Liz Kerr

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Liz Kerr

Liz Kerr

Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
Senior Academic Advisor


Physics BA and BS, Psychology BA and BS

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Advising allows me an opportunity to have an impact on students’ academic journeys. I hope to get to know the students I work with and support them attain their academic goals. I celebrate all the successes, from getting a great midterm grade to registering for the last few classes to meet graduation requirements. Whether I have one conversation or several with a student, it’s wonderful to be part of their academic journey.

Advice and tips for students:
Establish a balance by creating a good balance between studying and your other obligations. Participation in clubs and on-campus jobs can have as big of an impact as some coursework! A network of friends can help support you in your classes and provide you with great laughs. Also, don’t be afraid to change courses if your original plans aren’t working out. It’s normal to change your goals as you have different experiences. An undergraduate degree is a gateway to many opportunities after you graduate, so strive to make your academics go to the top of your priority list, but make sure you stay connected with friends and family.  

Advice for first-year students:
Your first year of college is all about exploration and discovery. Almost everything you do, whether attending your first lecture class or joining a student organization, may feel out of your comfort zone for the first semester. Remember, everyone around is also figuring things out! Keep trying new things, and establish a routine that allows you to focus on both your classes and your social life. There are so many resources- so reach out for support when you need it.


  • Raising my two sons and helping to navigate their academics and activities.
  • Being outdoors and love exploring WNY hiking spots and bike trails.
  • Cheering for the Bills, Sabres, and Bandits.

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