Brad Hendricks

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Brad Hendricks

Brad Hendricks

Senior Academic Advisor


English, Film Studies, Media Studies, Linguistics, German

More about Brad

The best part of my job is getting to help students solve any problems that might otherwise get in the way of their education. I also, like working at a university and being surrounded by so much great learning!

Advice and tips for students:
Make sure to use all your resources (e.g., Academic Advising Report, Advisors, Professors, TA’s, etc.) Read the syllabus for every class! And as much as you can, register for classes on time.

Advice for first-year students:
Don’t be afraid to reach out.  Teaching Assistants, Residence Life Staff, Professors, Tutors, Advisors, and other Professional Staff are all here for you.  No student can navigate all aspects of college life alone, and the most successful are those who ask for the help they need. 


  • Family
  • Reading
  • Penn State Football

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