Matt Doino

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Matt Doino

Matt Doino


Health and Human Services, Legal Studies, Urban and Public Policy Studies

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The lightbulb moments! When it all comes together for a student who finds their perfect major/program or takes a class, they end up loving what they were iffy about. I'm passionate about seeing students grow and succeed. Those big and small moments drive me to be the best advisor I can be.

Advice and tips for students:
Be patient with yourself during your educational journey. We all make mistakes and do not know everything, so take your time and enjoy what you're learning. Use your resources and continuously ask questions. There are never too many questions, and you're never bothering your academic advisor.

Advice for first-year students:
You are all in the same boat! If you have worries, concerns, or questions, just know you are not alone. All first year students are going through the same transitional period and becoming familiar with their new home at UB together. So just ask for help! Use your resources! And most of all, be patient and kind to yourself. 


  • Exploring all that Buffalo has to offer with my family and friends
  • Sports fan (Bills, Red Wings, Liverpool FC)
  • Collector of vinyl records
  • Cooking new recipes
  • Nerdy TV/movies (Marvel, Star Wars, Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy to name a few)

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