Kassie McCarn

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Kassie McCarn

Kassie McCarn

Assistant Director for Student Success
Senior Academic Advisor


Global Affairs, History, Political Science, Psychology

More about Kassie

The best part of being an advisor is seeing students accomplish incredible things! In my role, I have the opportunity to see students learn, grow, and prepare to go out and change the world. There is nothing more exciting to me than celebrating student wins (big and small) throughout their academic careers.

Advice and tips for students:
Believe in yourself! You have come this far because you are incredibly capable of achieving all your goals (and then some). There will be times when you doubt that. In those moments, keep working hard and remember that you are at UB because you earned the opportunity to be here!

Advice for first-year students:
My advice to first year students is to be brave and try new things! It can be incredibly intimidating to join a club, attend an event, or even start a conversation with someone you haven’t met yet. This is the time to try it! So many other new students are in the same position and will be excited to get to know you. College is a great opportunity to meet your best friends and find new things you might love!


  • Being active and enjoying time outdoors! 
  • Running is one of my favorite activities. 
  • Paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, and biking. 
  • Learning and trying something new.

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