Shilah Richardson

Headshot of Shilah Richardson.

Shilah Richardson

Shilah Richardson

Senior Academic Advisor


Biological Sciences, Health and Human Services, Political Science

More about Shilah

I enjoy helping students develop their paths and watching them take ownership of their college experience. But the best part of my job is watching students grow and hearing their plans for their future when they graduate.

Advice and tips for students:

  • Define what success means to you
  • Make the college experience work for you
  • There is always a path to your end goal

Advice for first-year students:

  • Start building connections with other students, staff and faculty
  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself
  • Keep an open mind and explore


  • Former track and field student-athlete
  • Watching football and basketball
  • Working out every morning
  • Trying food at different restaurants

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