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Class #Class SectionTitleDaysTimeRoomFacultyOpen?
17893 AAP 501SEM PAEManaging Arts in 21st CenturyR4:30PM - 7:10PMClemen 215Praznik, Katja open
24223 AAP 508SEM AFCultural Policy Values and PerMTWR6:00PM - 8:40PMNorton 209open
23811 AAP 510SEM PRIssues in Music MgmtW10:20AM - 1:00PMAlumni 88Rehard, Philip open
21669 AAP 518SEM PAEIssues in Museum MgmtT10:00AM - 12:50PMBaldy 206Paeslack, Miriam open
17894 AAP 551LEC CDLeadership & Finance in ArtsT5:30PM - 8:10PMBaldy 106Devereaux, Consta... open
18505 AAP 560TUT MSPManaging Arts SpacesR10:00AM - 12:50PMArrangedPaeslack, Miriam open
13149 AAP 598TUT DEPPracticum SupportARR11:00AM - 12:30PMCfa Arrclosed
13831 AAP 599TUT AAPIndependent StudyARRCfa Arrclosed
13190 AAS 100LEC JPOIntro African American StudiesTR9:30AM - 10:50AMCooke 114Walcott, Rinaldo open
15534 AAS 117SEM AHip Hop and Social IssuesTR12:30PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 103Ogunbowale, Mopel... open
15829 AAS 199SEM FOSUB SeminarTR9:00AM - 10:20AMClemen 123Foster, Cecil open
20315 AAS 199SEM LSWUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMGrein 120BWilliams, Lillian open
15974 AAS 199SEM NEZ1UB SeminarMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMBaldy 121Zarragoitia, Nest... closed
15975 AAS 199SEM NEZ2UB SeminarMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMBaldy 106Zarragoitia, Nest... open
17882 AAS 253LEC LULBlacks in FilmsM12:30PM - 3:10PMRemoteLulat, Y. open
14591 AAS 261LEC JPOAfrican American HistoryTR12:30PM - 1:50PMClemen 106open
20813 AAS 264SEM DPTBlack Child in AmericaMW5:00PM - 6:20PMClemen 107Pierce-Tate, Debo... open
15092 AAS 280LEC ASurvey of African StudiesMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMBaldy 127open
14429 AAS 320SEM AResearch MethodsT4:10PM - 6:50PMClemen 1004Griffler, Keith closed
23609 AAS 324LEC SBFBlack WritersTR11:00AM - 12:20PMAcadem 352Beckford-Foster, ... open
18447 AAS 355SEM LULRace, Class & SocietyW12:30PM - 3:10PMRemoteLulat, Y. open
20823 AAS 358SEM AAfrica Diaspora:Soc EvolTR2:00PM - 3:20PMClemen 1004Foster, Cecil open
22071 AAS 460SEM MOPBlack Women in US HistoryR4:10PM - 6:50PMBaldy 121Ogunbowale, Mopel... closed
16860 AAS 496TUT KGCommunity InternshipARR12:00PM - 12:00PMArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
14489 AAS 499TUT MOPIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrOgunbowale, Mopel... closed
12748 AAS 499TUT JPOIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrPonzo, James closed
13737 AAS 499TUT PIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrWalcott, Rinaldo closed
12396 AAS 499TUT WILIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrWilliams, Lillian closed
13581 AAS 499TUT FOSIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrFoster, Cecil closed
14325 AAS 499TUT SBFIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrBeckford-Foster, ... closed
12721 AAS 499TUT LULIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrLulat, Y. closed
12939 AAS 499TUT KGIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrGriffler, Keith closed
13789 AAS 550TUT LULAdvanced Read Af Amer StdARRClemen ArrLulat, Y. closed
12367 AAS 550TUT WILAdvanced Read Af Amer StdARRClemen Arrclosed
13414 AAS 550TUT KGAdvanced Read Af Amer StdARRClemen ArrGriffler, Keith closed
14490 AAS 550TUT FOSAdvanced Read Af Amer StdARRClemen ArrFoster, Cecil closed
22072 AAS 558SEM MOPBlack Women in US HistoryR4:10PM - 6:50PMBaldy 121Ogunbowale, Mopel... closed
13441 AAS 600TUT KGThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen ArrGriffler, Keith closed
14387 AAS 600TUT FOSThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen ArrFoster, Cecil closed
14109 AAS 600TUT WILThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen Arrclosed
12891 AAS 600TUT LULThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen ArrLulat, Y. closed
12773 AAS 600TUT PAPThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen Arrclosed
14488 AAS 600TUT AThesis Guid Af Amer StARRClemen Arrclosed
12296 AHI 101LEC VWSurvey Egypt to RenaissMWF5:00PM - 5:50PMTalbrt 107open
15059 AHI 105LEC VWMythology in the Ancient WorldMWF3:00PM - 3:50PMKnox 104open
23655 AHI 199SEM AUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBaldy 118Triandos, Theodor... open
16519 AHI 251LEC AIntro to Modern ArtTR9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 106Lillie, Julia open
23912 AHI 336LEC AGreek Archaeology 1TR11:00AM - 12:20PMCfa 144Ault, Bradley closed
16512 AHI 380LEC WINImage and GenderM3:00PM - 5:40PMHoch 114Pilcher, Loren closed
23425 AHI 395LEC BGContemporary ArtTR3:30PM - 4:50PMObrian 104Golonu, Berin open
20635 AHI 661TUT BGGrad Research Art HistoryARRCfa ArrGolonu, Berin closed
14087 AHI 661TUT WATGrad Research Art HistoryARRClemen 606Watrous, Livingst... closed
15854 AMS 107LEC AIntro American StudiesMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMAcadem 352open
15976 AMS 199SEM CEN2UB SeminarTR11:00AM - 12:20PMAcadem 325Centrie, Craig open
20521 AMS 199SEM CEN1UB SeminarTR12:30PM - 1:50PMBaldy 121Centrie, Craig open
14617 AMS 364SEM AResearch MethodsT4:10PM - 6:50PMClemen 1004Griffler, Keith closed
12975 AMS 499TUT LSWIndependent StudyARRArrangedWilliams, Lillian closed
13612 AMS 499TUT CENIndependent StudyARRArrangedCentrie, Craig closed
13099 AMS 499TUT FOSIndependent StudyARRArrangedFoster, Cecil closed
12800 AMS 499TUT LULIndependent StudyARRArrangedLulat, Y. closed
12840 AMS 499TUT KGIndependent StudyARRArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
12987 AMS 499TUT MOPIndependent StudyARRArrangedOgunbowale, Mopel... closed
13856 AMS 499TUT GRIIndependent StudyARRArrangedBeckford-Foster, ... closed
13089 AMS 499TUT JPOIndependent StudyARRArrangedPonzo, James closed
23611 AMS 503SEM KGTopics Cultural History:1W3:30PM - 6:10PMFrnczk 454Griffler, Keith open
14367 AMS 521TUT CNIDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
14159 AMS 521TUT DDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
13968 AMS 521TUT FDirected ResearchARRClemen Arrclosed
13897 AMS 521TUT EDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
14337 AMS 521TUT ADirected ResearchARRArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
14533 AMS 521TUT GDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
13011 AMS 521TUT MACDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
12441 AMS 521TUT BDirected ResearchARRClemen ArrBeckford-Foster, ... closed
12469 AMS 521TUT WUDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
14078 AMS 521TUT TRUDirected ResearchARRArrangedclosed
12750 AMS 521TUT GRIDirected ResearchARRClemen Arrclosed
12775 AMS 521TUT CDirected ResearchARRClemen ArrWalcott, Rinaldo closed
13912 AMS 521TUT WINDirected ResearchARRClemen Arrclosed
14546 AMS 523TUT SFDirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
15309 AMS 523TUT MTPDirected ReadingARRArrangedopen
13209 AMS 523TUT CDirected ReadingARRClemen ArrTaylor, Henry closed
14181 AMS 523TUT FDirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
13542 AMS 523TUT WILDirected ReadingARRArrangedWilliams, Lillian closed
13762 AMS 523TUT MACDirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
14058 AMS 523TUT MGODirected ReadingARRArrangedGoeman, Mishuana open
14223 AMS 523TUT TRUDirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
12444 AMS 523TUT SF2Directed ReadingARRArrangedclosed
14565 AMS 523TUT KGRDirected ReadingARRArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
13485 AMS 523TUT ADirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
13909 AMS 523TUT SBFDirected ReadingARRClemen ArrBeckford-Foster, ... closed
13256 AMS 523TUT PAPDirected ReadingARRArrangedclosed
14017 AMS 523TUT CALDirected ReadingARRArrangedCaldwell, Robert closed
14150 AMS 523TUT WINDirected ReadingARRClemen Arrclosed
12860 AMS 523TUT FOSDirected ReadingARRArrangedFoster, Cecil closed
12856 AMS 523TUT GRIDirected ReadingARRClemen Arropen
14329 AMS 523TUT MOPDirected ReadingARRArrangedOgunbowale, Mopel... closed
22069 AMS 540SEM ASpecial TopicsUnknownopen
12365 AMS 623TUT TRUSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
13063 AMS 623TUT DSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
13424 AMS 623TUT WUSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
12592 AMS 623TUT ESupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
13510 AMS 623TUT GRISupervised FieldworkARRClemen 1015closed
13639 AMS 623TUT CNISupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
13969 AMS 623TUT FSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
12765 AMS 623TUT ASupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
14080 AMS 623TUT MACSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
12606 AMS 623TUT WINSupervised FieldworkARRClemen Arrclosed
13875 AMS 623TUT CSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
12440 AMS 623TUT BSupervised FieldworkARRArrangedclosed
12682 AMS 625TUT CNISupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
14036 AMS 625TUT GRISupervised TeachingARRClemen ArrGrinde, Donald closed
13837 AMS 625TUT ASupervised TeachingARRArrangedGriffler, Keith open
13876 AMS 625TUT BSupervised TeachingARRClemen Arrclosed
12708 AMS 625TUT WUSupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
13765 AMS 625TUT CSupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
12899 AMS 625TUT WINSupervised TeachingARRClemen Arrclosed
13005 AMS 625TUT ESupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
13064 AMS 625TUT DSupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
12806 AMS 625TUT MACSupervised TeachingARRArrangedMcCarthy, Theresa closed
13950 AMS 625TUT TRUSupervised TeachingARRArrangedclosed
12570 AMS 700TUT CProject SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14079 AMS 700TUT MACProject SupervisionARRArrangedMcCarthy, Theresa closed
14037 AMS 700TUT GRIProject SupervisionARRArrangedGrinde, Donald closed
14463 AMS 700TUT WINProject SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14059 AMS 700TUT FOSProject SupervisionARRArrangedFoster, Cecil closed
14382 AMS 700TUT MTPProject SupervisionARRArrangedopen
13255 AMS 700TUT LSWProject SupervisionARRArrangedWilliams, Lillian closed
13410 AMS 700TUT KGRProject SupervisionARRArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
12610 AMS 700TUT TRUProject SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13090 AMS 700TUT BProject SupervisionARRClemen Arrclosed
14018 AMS 700TUT CNIProject SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
15376 AMS 700TUT BRKProject SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14119 AMS 701TUT WINMA Thesis SupervisionARRClemen Arrclosed
14182 AMS 701TUT CMA Thesis SupervisionARRClemen 1004closed
12460 AMS 701TUT GRIMA Thesis SupervisionARRClemen ArrGrinde, Donald closed
13910 AMS 701TUT FMA Thesis SupervisionARRClemen Arrclosed
13339 AMS 701TUT WUMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
12816 AMS 701TUT MACMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedMcCarthy, Theresa closed
14557 AMS 701TUT EAGMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13555 AMS 701TUT CNIMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14043 AMS 701TUT WEJMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14048 AMS 701TUT DMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13583 AMS 701TUT FOSMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedFoster, Cecil closed
13961 AMS 701TUT KGMA Thesis SupervisionARRPark ArrGriffler, Keith closed
14077 AMS 701TUT TRUMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13896 AMS 701TUT EMA Thesis SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13774 AMS 702TUT BDissertation SupervisionARRRemoteWinter, Kari closed
13836 AMS 702TUT FOSDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedFoster, Cecil closed
14564 AMS 702TUT EAGDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
12345 AMS 702TUT CDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedMardorossian, Car... open
12381 AMS 702TUT TRUDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
13004 AMS 702TUT DDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedWalcott, Rinaldo closed
14623 AMS 702TUT MULDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
12543 AMS 702TUT SFDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14527 AMS 702TUT KGRDissertation SupervisionArrangedGriffler, Keith closed
12568 AMS 702TUT DAUDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedDauber, Kenneth closed
13711 AMS 702TUT MACDissertation SupervisionARRRemoteMcCarthy, Theresa closed
14361 AMS 702TUT GRIDissertation SupervisionARRRemoteGrinde, Donald closed
13933 AMS 702TUT SIMDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14098 AMS 702TUT PAPDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14057 AMS 702TUT SF2Dissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
14468 AMS 702TUT WUDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedclosed
12614 AMS 702TUT WINDissertation SupervisionARRArrangedopen
15418 APY 105LEC AIntro to AnthropologyMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMHoch 114Ketonen Keating, ... open
24455 APY 105LEC BIntro to AnthropologyTR8:00AM - 9:20AMFrnczk 422Gonzalez, Edith open
24470 APY 105LEC CIntro to AnthropologyTR5:00PM - 6:20PMClemen 106Lycett, Stephen open
15419 APY 106LEC JOSIntro:Cultural AnthropologyMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMKnox 104Joshi, Meghana Ar... open
23112 APY 107LEC POIIntro to Human EvolutionASYNRemotePoindexter, Steph... closed
15420 APY 107LEC VCTIntro to Human EvolutionMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMCapen 240Von Cramon-Taubad... open
15889 APY 108LEC CARIntro to ArchaeologyMW11:00AM - 11:50AMAcadem 170Carpenter, Lacey open
23114 APY 108LEC PERIntro to ArchaeologyTR2:00PM - 3:20PMNsc 222Perrelli, Douglas closed
15817 APY 199SEM NEOUB SeminarMWF8:00AM - 8:50AMCooke 127BNeofotistos, Vasi... closed
23121 APY 199SEM RDAUB SeminarTR11:00AM - 12:20PMAcadem 354Reed-Danahay, Deb... open
22190 APY 199SEM QUIUB SeminarMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMAcadem 354Quinn, Colin open
24471 APY 199SEM FULUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMAcadem 354Fulton, Albert open
16934 APY 275LEC JOSCulture, Health, and IllnessMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMKnox 04Joshi, Meghana Ar... open
23127 APY 313LEC NEOAnthropology and FilmMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMCooke 127BNeofotistos, Vasi... open
12719 APY 348LEC STFForensic Anthro OsteologyM5:00PM - 7:40PMAcadem 170open
23161 APY 354LEC HAR2World MusicASYNRemoteHarper, Colter open
22014 APY 367LEC CARMesoamerican ArchaeologyMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMFrnczk 422Carpenter, Lacey open
23158 APY 444SEM POIBehavioral Research MethodsTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBaldy 106Poindexter, Steph... open
23172 APY 477SEM KLACulture and DisabilityTR12:30PM - 1:50PMAcadem 354Klaits, Frederick open
13788 APY 495SEM ASupervised TeachingARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... closed
13980 APY 496TUT AInternshipARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... closed
22852 APY 496TUT BInternshipARRArrangedKlaits, Frederick closed
12635 APY 499TUT BACInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedBacigalupo, Ana M... closed
24414 APY 499TUT CARInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedCarpenter, Lacey closed
24415 APY 499TUT QUIInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedQuinn, Colin closed
21109 APY 499TUT POIInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedPoindexter, Steph... closed
13787 APY 499TUT SIRInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedSirianni, Joyce closed
14558 APY 499TUT PERInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedPerrelli, Douglas closed
14674 APY 499TUT KLAInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedKlaits, Frederick closed
14065 APY 499TUT NEOInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedNeofotistos, Vasi... closed
15494 APY 499TUT VONInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... closed
22185 APY 499TUT GILInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedGil, Oscar closed
14213 APY 499TUT CHEInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedChevral, Timothy closed
20653 APY 499TUT GONInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedGonzalez, Edith closed
22186 APY 499TUT FULInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedFulton, Albert closed
21108 APY 499TUT HOLInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedHolowka, Nicholas closed
17739 APY 499TUT JOSInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedJoshi, Meghana Ar... closed
15493 APY 499TUT LYCInd Study & ResearchARRArrangedLycett, Stephen closed
20632 APY 514SEM GONMuseum ManagementW12:30PM - 3:10PMAcadem 261Gonzalez, Edith open
18324 APY 521SEM RDALanguage, Culture, and PowerT2:00PM - 4:40PMAcadem 261Reed-Danahay, Deb... closed
17431 APY 538TUT CMS1Archeol Field ResearchARRArrangedGonzalez, Edith closed
23159 APY 547SEM POIBehavioral Research MethodsTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBaldy 106Poindexter, Steph... open
23174 APY 572SEM FULSpecial Topics in Arch.T3:30PM - 6:10PMBaldy 109Fulton, Albert open
23175 APY 593SEM JOSCultural Anthro TopicsM1:00PM - 3:40PMAcadem 261Joshi, Meghana Ar... open
24409 APY 600TUT QUIMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedQuinn, Colin open
20654 APY 600TUT GONMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedGonzalez, Edith open
15495 APY 600TUT LYCMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedLycett, Stephen open
15496 APY 600TUT VONMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... open
18327 APY 600TUT HOLMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedHolowka, Nicholas open
18328 APY 600TUT POIMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedPoindexter, Steph... open
14236 APY 600TUT PERMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedPerrelli, Douglas open
12532 APY 600TUT NEOMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedNeofotistos, Vasi... open
14675 APY 600TUT KLAMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedKlaits, Frederick open
13596 APY 600TUT BIEMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedBiehl, Peter open
14500 APY 600TUT FRNMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedFranquesa, Jaume open
21705 APY 600TUT FULMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedFulton, Albert open
21707 APY 600TUT GILMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedGil, Oscar open
14321 APY 600TUT BERMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedBerman, Carol open
13955 APY 600TUT BACMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedBacigalupo, Ana M... open
14202 APY 600TUT ZUBMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedZubrow, Ezra open
14076 APY 600TUT CHEMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedChevral, Timothy open
13634 APY 600TUT SIRMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedSirianni, Joyce open
14251 APY 600TUT RDAMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedReed-Danahay, Deb... open
24408 APY 600TUT CARMA Project/Thesis GuidanceARRArrangedCarpenter, Lacey open
24411 APY 601TUT QUIIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedQuinn, Colin open
13594 APY 601TUT BIEIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedBiehl, Peter open
13917 APY 601TUT ZUBIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedZubrow, Ezra open
13096 APY 601TUT PERIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedPerrelli, Douglas open
12608 APY 601TUT CHEIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedChevral, Timothy open
20655 APY 601TUT GONIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedGonzalez, Edith open
21704 APY 601TUT FULIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedFulton, Albert open
24410 APY 601TUT CARIndiv Readgs ArchaeologyARRArrangedCarpenter, Lacey open
20656 APY 602TUT JOSIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedJoshi, Meghana Ar... open
14501 APY 602TUT FRNIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedFranquesa, Jaume open
21706 APY 602TUT GILIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedGil, Oscar open
13093 APY 602TUT NEOIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedNeofotistos, Vasi... open
14271 APY 602TUT RDAIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedReed-Danahay, Deb... open
13582 APY 602TUT BACIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedBacigalupo, Ana M... open
14676 APY 602TUT KLAIndiv Readgs Cult AnthroARRArrangedKlaits, Frederick open
23173 APY 604SEM KLACulture and DisabilityTR12:30PM - 1:50PMAcadem 354Klaits, Frederick open
15497 APY 607TUT LYCIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedLycett, Stephen open
15498 APY 607TUT VONIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... open
18325 APY 607TUT POIIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedPoindexter, Steph... open
18326 APY 607TUT HOLIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedHolowka, Nicholas open
14207 APY 607TUT SIRIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedSirianni, Joyce open
13832 APY 607TUT BERIndiv Readgs Phys AnthroARRArrangedBerman, Carol open
21723 APY 614LEC LYCHominin BehaviorW3:30PM - 6:10PMAcadem 354Lycett, Stephen open
15141 APY 651SEM VONGrad Survey Phys AnthroM12:30PM - 3:10PMSpaulding 158Von Cramon-Taubad... open
12398 APY 652LEC CHEGrad Survey ArchaeologyR9:30AM - 12:10PMAcadem 261Chevral, Timothy open
15431 APY 655SEM FRAGrad Survey Social AnthroT9:30AM - 12:10PMAcadem 261Franquesa, Jaume open
14502 APY 700TUT FRNDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedFranquesa, Jaume open
15499 APY 700TUT LYCDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedLycett, Stephen open
15500 APY 700TUT VONDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedVon Cramon-Taubad... open
21032 APY 700TUT GONDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedGonzalez, Edith open
21709 APY 700TUT GILDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedGil, Oscar open
18329 APY 700TUT HOLDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedHolowka, Nicholas open
18330 APY 700TUT POIDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedPoindexter, Steph... open
12699 APY 700TUT BIEDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedBiehl, Peter open
12400 APY 700TUT SIRDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedSirianni, Joyce open
12752 APY 700TUT RDADissertation GuidanceARRArrangedReed-Danahay, Deb... open
24413 APY 700TUT QUIDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedQuinn, Colin open
14418 APY 700TUT BERDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedBerman, Carol open
12364 APY 700TUT CHEDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedChevral, Timothy open
14322 APY 700TUT BACDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedBacigalupo, Ana M... open
14677 APY 700TUT KLADissertation GuidanceARRArrangedKlaits, Frederick open
21708 APY 700TUT FULDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedFulton, Albert open
24412 APY 700TUT CARDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedCarpenter, Lacey open
14064 APY 700TUT NEODissertation GuidanceARRArrangedNeofotistos, Vasi... open
14172 APY 700TUT PERDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedPerrelli, Douglas open
12600 APY 700TUT ZUBDissertation GuidanceARRArrangedZubrow, Ezra open
23176 APY 733SEM QUITopics: Analytical Method ArchW9:00AM - 11:40AMAcadem 261Quinn, Colin open
23946 ARI 111DIS AFirst-Year Arabic 1st SemMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 115Ziadna, Tarek closed
23947 ARI 111DIS BFirst-Year Arabic 1st SemMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMBaldy 115Ziadna, Tarek closed
23948 ARI 111DIS CFirst-Year Arabic 1st SemMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMBaldy 115Ziadna, Tarek closed
24146 ARI 201LEC A2nd Yr-1st Sem ArabicMWF3:00PM - 3:50PMBaldy 112Ziadna, Tarek open
13008 ARI 499TUT 000Arabic Independent StudyARRArrangedZiadna, Tarek closed
19975 ART 105LAB A2D ConceptsMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 210open
19976 ART 105LAB B2D ConceptsTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 210Boone, H open
20343 ART 105LAB C2D ConceptsMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 210Campbell, Crystal open
19982 ART 111LAB ADrawing FundamentalsMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 218Linder, Joan closed
19983 ART 111LAB BDrawing FundamentalsTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 218Leon, Kenny closed
20862 ART 111LAB CDrawing FundamentalsMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 218open
18103 ART 120LAB C3D ConceptsTR3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA B23Goldfarb, Maximil... open
13179 ART 120LAB A3D ConceptsMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA B23Udondian, Victoria open
13179 ART 120LAB A3D ConceptsMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA B23Udondian, Victoria closed
13275 ART 120LAB B3D ConceptsTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA B23Williamson, Luke open
13275 ART 120LAB B3D ConceptsTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA B23Williamson, Luke closed
14395 ART 150LEC AVisual Theory Aesth & CritTR5:00PM - 6:20PMHoch 114Triandos, Theodor... open
14395 ART 150LEC AVisual Theory Aesth & CritTR5:00PM - 6:20PMHoch 114Triandos, Theodor... open
23646 ART 199SEM BUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBell 325Reitzenstein, Rei... open
23647 ART 199SEM CUB SeminarMW2:00PM - 3:20PMClemen 217Osman, Abdi open
23648 ART 199SEM DUB SeminarMW5:00PM - 6:20PMClemen 17Campbell, Crystal open
12359 ART 200LEC ADept of Art Speakers SeriesM6:30PM - 9:00PMCfa 112Brown, Rebecca open
19995 ART 207LAB ADrawing ConceptsTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 208Killian, Meagan closed
19996 ART 207LAB BDrawing ConceptsMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 208Linder, Joan open
19986 ART 220LAB ATime Based ConceptsTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 136open
20344 ART 220LAB CTime Based ConceptsMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 136Osman, Abdi open
15990 ART 231LAB APainting Non Major 1MW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 203Brown, Rebecca open
12630 ART 259LAB AIntro to Screen PrintMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA B38Breuer, Noah open
19998 ART 301LAB ABasic PaintingTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 203Mulindwa, Joel closed
19991 ART 302LAB JSRelief and LetterpressTR12:30PM - 1:50PMCFA B37Sherven, Jeffery open
16514 ART 303LAB AIntroduction to Digital ArtMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 146open
13373 ART 303LAB BIntroduction to Digital ArtTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 146Krakowski, Sam open
16525 ART 311LAB AAltern Pnting StrategiesMW3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 220Hughes, George open
16526 ART 312LAB ASelf-Initiated PaintingMW3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 220Hughes, George open
12627 ART 313LAB BIntro to PhotographyMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 117Hernandez, Misael open
13053 ART 313LAB AIntro to PhotographyMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 117Teixeira Sato, Li... closed
23623 ART 315LAB AB&W Film PhotoMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 118Cook, Cassandra open
23619 ART 316LAB AIntroduction to Graphic DesignTR9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 146Gaynor, Ilona closed
13395 ART 317LAB ABasic SculptureTR3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA B14Reitzenstein, Rei... open
16524 ART 320LAB AWeb DesignTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 146Licata, Domenic closed
19999 ART 321LAB ATypographic FormMW3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 136Myers-Chunco, Kel... closed
20002 ART 322LAB ATypographic SystemsMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 146Myers-Chunco, Kel... open
20009 ART 325LAB ALithography & MonotypeMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA B38Breuer, Noah closed
23627 ART 370LAB ATopics - Photography PracticesTR12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 118Opera, John open
16521 ART 375LEC PVScience Culture MediaTR9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 19Vanouse, Paul open
23629 ART 383LAB AInteractive Art & Design ITR3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 136Bohlen, Marc closed
16527 ART 411LAB AProf Practice in Pnting 1MW3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 220Hughes, George open
16528 ART 412LAB AProf Practice in Pnting 2MW3:30PM - 6:00PMCFA 220Hughes, George open
23634 ART 419LAB AIdentity DesignTR9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 136Myers-Chunco, Kel... open
23636 ART 425LAB ADesigned PlayMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 136Kenyon, Matthew open
12419 ART 446LEC AHistory of Graphic DesignTR1:00PM - 2:20PMObrian 210Lillie, Julia closed
22232 ART 464LAB PVBiological ArtTR12:30PM - 2:50PMAlumni 90Vanouse, Paul open
23637 ART 470LAB APhotography: Extended PracticeTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 118Opera, John open
14422 ART 494LAB ASenior ThesisMW9:00AM - 11:30AMCFA 213Kenyon, Matthew open
13398 ART 496LAB DLInternshipUnknownLicata, Domenic open
24267 ART 499TUT KMCIndependent Study StudioARRCfa ArrMyers-Chunco, Kel... closed
14542 ART 499TUT JSIndependent Study StudioARRCfa ArrSherven, Jeffery closed
15637 ART 499TUT MCIndependent Study StudioARR12:00AM - 12:00PMCfa ArrChen, Millie open
16605 ART 499TUT RRIndependent Study StudioARRCfa ArrReitzenstein, Rei... open
13234 ART 509SEM AGrad Seminar 1W6:30PM - 9:10PMCFA 146Udondian, Victoria open
12626 ART 510SEM AGrad Seminar 2W6:30PM - 9:10PMCFA 146Udondian, Victoria open
23639 ART 525LAB ADesigned PlayMW12:30PM - 3:00PMCFA 136Kenyon, Matthew open
23673 ART 545LAB ASpecial Topics StudioTR6:30PM - 9:00PMCFA 118Opera, John closed
12361 ART 547SEM IGHistory of Graphic DesignTR1:00PM - 2:20PMObrian 210Lillie, Julia open
22233 ART 564LAB PVBiological ArtTR12:30PM - 2:50PMAlumni 90Vanouse, Paul open
12706 ART 598TUT 000Supervised TeachingARRCfa 229Goldfarb, Maximil... open
12706 ART 598TUT 000Supervised TeachingARRCfa 229Goldfarb, Maximil... open
24265 ART 599TUT CCFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrCampbell, Crystal closed
13031 ART 599TUT RRFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrReitzenstein, Rei... closed
12957 ART 599TUT PVFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrVanouse, Paul closed
21338 ART 599TUT NBFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrBreuer, Noah closed
21339 ART 599TUT IGFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrGaynor, Ilona closed
22155 ART 599TUT AOFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrOsman, Abdiclosed
15667 ART 599TUT JLFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrLinder, Joan closed
16756 ART 599TUT JOFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrOpera, John closed
12711 ART 599TUT SRFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrRothenberg, Steph... closed
16755 ART 599TUT MGFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrGoldfarb, Maximil... closed
13432 ART 599TUT MCFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrChen, Millie closed
21317 ART 599TUT BGFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrGolonu, Berin closed
18677 ART 599TUT RBFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrBrown, Rebecca closed
13048 ART 599TUT GHFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrHughes, George closed
17748 ART 599TUT MBFirst Year Grad ResearchARRCfa ArrBohlen, Marc closed
24261 ART 690TUT MKGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrKenyon, Matthew closed
13810 ART 690TUT PVGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrVanouse, Paul closed
18679 ART 690TUT RBGrad Project SupervisionCfa ArrBrown, Rebecca closed
15668 ART 690TUT RRGrad Project SupervisionCfa ArrReitzenstein, Rei... closed
13151 ART 690TUT SRGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrRothenberg, Steph... closed
22158 ART 690TUT AOGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrOsman, Abdi closed
12994 ART 690TUT GHGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrHughes, George closed
22157 ART 690TUT IGGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrGaynor, Ilona closed
13307 ART 690TUT JLGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrLinder, Joan closed
18675 ART 690TUT JOGrad Project SupervisionARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCfa ArrOpera, Johnclosed
16183 ART 690TUT MBGrad Project SupervisionCfa ArrBohlen, Marc closed
13113 ART 690TUT MCGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrChen, Millie closed
17968 ART 690TUT MGGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrGoldfarb, Maximil... closed
17974 ART 690TUT VUGrad Project SupervisionARRCfa ArrUdondian, Victoria closed
22160 ART 699TUT NB2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrBreuer, Noah open
24182 ART 699TUT MK2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrKenyon, Matthew open
24183 ART 699TUT BG2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrGolonu, Berin open
24262 ART 699TUT CC2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrCampbell, Crystal open
17749 ART 699TUT MB2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrBohlen, Marc closed
14296 ART 699TUT PV2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrVanouse, Paul closed
12867 ART 699TUT JL2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrLinder, Joan closed
12883 ART 699TUT GH2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrHughes, George closed
14301 ART 699TUT SR2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrRothenberg, Steph... closed
22159 ART 699TUT AO2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrOsman, Abdiopen
22161 ART 699TUT IG2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrGaynor, Ilona closed
13297 ART 699TUT RR2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrReitzenstein, Rei... open
20314 ART 699TUT SOS2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMCfa ArrO'Leary Soudant, ... closed
13431 ART 699TUT MC2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrChen, Millie open
18678 ART 699TUT RB2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrBrown, Rebecca open
16184 ART 699TUT JO2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrOpera, John closed
16827 ART 699TUT MG2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrGoldfarb, Maximil... closed
21081 ART 699TUT VU2nd Yr Graduate ResearchARRCfa ArrUdondian, Victoria open
15516 AS 101LEC OKAIntro to Asian StudiesF12:00PM - 12:50PMObrian 209Okabe, Mimi open
15585 AS 181LR LIUAsian Civilization 1T11:00AM - 12:20PMKnox 20Liu, Yan open
18579 AS 181LR AS01Asian Civilization 1R11:00AM - 12:20PMKnox 20Liu, Yan open
17140 AS 221LEC HAKSurvey of Asian LiteratureMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMClemen 438Hakala, Walt closed
22221 AS 347LEC OKAFantast World Japanese AnimeTR3:30PM - 4:50PMNsc 215Okabe, Mimi closed
17171 AS 391LEC LIUChina and the WorldTR1:00PM - 2:20PMClemen 102Liu, Yan open
15375 AS 496TUT CHOAsian Studies InternshipARRPark 545Choi, Stephanie closed
23950 ASL 111DIS AFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR9:30AM - 10:50AMPark 148Ackerman, Jodie closed
23959 ASL 111DIS JFirst-Year ASL 1st SemASYNRemoteDray, Lee open
23960 ASL 111DIS KFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR12:30PM - 1:50PMBell 138Dray, Lee open
23961 ASL 111DIS LFirst-Year ASL 1st SemMW3:30PM - 4:50PMBell 138Dray, Lee open
23962 ASL 111DIS MFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBell 138Brightman, Mindy open
23963 ASL 111DIS NFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR3:30PM - 4:50PMBell 138Dray, Lee open
23964 ASL 111DIS OFirst-Year ASL 1st SemASYNRemoteByrne, Andrew closed
23965 ASL 111DIS PFirst-Year ASL 1st SemASYNRemoteByrne, Andrew open
23966 ASL 111DIS QFirst-Year ASL 1st SemASYNRemoteAckerman, Jodie open
23967 ASL 111DIS RFirst-Year ASL 1st SemMW2:00PM - 3:20PMPark 145Williams, Jayme closed
23951 ASL 111DIS BFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR11:00AM - 12:20PMPark 148Ackerman, Jodie closed
23952 ASL 111DIS CFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR2:00PM - 3:20PMPark 148Ackerman, Jodie closed
23953 ASL 111DIS DFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR3:30PM - 4:50PMPark 148Ackerman, Jodie closed
23954 ASL 111DIS EFirst-Year ASL 1st SemASYNRemoteWilliams, Jayme closed
23955 ASL 111DIS FFirst-Year ASL 1st SemMW11:00AM - 12:20PMPark 145Williams, Jayme closed
23956 ASL 111DIS GFirst-Year ASL 1st SemTR12:30PM - 1:50PMPark 145Williams, Jayme closed
23957 ASL 111DIS HFirst-Year ASL 1st SemMW11:00AM - 12:20PMPark 152Brightman, Mindy closed
23958 ASL 111DIS IFirst-Year ASL 1st SemMW12:30PM - 1:50PMPark 152Brightman, Mindy closed
15211 ASL 203LEC ASecond-Year ASL 1st SemesterTR11:00AM - 12:20PMPark 145Williams, Jayme closed
22340 ASL 203LEC BSecond-Year ASL 1st SemesterTR12:30PM - 1:50PMPark 152Brightman, Mindy open
16964 ASL 211LEC AIntroduction to Deaf StudiesASYNRemoteByrne, Andrew open
23355 ASL 305LEC BThird-Year ASL 1st SemTR11:00AM - 12:20PMPark 152Brightman, Mindy open
22387 BIO 100LEC HUTFoundations of Cell BiologyMWF4:00PM - 4:50PMCooke 127BHutson, Lara open
13442 BIO 129LAB SHOThe Human Body And Health LabARRRemoteShortridge, Randa... open
13820 BIO 129LEC WYNThe Human Body And HealthMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMNsc 225Wynne, Ryan open
17369 BIO 198SEM YER1UB SeminarM4:00PM - 4:50PMAlumni 90Yerramsetty, Prad... open
24176 BIO 198SEM KEEUB SeminarT11:00AM - 11:50AMClemen 102Keeler, Andrea open
24177 BIO 198SEM KEE2UB SeminarT12:00PM - 12:50PMClemen 102Keeler, Andrea open
24180 BIO 198SEM CRIUB SeminarM11:00AM - 11:50AMClemen 19Crickenberger, Sa... open
24288 BIO 198SEM YER3UB SeminarF4:00PM - 4:50PMCooke 114Yerramsetty, Prad... open
24328 BIO 198SEM KEE3UB SeminarT10:00AM - 10:50AMClemen 102Keeler, Andrea open
17370 BIO 198SEM YER2UB SeminarW4:00PM - 4:50PMAlumni 90Yerramsetty, Prad... open
21983 BIO 199SEM CRI1UB SeminarTR9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 202Crickenberger, Sa... closed
21984 BIO 199SEM CRI2UB SeminarTR11:00AM - 12:20PMClemen 202Crickenberger, Sa... closed
21985 BIO 199SEM CRI3UB SeminarMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 118Crickenberger, Sa... closed
21990 BIO 199SEM CRI4UB SeminarMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMBaldy 111Crickenberger, Sa... closed
21991 BIO 199SEM CRI5UB SeminarMWF3:00PM - 3:50PMBaldy 126Crickenberger, Sa... open
21992 BIO 199SEM CRI6UB SeminarTR3:30PM - 4:50PMClemen 202Crickenberger, Sa... closed
21993 BIO 199SEM HONUB SeminarMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMFrnczk 408Keeler, Andrea closed
21994 BIO 199SEM KEE2UB SeminarMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMClemen 202Keeler, Andrea closed
21995 BIO 199SEM KEE3UB SeminarMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 202Keeler, Andrea closed
21996 BIO 199SEM KEE4UB SeminarMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMClemen 202Keeler, Andrea closed
21997 BIO 199SEM KEE5UB SeminarMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMClemen 202Keeler, Andrea closed
21998 BIO 199SEM KEE6UB SeminarMWF8:00AM - 8:50AMClemen 202Keeler, Andrea closed
12346 BIO 200LLB C17Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMUnknownclosed
12503 BIO 200LLB C08Evolutionary BiologyW1:00PM - 3:40PMHoch 218closed
12506 BIO 200LLB C09Evolutionary BiologyW1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 310closed
12571 BIO 200LLB C15Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMCooke 210closed
12888 BIO 200LLB C05Evolutionary BiologyT9:30AM - 12:20PMCooke 210closed
12974 BIO 200LLB C12Evolutionary BiologyW7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 218open
12988 BIO 200LLB C03Evolutionary BiologyM4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 310closed
13043 BIO 200LLB C02Evolutionary BiologyM4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 218open
13108 BIO 200LLB C06Evolutionary BiologyT9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 237closed
13129 BIO 200LLB C14Evolutionary BiologyW7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 237closed
13315 BIO 200LLB C07Evolutionary BiologyW1:00PM - 3:50PMCooke 210closed
13613 BIO 200LLB C11Evolutionary BiologyW7:30PM - 10:20PMCooke 210closed
13838 BIO 200LLB C10Evolutionary BiologyW1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
14332 BIO 200LLB C13Evolutionary BiologyW7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 310open
14333 BIO 200LLB C16Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
14438 BIO 200LLB C01Evolutionary BiologyM4:30PM - 7:20PMCooke 210open
14439 BIO 200LLB C04Evolutionary BiologyM4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 237open
12329 BIO 200LLB CEvolutionary BiologyMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMKnox 20Phipps, Shaunna open
12335 BIO 200LLB B16Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 310open
12477 BIO 200LLB B06Evolutionary BiologyT1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 310closed
12642 BIO 200LLB B03Evolutionary BiologyM7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 237open
12643 BIO 200LLB B07Evolutionary BiologyT1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
12643 BIO 200LLB B07Evolutionary BiologyT1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
13040 BIO 200LLB B04Evolutionary BiologyT1:00PM - 3:50PMCooke 210closed
13042 BIO 200LLB B05Evolutionary BiologyT1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 218closed
13126 BIO 200LLB B14Evolutionary BiologyW9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 237closed
13228 BIO 200LLB B08Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMCooke 210closed
14319 BIO 200LLB B17Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMUnknownclosed
13302 BIO 200LLB B01Evolutionary BiologyM7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 218open
13384 BIO 200LLB B09Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 218open
13384 BIO 200LLB B09Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 218open
13520 BIO 200LLB B10Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 310open
13520 BIO 200LLB B10Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 310open
13521 BIO 200LLB B11Evolutionary BiologyT4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 237closed
13522 BIO 200LLB B13Evolutionary BiologyW9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 310open
13522 BIO 200LLB B13Evolutionary BiologyW9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 310open
13580 BIO 200LLB B15Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 218open
13580 BIO 200LLB B15Evolutionary BiologyR1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 218open
13798 BIO 200LLB B02Evolutionary BiologyM7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 310open
13798 BIO 200LLB B02Evolutionary BiologyM7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 310open
13827 BIO 200LLB B12Evolutionary BiologyW9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 218open
12315 BIO 200LLB BEvolutionary BiologyMWF4:00PM - 4:50PMKnox 20Poulin, Jessica open
12411 BIO 200LLB A12Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 310open
12662 BIO 200LLB A13Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 237open
12662 BIO 200LLB A13Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 237open
12663 BIO 200LLB A14Evolutionary BiologyR9:30AM - 12:20PMCooke 210closed
12783 BIO 200LLB A11Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 218open
12783 BIO 200LLB A11Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMHoch 218open
13038 BIO 200LLB A08Evolutionary BiologyT7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 310open
13231 BIO 200LLB A05Evolutionary BiologyT9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 218closed
13322 BIO 200LLB A02Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 218closed
13323 BIO 200LLB A03Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 310closed
13324 BIO 200LLB A07Evolutionary BiologyT7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 218open
13389 BIO 200LLB A01Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMCooke 210closed
13389 BIO 200LLB A01Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMCooke 210closed
13393 BIO 200LLB A06Evolutionary BiologyT9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 310closed
13394 BIO 200LLB A09Evolutionary BiologyT7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 237open
13394 BIO 200LLB A09Evolutionary BiologyT7:30PM - 10:20PMHoch 237open
13499 BIO 200LLB A16Evolutionary BiologyR9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 310closed
13557 BIO 200LLB A10Evolutionary BiologyW4:30PM - 7:20PMCooke 210closed
13558 BIO 200LLB A15Evolutionary BiologyR9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 218closed
13792 BIO 200LLB A04Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
13792 BIO 200LLB A04Evolutionary BiologyM1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 237closed
17128 BIO 200LLB A17Evolutionary BiologyR9:30AM - 12:20PMHoch 237open
17130 BIO 200LLB A18Evolutionary BiologyM4:30PM - 7:20PMUnknownclosed
12308 BIO 200LLB AEvolutionary BiologyMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMKnox 20Williams, Heather open
13703 BIO 303LEC EZAGeneral Physiology LecMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMNorton 190Ezak, Meredith open
13703 BIO 303LEC EZAGeneral Physiology LecMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMNorton 190Ezak, Meredith open
15115 BIO 305LEC SEHFund of Bio ChemistryMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMHoch 114Sehgal, Nitasha open
13225 BIO 309LEC HENEcologyTR11:00AM - 12:20PMKnox 110Henshue, Nicholas closed
12898 BIO 313LBR EK03General Physiology LabT3:00PM - 5:50PMCooke 218closed
13226 BIO 313LBR EK06General Physiology LabW2:30PM - 5:20PMCooke 218closed
14334 BIO 313LBR EK04General Physiology LabT6:30PM - 9:20PMCooke 218open
14528 BIO 313LBR EK07General Physiology LabW6:00PM - 8:50PMCooke 218open
14529 BIO 313LBR EK08General Physiology LabR8:00AM - 10:50AMCooke 218open
14530 BIO 313LBR EK09General Physiology LabR11:30AM - 2:20PMCooke 218open
15093 BIO 313LBR EK10General Physiology LabR3:00PM - 5:50PMCooke 218open
15343 BIO 313LBR EK11General Physiology LabF11:00AM - 1:50PMCooke 218open
15344 BIO 313LBR EK12General Physiology LabF2:30PM - 5:20PMCooke 218open
13303 BIO 313LBR EK02General Physiology LabT11:30AM - 2:20PMCooke 218closed
13305 BIO 313LBR EK05General Physiology LabW11:00AM - 1:50PMCooke 218closed
13795 BIO 313LBR EK01General Physiology LabT8:00AM - 10:50AMCooke 218Ezak, Meredith open
12293 BIO 313LBR EZKGeneral Physiology LabM1:00PM - 1:50PMNorton 190Ezak, Meredith open
23741 BIO 317LLB LABMedical ParasitologyW2:00PM - 4:40PMHoch 210Williams, Heather open
19792 BIO 317LLB WILMedical ParasitologyF2:00PM - 3:50PMGrein 120BWilliams, Heather open
12433 BIO 319LEC FERGeneticsMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMCooke 121Ferkey, Denise open
19799 BIO 320LEC LAFCytogeneticsMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMHoch 223Lafountain, James open
21963 BIO 325LEC SEHBiochemical Basis of DiseaseTR12:30PM - 1:50PMCooke 127ASehgal, Nitasha closed
13367 BIO 329LLB BRY3Genetics LaboratoryW1:00PM - 5:00PMHoch 212open
12483 BIO 329LLB BRY2Genetics LaboratoryR1:00PM - 5:00PMHoch 212open
12487 BIO 329LLB BRY5Genetics LaboratoryT6:00PM - 10:00PMHoch 212open
12818 BIO 329LLB BRY4Genetics LaboratoryM1:00PM - 5:00PMHoch 212open
13051 BIO 329LLB BRY1Genetics LaboratoryT1:00PM - 5:00PMHoch 212open
14640 BIO 329LLB BRY6Genetics LaboratoryW6:00PM - 10:00PMHoch 212open
14656 BIO 329LLB BRY8Genetics LaboratoryR6:00PM - 10:00PMHoch 212open
12317 BIO 329LLB BRYGenetics LaboratoryF4:00PM - 4:50PMCooke 121Berry, James open
20792 BIO 330LEC SHOSpecial TopicsTR3:30PM - 4:50PMCooke 127BShortridge, Randa... closed
20732 BIO 332LBR L2Adv Mol Bio LabTR1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 231open
19693 BIO 332LBR L1Adv Mol Bio LabMW1:00PM - 3:50PMHoch 231closed
19692 BIO 332LBR R1Adv Mol Bio LabF1:00PM - 1:50PMHoch 231Yu, Michael open
21759 BIO 344LEC WYNNeuroethologyTR2:00PM - 3:20PMNorton 210Wynne, Ryan open
23796 BIO 369LEC YERBiology of the MicrobesMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMCapen 108Yerramsetty, Prad... open
21987 BIO 387LEC YER2Communicating in BiologyTR12:30PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 111Yerramsetty, Prad... open
16975 BIO 387LEC YER1Communicating in BiologyMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMCooke 114Yerramsetty, Prad... closed
13321 BIO 401LEC WALAdv Biological ChemistryMWF10:00AM - 11:10AMCooke 127BKoudelka, Gerald open
13430 BIO 402LEC CULAdv Cell & Dev Biology 1MWF11:20AM - 12:30PMCooke 127BCullen, Paul open
13207 BIO 417LEC WYNNeurobiologyMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMNsc 222Wynne, Ryan closed
14101 BIO 420LAB LAFCytogeneticsMWF1:00PM - 2:50PMHoch 223Lafountain, James open
23861 BIO 425LEC KRACSpecial TopicsMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMCapen 201AKrabbenhoft, Corey open
23583 BIO 425LEC WASSpecial TopicsTR11:00AM - 12:20PMClemen 04Wang, Silu open
19755 BIO 436SEM CULGenes and CancerTR12:30PM - 1:50PMClemen 21Cullen, Paul open
16388 BIO 450LEC GOKHuman Evolutionary GenomicsTR11:00AM - 12:20PMBaldy 107Gokcumen, Omer open
19767 BIO 456LEC ALBEvolutionary GeneticsTR12:30PM - 1:50PMBaldy 112Albert, Victor open
21022 BIO 495TUT SEHUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 243Sehgal, Nitasha open
21238 BIO 495TUT YERUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 311Yerramsetty, Prad... open
21733 BIO 495TUT KRACUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
22227 BIO 495TUT FERUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
22735 BIO 495TUT SILUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621closed
24098 BIO 495TUT WILUndergrad Superv TeachARRHoch 125AWilliams, Heather open
14723 BIO 495TUT LINUndergrad Superv TeachARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
14144 BIO 495TUT POUUndergrad Superv TeachARRCooke 553Poulin, Jessica open
16723 BIO 495TUT SHOUndergrad Superv TeachARR12:00AM - 12:00PMClemen 319Shortridge, Randa... closed
17311 BIO 495TUT HSHUndergrad Superv TeachARRArrangedHenshue, Nicholas open
18126 BIO 495TUT HOEUndergrad Superv TeachARRCooke 554Hoekstra, David open
18501 BIO 495TUT EZAUndergrad Superv TeachARRHoch 621Ezak, Meredith open
14644 BIO 495TUT BRYUndergrad Superv TeachARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
13624 BIO 495TUT KRATUndergrad Superv TeachARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
15257 BIO 495TUT HUTUndergrad Superv TeachARRCooke 317Hutson, Lara open
19742 BIO 496TUT EZKBiological Sciences InternshipARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Ezak, Meredith open
14522 BIO 497TUT POUDept Honors Thesis/ProjARRCooke 553Poulin, Jessica open
15117 BIO 498TUT GOKUndergraduate ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMHoch 532Gokcumen, Omer open
16586 BIO 498TUT HALUndergraduate ResearchARRCoe B3304Halfon, Marc open
16721 BIO 498TUT WANUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 653Wang, Zhen open
18271 BIO 498TUT SKLUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 533Lee, Soo-Kyung open
18272 BIO 498TUT JLEUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 535Lee, Jae open
18452 BIO 498TUT LYNUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 551Lynch, Vincent open
13262 BIO 498TUT YUUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
20088 BIO 498TUT WILUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 125AWilliams, Heather open
20570 BIO 498TUT HOEUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 554Hoekstra, David open
21334 BIO 498TUT STRUndergraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 637Strobel, Eric open
21734 BIO 498TUT KRACUndergraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
22736 BIO 498TUT SILUndergraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Wang, Silu open
22845 BIO 498TUT WYNUndergraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 229Wynne, Ryan open
12431 BIO 498TUT LINUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
13695 BIO 498TUT KOUUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 607Koudelka, Gerald open
13859 BIO 498TUT WALUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 534Walker, Sarah open
13726 BIO 498TUT DANUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch ArrDaniels, Derek open
14021 BIO 498TUT KRATUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
12344 BIO 498TUT BRYUndergraduate ResearchARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
13182 BIO 498TUT FREUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 370Free, Stephen open
13967 BIO 498TUT TAYUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 530Taylor, Derek open
13496 BIO 498TUT FERUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
13507 BIO 498TUT ALBUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 531Albert, Victor open
14002 BIO 498TUT LAFUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 657Lafountain, James open
13651 BIO 498TUT CULUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 532Cullen, Paul open
13686 BIO 498TUT XUFUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 551Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
14650 BIO 498TUT RUSUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 531Rusche, Laura open
14523 BIO 498TUT POUUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 553Poulin, Jessica open
13511 BIO 498TUT GUNUndergraduate ResearchARRHoch 535Gunawardena, Sher... open
13767 BIO 498TUT MEDUndergraduate ResearchARRCooke 619Medler, Kathryn open
22737 BIO 499TUT SILIndependent StudyARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Wang, Silu closed
24490 BIO 499TUT KEEIndependent StudyARRCooke 225Keeler, Andrea open
15118 BIO 499TUT GOKIndependent StudyARR12:00AM - 12:00PMHoch 532Gokcumen, Omer open
13733 BIO 499TUT GUNIndependent StudyARRHoch 535Gunawardena, Sher... open
13169 BIO 499TUT HALIndependent StudyARRBiores 106Halfon, Marc open
18274 BIO 499TUT JLEIndependent StudyARRCooke 535Lee, Jae open
14083 BIO 499TUT KOUIndependent StudyARRCooke 607Koudelka, Gerald open
14264 BIO 499TUT KRATIndependent StudyARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
13935 BIO 499TUT DANIndependent StudyARRHoch ArrDaniels, Derek open
14519 BIO 499TUT LAFIndependent StudyARRCooke 657Lafountain, James open
13988 BIO 499TUT LINIndependent StudyARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
18451 BIO 499TUT LYNIndependent StudyARRCooke 551Lynch, Vincent open
13720 BIO 499TUT MEDIndependent StudyARRCooke 619Medler, Kathryn open
14521 BIO 499TUT POUIndependent StudyARRCooke 553Poulin, Jessica open
14651 BIO 499TUT RUSIndependent StudyARRCooke 531Rusche, Laura open
18273 BIO 499TUT SKLIndependent StudyARRCooke 533Lee, Soo-Kyung open
13608 BIO 499TUT BRYIndependent StudyARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
14075 BIO 499TUT TAYIndependent StudyARRHoch 530Taylor, Derek open
13713 BIO 499TUT WALIndependent StudyARRHoch 534Walker, Sarah open
12704 BIO 499TUT WANIndependent StudyARRCooke 653Wang, Zhen open
12615 BIO 499TUT XUFIndependent StudyARRHoch 551Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
13013 BIO 499TUT YUIndependent StudyARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
21735 BIO 499TUT KRACIndependent StudyARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
12668 BIO 499TUT ALBIndependent StudyARRHoch 531Albert, Victor open
13562 BIO 499TUT CULIndependent StudyARRCooke 532Cullen, Paul open
12450 BIO 499TUT FERIndependent StudyARRCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
12872 BIO 499TUT FREIndependent StudyARRCooke 370Free, Stephen open
12420 BIO 501LEC WALAdv Biological ChemistryMWF10:00AM - 11:10AMCooke 127BKoudelka, Gerald open
13310 BIO 502LEC CULAdv Cell & Dev Biology 1MWF11:20AM - 12:30PMCooke 127BCullen, Paul open
14179 BIO 517LEC WYNNeurobiologyMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMNsc 222Wynne, Ryan open
23584 BIO 525LEC WASSpecial Topics in Mod BioTR11:00AM - 12:20PMClemen 04Wang, Silu open
24079 BIO 525LEC KRACSpecial Topics in Mod BioMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMCapen 201AKrabbenhoft, Corey open
22653 BIO 525LEC ALBSpecial Topics in Mod BioUnknownclosed
19756 BIO 536SEM CULGenes and CancerTR12:30PM - 1:50PMClemen 21Cullen, Paul open
16389 BIO 550LEC GOKHuman Evolutionary GenomicsTR11:00AM - 12:20PMBaldy 107Gokcumen, Omer open
19768 BIO 556LEC ALBEvolutionary GeneticsTR12:30PM - 1:50PMBaldy 112Albert, Victor open
21948 BIO 598LEC PHIEd. & Practice in Bio SciencesF12:30PM - 3:00PMCooke 651Phipps, Shaunna open
20480 BIO 599TUT EZASupervised TeachingARRHoch 621Ezak, Meredith open
21219 BIO 599TUT YERSupervised TeachingARRCooke 109Yerramsetty, Prad... open
14143 BIO 599TUT POUSupervised TeachingARRCooke 553Poulin, Jessica open
14257 BIO 599TUT YUSupervised TeachingARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
15715 BIO 599TUT BRYSupervised TeachingARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
13181 BIO 599TUT LINSupervised TeachingARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
13730 BIO 600TUT CULProblems in BiologyARRCooke 653Rusche, Laura open
12637 BIO 610SEM JLEGraduate Student SeminarM4:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 222Lee, Jae open
15859 BIO 610SEM HOEGraduate Student SeminarM4:00PM - 5:50PMNsc 205Hoekstra, David open
16094 BIO 611SEM RUSScientific WritingTR9:30AM - 10:50AMHoch 307Rusche, Laura closed
24454 BIO 612LEC HOEExperimental DesignTR2:00PM - 3:20PMCooke 248Hoekstra, David open
12810 BIO 614SEM XUFDepartmental SeminarR3:45PM - 4:50PMNsc 218Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
12667 BIO 615SEM ALBAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 531Albert, Victor open
24453 BIO 615SEM BAIAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 509Baiz, Marcella open
20543 BIO 615SEM STRAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 637Strobel, Eric open
21391 BIO 615SEM EZAAdvanced Research TopicsARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Ezak, Meredith open
21820 BIO 615SEM KRACAdvanced Research TopicsARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
22739 BIO 615SEM SILAdvanced Research TopicsARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Wang, Silu open
22826 BIO 615SEM WYNAdvanced Research TopicsARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 229Wynne, Ryan open
22856 BIO 615SEM BAIZAdvanced Research TopicsARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 509Baiz, Marcella open
13104 BIO 615SEM HENAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 610Hennessey, Todd open
17481 BIO 615SEM HOEAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 554Hoekstra, David open
18454 BIO 615SEM JLEAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 535Lee, Jae open
13999 BIO 615SEM KOUAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 607Koudelka, Gerald open
16979 BIO 615SEM KRATAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
14511 BIO 615SEM LAFAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 657Lafountain, James open
14512 BIO 615SEM LINAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
18455 BIO 615SEM LYNAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 551Lynch, Vincent open
12542 BIO 615SEM MEDAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 619Medler, Kathryn open
12761 BIO 615SEM BRYAdvanced Research TopicsARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
14652 BIO 615SEM RUSAdvanced Research TopicsCooke 531Rusche, Laura open
13904 BIO 615SEM SHOAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke ArrShortridge, Randa... open
18453 BIO 615SEM SKLAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 533Lee, Soo-Kyung open
14123 BIO 615SEM TAYAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 530Taylor, Derek open
14020 BIO 615SEM WALAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 534Walker, Sarah open
16980 BIO 615SEM WANAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 653Wang, Zhen open
14121 BIO 615SEM XUFAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 551Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
14513 BIO 615SEM YUAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
14273 BIO 615SEM CULAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 532Cullen, Paul open
13957 BIO 615SEM FERAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
12774 BIO 615SEM FREAdvanced Research TopicsARRCooke 370Free, Stephen open
15119 BIO 615SEM GOKAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 532Gokcumen, Omer open
12438 BIO 615SEM DANAdvanced Research TopicsARRFrnczk ArrDaniels, Derek open
12463 BIO 615SEM GUNAdvanced Research TopicsARRHoch 535Gunawardena, Sher... open
12352 BIO 680TUT ALBGraduate ResearchARRHoch 531Albert, Victor open
20425 BIO 680TUT HOEGraduate ResearchARRCooke 554Hoekstra, David open
20544 BIO 680TUT STRGraduate ResearchARRHoch 637Strobel, Eric open
21221 BIO 680TUT BANGraduate ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMCooke 109Banerjee, Priya open
21480 BIO 680TUT SKLGraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 533Lee, Soo-Kyung open
21832 BIO 680TUT KRACGraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
22740 BIO 680TUT SILGraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Wang, Silu closed
22846 BIO 680TUT WYNGraduate ResearchARR12:00PM - 12:00PMCooke 229Wynne, Ryan open
15121 BIO 680TUT GOKGraduate ResearchARRHoch 532Gokcumen, Omer open
14364 BIO 680TUT GUNGraduate ResearchARRHoch 535Gunawardena, Sher... open
18456 BIO 680TUT JLEGraduate ResearchARRCooke 535Lee, Jae open
14304 BIO 680TUT KOUGraduate ResearchARRCooke 607Koudelka, Gerald open
12832 BIO 680TUT KRATGraduate ResearchARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
14514 BIO 680TUT LAFGraduate ResearchARRCooke 657Lafountain, James open
14515 BIO 680TUT LINGraduate ResearchARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
18457 BIO 680TUT LYNGraduate ResearchARRCooke 551Lynch, Vincent open
13719 BIO 680TUT MEDGraduate ResearchARRCooke 619Medler, Kathryn open
14653 BIO 680TUT RUSGraduate ResearchARRCooke 531Rusche, Laura open
13003 BIO 680TUT TAYGraduate ResearchARRHoch 530Taylor, Derek open
12751 BIO 680TUT WALGraduate ResearchARRCooke 534Walker, Sarah open
15122 BIO 680TUT WANGraduate ResearchARRCooke 653Wang, Zhen open
12977 BIO 680TUT XUFGraduate ResearchARRHoch 551Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
12470 BIO 680TUT YUGraduate ResearchARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
13605 BIO 680TUT BRYGraduate ResearchARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
13650 BIO 680TUT CULGraduate ResearchARRCooke 532Cullen, Paul open
14379 BIO 680TUT DANGraduate ResearchARRHoch ArrDaniels, Derek open
12710 BIO 680TUT FERGraduate ResearchARRCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
13697 BIO 680TUT FREGraduate ResearchARRCooke 370Free, Stephen open
12388 BIO 700TUT ALBThesisARRHoch 531Albert, Victor open
21222 BIO 700TUT BANThesisARRCooke 109Banerjee, Priya open
21833 BIO 700TUT KRACThesisARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 609Krabbenhoft, Corey open
22741 BIO 700TUT SILThesisARR12:00PM - 12:00PMHoch 621Wang, Silu closed
13857 BIO 700TUT GUNThesisARRHoch 535Gunawardena, Sher... open
13545 BIO 700TUT KOUThesisARRCooke 607Koudelka, Gerald open
12983 BIO 700TUT KRATThesisARRHoch 533Krabbenhoft, Trev... open
14516 BIO 700TUT LAFThesisARRCooke 657Lafountain, James open
14517 BIO 700TUT LINThesisARRHoch 534Lindqvist, Charlo... open
13874 BIO 700TUT MEDThesisARRCooke 619Medler, Kathryn open
14654 BIO 700TUT RUSThesisARRCooke 531Rusche, Laura open
14138 BIO 700TUT TAYThesisARRHoch 530Taylor, Derek open
13672 BIO 700TUT WALThesisARRCooke 534Walker, Sarah open
15124 BIO 700TUT WANThesisARRCooke 653Wang, Zhen open
14157 BIO 700TUT XUFThesisARRHoch 551Xu-Friedman, Matt... open
14518 BIO 700TUT YUThesisARRCooke 509Yu, Michael open
13541 BIO 700TUT BRYThesisARRDorshe 107ABerry, James open
13448 BIO 700TUT CULThesisARRCooke 532Cullen, Paul open
13155 BIO 700TUT DANThesisARRHoch ArrDaniels, Derek open
13694 BIO 700TUT FERThesisARRCooke 530Ferkey, Denise open
13698 BIO 700TUT FREThesisARRCooke 370Free, Stephen open
15123 BIO 700TUT GOKThesisARRHoch 532Gokcumen, Omer open
13817 CDS 151LEC 000Intro Sp-Lang Path & AudTR2:00PM - 3:20PMDfn 146Baer, James open
21002 CDS 199SEM CH2UB SeminarTR12:30PM - 1:50PMFarber 137Heffner, Christop... open
22245 CDS 286LEC 002PhoneticsM3:25PM - 4:40PMDfn 202Hendricks, Alison open
12741 CDS 286LEC 000PhoneticsM2:00PM - 3:15PMDfn 202Hendricks, Alison open
12741 CDS 286LEC 000PhoneticsM2:00PM - 3:15PMDfn 202Hendricks, Alison open
13326 CDS 301LEC 000Lang Develop in ChildrenMW9:35AM - 10:50AMDfn 02Guo, Ling-Yu open
14278 CDS 387LEC 000Psychoacoustic ScienceMW11:00AM - 12:20PMFarber 144Dinino, Mishaela open
13333 CDS 388LEC 000Anat Physiol Sp MechanTR11:00AM - 12:20PMDfn 146Baer, James open
14626 CDS 402LEC 000Lang Disord in ChildrenM5:20PM - 8:00PMDfn 02Guo, Ling-Yu open
13517 CDS 428LEC 000Neural Basis of CommunTR3:00PM - 4:20PMFarber 144Heffner, Christop... closed
18127 CDS 449LEC AHCultural/Ling Diversity in CSDW11:00AM - 1:40PMDfn 05Hendricks, Alison closed
13495 CDS 480LAB 000Clin Observ & ParticipatnT8:00AM - 8:50AMDfn 05Higginbotham, D. ... closed
12303 CDS 482LEC 000Diagnostics Com DisordersTR12:30PM - 1:50PMDfn 02Staebell, Mary closed
12631 CDS 484LEC 000Aural RehabilitationM4:10PM - 6:50PMFarber G26Milvae, Kristina closed
17751 CDS 496TUT ANAUndergraduate Internship ProgrARRArrangedHendricks, Alison closed
13729 CDS 497TUT NASDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedStecker, Nancy closed
13100 CDS 497TUT GASDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedBennett, Gretchen closed
12902 CDS 497TUT WSDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
13640 CDS 497TUT CTSDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedHuber, Jessica closed
13992 CDS 497TUT DJHDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
13592 CDS 497TUT BHHDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedHu, Bohua closed
12735 CDS 497TUT KKTDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedTjaden, Kris closed
21227 CDS 497TUT CHDept Honor Thesis/ProjectARRArrangedHeffner, Christop... closed
20180 CDS 498TUT NCUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedCastro, Nichol closed
22331 CDS 498TUT SDUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedDinino, Mishaela closed
18238 CDS 498TUT AEHUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedHendricks, Alison closed
23872 CDS 498TUT JHUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedHuber, Jessica open
14066 CDS 498TUT GASUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedBennett, Gretchen closed
12382 CDS 498TUT KMUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedMilvae, Kristina closed
21228 CDS 498TUT CHUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedHeffner, Christop... closed
14232 CDS 498TUT NASUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedStecker, Nancy closed
13544 CDS 498TUT KKTUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedTjaden, Kris closed
14467 CDS 498TUT WSUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
13593 CDS 498TUT BHHUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedHu, Bohua closed
14550 CDS 498TUT LYGUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedGuo, Ling-Yu closed
13848 CDS 498TUT DJHUg Research & Creative ActARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
13647 CDS 499TUT JHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHuber, Jessica closed
12691 CDS 499TUT BHHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHu, Bohua closed
14062 CDS 499TUT NASIndependent StudyARRArrangedStecker, Nancy closed
12554 CDS 499TUT KKTIndependent StudyARRArrangedTjaden, Kris closed
12732 CDS 499TUT DJHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
14551 CDS 499TUT LYGIndependent StudyARRArrangedGuo, Ling-Yu closed
13850 CDS 499TUT GASIndependent StudyARRArrangedBennett, Gretchen closed
13814 CDS 499TUT WSIndependent StudyARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
21229 CDS 499TUT CHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHeffner, Christop... closed
12960 CDS 522LEC RLDisorders DiagnosisTR12:30PM - 1:50PMDfn 02Staebell, Mary open
14209 CDS 525LEC SLPClinical Process Comm DisR10:40AM - 12:20PMDfn 205Roberts, Laura closed
14314 CDS 525LEC AUDClinical Process Comm DisF10:20AM - 12:00PMCary 42Stecker, Nancy open
14392 CDS 528LEC 000Neural Basis of CommunTR3:00PM - 4:20PMFarber 144Heffner, Christop... open
13244 CDS 529LEC 000Aural RehabilitationM4:10PM - 6:50PMFarber G26Milvae, Kristina open
13458 CDS 532LEC 000Acoustics and InstruM1:10PM - 3:40PMFarber 137Sun, Wei open
18128 CDS 549LEC AHCultural/Ling Diversity in CSDW11:00AM - 1:40PMDfn 05Hendricks, Alison open
12737 CDS 551LEC 000Diagnostic Audiology 1R5:30PM - 8:10PMFarber 137Hu, Bohua open
12984 CDS 557LEC 000Hearing Aids 2T5:00PM - 7:30PMFarber 137Krygowski, Molly open
14407 CDS 563SEM 000Lang Disorders in ChildrnM5:20PM - 8:00PMDfn 02Guo, Ling-Yu closed
12461 CDS 564SEM 000Lang Disorders in AdultsTR8:00AM - 9:15AMCrosby 109Castro, Nichol open
22026 CDS 575LEC ANDysphagiaT8:30AM - 10:50AMParker 104Stipancic, Kaila open
20348 CDS 591LAB MKPracticum: Audiology 1ARRArrangedKrygowski, Molly closed
22752 CDS 591LAB BFPracticum: Audiology 1ARRArrangedFitzgerald, Brend... closed
17753 CDS 591LAB NS1Practicum: Audiology 1ARRArrangedStecker, Nancy closed
17030 CDS 592LAB 000Practicum: Audiology 2ARRArrangedStecker, Nancy open
20428 CDS 592LAB MKPracticum: Audiology 2ARRArrangedKrygowski, Molly open
20430 CDS 592LAB CSPracticum: Audiology 2ARRArrangedFitzgerald, Brend... open
20385 CDS 595LAB LRDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
20386 CDS 595LAB LRSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
20387 CDS 595LAB LRTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
17443 CDS 595LAB JRTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
17444 CDS 595LAB JRDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
17445 CDS 595LAB JRSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
16699 CDS 595LAB MSTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16700 CDS 595LAB MSDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16701 CDS 595LAB MSSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16702 CDS 595LAB MHTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16703 CDS 595LAB MHDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16704 CDS 595LAB MHSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16705 CDS 595LAB EWTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16706 CDS 595LAB EWDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16707 CDS 595LAB EWSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16696 CDS 595LAB LSTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
16697 CDS 595LAB LSDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
16698 CDS 595LAB LSSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 1ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
12842 CDS 595LEC SLPPracticum: Sp & Lang IT11:10AM - 12:00PMDfn 205Smith, Laura open
17447 CDS 596LAB JRTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
17448 CDS 596LAB JRDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
17449 CDS 596LAB JRSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
20391 CDS 596LAB LRDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
20392 CDS 596LAB LRSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
20393 CDS 596LAB LRTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedRoberts, Laura closed
14412 CDS 596LAB GBTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedclosed
16731 CDS 596LAB MSTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16732 CDS 596LAB MSDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16733 CDS 596LAB MSSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedStaebell, Mary closed
16734 CDS 596LAB MHTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16735 CDS 596LAB MHDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16736 CDS 596LAB MHSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedHolcombe, Molly closed
16737 CDS 596LAB EWTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16738 CDS 596LAB EWDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16739 CDS 596LAB EWSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedWilson, Erin closed
16726 CDS 596LAB GBDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedclosed
16727 CDS 596LAB GBSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedclosed
16728 CDS 596LAB LSTXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
16729 CDS 596LAB LSDXPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
16730 CDS 596LAB LSSCPracticum: Sp & Lang 2ARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
20401 CDS 596LEC SLPPracticum: Sp & Lang 2T11:00AM - 11:50AMCary 42Staebell, Mary open
22273 CDS 600TUT KMIndependent StudyARRArrangedMilvae, Kristina closed
14555 CDS 600TUT LYGIndependent StudyARRArrangedGuo, Ling-Yu closed
14176 CDS 600TUT NASIndependent StudyARRArrangedStecker, Nancy closed
22368 CDS 600TUT CHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHeffner, Christop... closed
15231 CDS 600TUT SSIndependent StudyARRArrangedSadeghi Ghandehar... closed
13484 CDS 600TUT WSIndependent StudyARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
21241 CDS 600TUT KRYIndependent StudyARRArrangedKrygowski, Molly open
21374 CDS 600TUT CASIndependent StudyARRArrangedCastro, Nichol open
20175 CDS 600TUT ANIndependent StudyARRArrangedAbdelrahman, Ahmed closed
21375 CDS 600TUT HENIndependent StudyARRArrangedHendricks, Alison open
12771 CDS 600TUT BHHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHu, Bohua closed
22272 CDS 600TUT SDIndependent StudyARRArrangedDinino, Mishaela closed
12563 CDS 600TUT DJHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
20852 CDS 600TUT JRIndependent StudyARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
13851 CDS 600TUT GASIndependent StudyARRArrangedBennett, Gretchen closed
13740 CDS 600TUT KKTIndependent StudyARRArrangedTjaden, Kris closed
18134 CDS 600TUT LSIndependent StudyARRArrangedSmith, Laura closed
15168 CDS 610LEC 000Vestibular SystemW5:20PM - 8:00PMFarber 135Fitzgerald, Brend... open
22348 CDS 611LEC MKMedical AudiologyM5:20PM - 7:50PMDfn 208Krygowski, Molly open
23474 CDS 615LEC AUDIndustrial AudiologyM5:20PM - 8:00PMFarber 135Baer, James open
15142 CDS 616LEC 000Auditory Evoked PotentialsR5:35PM - 8:05PMFarber 135Sun, Wei open
17031 CDS 624LAB 000Communication InternshipARRArrangedRomano, Jenna closed
17032 CDS 624LAB AUDCommunication InternshipARRArrangedStecker, Nancy open
17033 CDS 624LAB SCHCommunication InternshipARRBioed 84Romano, Jenna closed
14414 CDS 640LEC 000Motor Speech DisordersR8:30AM - 10:50AMDfn 05Stipancic, Kaila closed
21520 CDS 670SEM LSAugmentative CommT12:15PM - 2:45PMDfn 04Smith, Laura open
24186 CDS 699TUT JEHDoctl Theory & ResearchARRArrangedHuber, Jessica closed
16006 CDS 699TUT BHDoctl Theory & ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMArrangedHu, Bohua closed
16172 CDS 699TUT JHDoctl Theory & ResearchARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
16540 CDS 699TUT WSDoctl Theory & ResearchARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
22702 CDS 700TUT KSResearchARRArrangedStipancic, Kaila closed
22809 CDS 700TUT NCResearchARRArrangedCastro, Nichol closed
12770 CDS 700TUT BHHResearchARRArrangedHu, Bohua closed
12947 CDS 700TUT DJHResearchARRArrangedHigginbotham, D. ... closed
13993 CDS 700TUT KKTResearchARRArrangedTjaden, Kris closed
14556 CDS 700TUT LYGResearchARRArrangedGuo, Ling-Yu closed
13033 CDS 700TUT WSResearchARRArrangedSun, Wei closed
12290 CHE 101LR AGeneral ChemistryMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMNsc 225open
12301 CHE 101LR BGeneral ChemistryTR11:00AM - 12:20PMNsc 225Gulde, Stacey open
12306 CHE 101LR CGeneral ChemistryMWF3:00PM - 3:50PMNsc 225open
12330 CHE 101LR DGeneral ChemistryTR5:00PM - 6:20PMNsc 225Liwosz, Timothy open
20815 CHE 101LR F4General ChemistryM1:00PM - 1:50PMAlumni 90closed
20816 CHE 101LR K4General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMTalbrt 112closed
16016 CHE 101LR R4General ChemistryR5:00PM - 5:50PMNorton 214open
16950 CHE 101LR M4General ChemistryW5:00PM - 5:50PMTalbrt 112closed
17420 CHE 101LR D1General ChemistryM4:00PM - 4:50PMClemen 322open
17546 CHE 101LR D2General ChemistryW4:00PM - 4:50PMCapen 109closed
14952 CHE 101LR F1General ChemistryM1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 111closed
14953 CHE 101LR F2General ChemistryM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 221closed
14954 CHE 101LR F3General ChemistryM1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 110closed
14955 CHE 101LR H1General ChemistryT8:00AM - 8:50AMBaldy 108open
14956 CHE 101LR H2General ChemistryT8:00AM - 8:50AMClemen 21closed
14957 CHE 101LR H3General ChemistryT8:00AM - 8:50AMHoch 307closed
14958 CHE 101LR H4General ChemistryT8:00AM - 8:50AMTalbrt 112closed
14959 CHE 101LR H5General ChemistryT8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 143open
14960 CHE 101LR I1General ChemistryT1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 206closed
14961 CHE 101LR I2General ChemistryT1:00PM - 1:50PMAlumni 88closed
14962 CHE 101LR I3General ChemistryT1:00PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 112closed
14963 CHE 101LR I4General ChemistryT1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 148closed
14964 CHE 101LR J1General ChemistryT5:00PM - 5:50PMBaldy 108open
14965 CHE 101LR J2General ChemistryT5:00PM - 5:50PMClemen 21closed
14966 CHE 101LR J3General ChemistryT5:00PM - 5:50PMHoch 307open
14967 CHE 101LR J4General ChemistryT5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 90open
14968 CHE 101LR K1General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMBaldy 108closed
14969 CHE 101LR K2General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMClemen 21closed
14970 CHE 101LR K3General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMHoch 307closed
14971 CHE 101LR L1General ChemistryW1:00PM - 1:50PMNorton 210closed
14972 CHE 101LR L2General ChemistryW1:00PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 103closed
14973 CHE 101LR L3General ChemistryW1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 440open
14974 CHE 101LR L4General ChemistryW1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 111open
14975 CHE 101LR M1General ChemistryW5:00PM - 5:50PMCapen 240open
14976 CHE 101LR M2General ChemistryW5:00PM - 5:50PMClemen 21closed
14977 CHE 101LR M3General ChemistryW5:00PM - 5:50PMHoch 307open
14978 CHE 101LR N1General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMBaldy 108closed
14979 CHE 101LR N2General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMClemen 21closed
14980 CHE 101LR N3General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMHoch 307closed
14981 CHE 101LR N4General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMTalbrt 112open
14982 CHE 101LR N5General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 143open
14983 CHE 101LR P1General ChemistryR1:00PM - 1:50PMAlumni 88open
14984 CHE 101LR P2General ChemistryR1:00PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 112closed
14985 CHE 101LR P3General ChemistryR1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 148open
14986 CHE 101LR P4General ChemistryR1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 206open
14987 CHE 101LR R1General ChemistryR5:00PM - 5:50PMBaldy 110open
14988 CHE 101LR R2General ChemistryR5:00PM - 5:50PMClemen 21open
14989 CHE 101LR R3General ChemistryR5:00PM - 5:50PMHoch 307open
14990 CHE 101LR T1General ChemistryF1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 117closed
14991 CHE 101LR T2General ChemistryF1:00PM - 1:50PMNorton 210open
14992 CHE 101LR T3General ChemistryF1:00PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 103open
14993 CHE 101LR T4General ChemistryF1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 440open
23151 CHE 101LR G1General ChemistryM5:00PM - 5:50PMNorton 213closed
23152 CHE 101LR G2General ChemistryM5:00PM - 5:50PMClemen 21open
23153 CHE 101LR G3General ChemistryM5:00PM - 5:50PMHoch 307open
23154 CHE 101LR G4General ChemistryM5:00PM - 5:50PMTalbrt 112open
23155 CHE 101LR K5General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMAlumni 90open
12314 CHE 102LR AGeneral ChemistryMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMDavis 101Samanta, Smita closed
14995 CHE 102LR S1General ChemistryF8:00AM - 8:50AMBell 138closed
14996 CHE 102LR S2General ChemistryF8:00AM - 8:50AMTalbrt 111closed
14997 CHE 102LR K1General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMTalbrt 106closed
14998 CHE 102LR K2General ChemistryW8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 146closed
14999 CHE 102LR N1General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 146closed
15000 CHE 102LR N2General ChemistryR8:00AM - 8:50AMBell 138closed
14571 CHE 105LLR F8Chemistry-Prin & ApplicM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 248open
14573 CHE 105LLR I8Chemistry-Prin & ApplicT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 248open
14575 CHE 105LLR L8Chemistry-Prin & ApplicW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 248open
14577 CHE 105LLR P8Chemistry-Prin & ApplicR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 248open
14569 CHE 105LLR AChemistry-Prin & ApplicTR11:00AM - 12:20PMNsc 228Watson, David open
14570 CHE 105LLR F1Chemistry-Prin & ApplicM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 206open
14572 CHE 105LLR I1Chemistry-Prin & ApplicT1:00PM - 1:50PMGrein 116Bopen
14574 CHE 105LLR L1Chemistry-Prin & ApplicW1:00PM - 1:50PMAlumni 90open
14576 CHE 105LLR P1Chemistry-Prin & ApplicR1:00PM - 1:50PMAcadem 328open
14471 CHE 107LR AGen Chem for Engineers IMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMNsc 225Liwosz, Timothy open
14472 CHE 107LR BGen Chem for Engineers ITR9:30AM - 10:50AMKnox 20Li, Yuguang open
15001 CHE 107LR M1Gen Chem for Engineers IW5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 90open
15002 CHE 107LR M2Gen Chem for Engineers IW5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 88open
15003 CHE 107LR M3Gen Chem for Engineers IW5:00PM - 5:50PMBaldy 117open
15004 CHE 107LR M4Gen Chem for Engineers IW5:00PM - 5:50PMCapen 258open
15005 CHE 107LR G1Gen Chem for Engineers IM5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 90closed
15006 CHE 107LR G2Gen Chem for Engineers IM5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 88open
15009 CHE 107LR I1Gen Chem for Engineers IT1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 206open
15010 CHE 107LR I2Gen Chem for Engineers IT1:00PM - 1:50PMObrian 12closed
15011 CHE 107LR L1Gen Chem for Engineers IW1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 206closed
15012 CHE 107LR L2Gen Chem for Engineers IW1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 117closed
15013 CHE 107LR L3Gen Chem for Engineers IW1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 215open
15014 CHE 107LR P1Gen Chem for Engineers IR1:00PM - 1:50PMHoch 307open
15015 CHE 107LR P2Gen Chem for Engineers IR1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 117open
15016 CHE 107LR R1Gen Chem for Engineers IR5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 143open
23134 CHE 107LR F1Gen Chem for Engineers IM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 117closed
23135 CHE 107LR F2Gen Chem for Engineers IM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 107closed
23136 CHE 107LR F3Gen Chem for Engineers IM1:00PM - 1:50PMBell 337open
23137 CHE 107LR F4Gen Chem for Engineers IM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 04open
23139 CHE 107LR L4Gen Chem for Engineers IW1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 115open
23140 CHE 107LR R3Gen Chem for Engineers IR5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 440open
23142 CHE 107LR R4Gen Chem for Engineers IR5:00PM - 5:50PMNorton 209open
23143 CHE 107LR T4Gen Chem for Engineers IF1:00PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 115open
22588 CHE 107LR R2Gen Chem for Engineers IR5:00PM - 5:50PMClemen 103open
16366 CHE 107LR T2Gen Chem for Engineers IF1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 240open
16367 CHE 107LR I3Gen Chem for Engineers IT1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 117closed
16368 CHE 107LR P3Gen Chem for Engineers IR1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 201Aopen
16472 CHE 107LR I4Gen Chem for Engineers IT1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 215closed
16474 CHE 107LR J1Gen Chem for Engineers IT5:00PM - 5:50PMAlumni 88open
16475 CHE 107LR J2Gen Chem for Engineers IT5:00PM - 5:50PMBaldy 117open
16476 CHE 107LR J3Gen Chem for Engineers IT5:00PM - 5:50PMNorton 216open
16477 CHE 107LR J4Gen Chem for Engineers IT5:00PM - 5:50PMBell 337open
16478 CHE 107LR P4Gen Chem for Engineers IR1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 206open
16479 CHE 107LR T3Gen Chem for Engineers IF1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 145open
16480 CHE 107LR T1Gen Chem for Engineers IF1:00PM - 1:50PMObrian 209open
17157 CHE 110DIS A1Prob Solving Gen Chem 1W11:00AM - 11:50AMFuture Term ...closed
17158 CHE 110DIS A2Prob Solving Gen Chem 1W12:00PM - 12:50PMCooke 127AGulde, Stacey open
17159 CHE 110DIS A3Prob Solving Gen Chem 1F12:00PM - 12:50PMCooke 127Aopen
17160 CHE 110DIS A5Prob Solving Gen Chem 1F11:00AM - 11:50AMNorton 210Gulde, Stacey open
20793 CHE 110DIS A4Prob Solving Gen Chem 1W2:00PM - 2:50PMCooke 127Aopen
17161 CHE 110DIS B1Prob Solving Gen Chem 1W2:00PM - 2:50PMFuture Term ...closed
17162 CHE 110DIS B2Prob Solving Gen Chem 1W3:00PM - 3:50PMNsc 228Samanta, Smita open
17163 CHE 110DIS B3Prob Solving Gen Chem 1F2:00PM - 2:50PMKnox 104Samanta, Smita open
17164 CHE 110DIS B4Prob Solving Gen Chem 1F3:00PM - 3:50PMKnox 04Samanta, Smita open
23146 CHE 113LAB G1General Chemistry LabM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
23147 CHE 113LAB G2General Chemistry LabM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
23148 CHE 113LAB G3General Chemistry LabM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
23149 CHE 113LAB G4General Chemistry LabM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel closed
23150 CHE 113LAB K5General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel closed
13251 CHE 113LAB F1General Chemistry LabM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel open
17599 CHE 113LAB T1General Chemistry LabF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17560 CHE 113LAB H4General Chemistry LabT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel closed
17582 CHE 113LAB M4General Chemistry LabW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17553 CHE 113LAB F2General Chemistry LabM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
17563 CHE 113LAB I2General Chemistry LabT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17567 CHE 113LAB J2General Chemistry LabT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
17570 CHE 113LAB K1General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel open
17576 CHE 113LAB L2General Chemistry LabW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
17556 CHE 113LAB H1General Chemistry LabT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17580 CHE 113LAB M2General Chemistry LabW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17592 CHE 113LAB P2General Chemistry LabR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17596 CHE 113LAB R2General Chemistry LabR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
17600 CHE 113LAB T2General Chemistry LabF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17569 CHE 113LAB J4General Chemistry LabT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17573 CHE 113LAB K4General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17554 CHE 113LAB F3General Chemistry LabM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17562 CHE 113LAB I1General Chemistry LabT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17558 CHE 113LAB H2General Chemistry LabT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17564 CHE 113LAB I3General Chemistry LabT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17568 CHE 113LAB J3General Chemistry LabT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
17571 CHE 113LAB K2General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel open
17577 CHE 113LAB L3General Chemistry LabW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17586 CHE 113LAB N2General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260AVentura, Rachel closed
17593 CHE 113LAB P3General Chemistry LabR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17597 CHE 113LAB R3General Chemistry LabR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
17601 CHE 113LAB T3General Chemistry LabF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
17566 CHE 113LAB J1General Chemistry LabT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel open
17598 CHE 113LAB R4General Chemistry LabR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17588 CHE 113LAB N4General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel closed
17589 CHE 113LAB N5General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel closed
17555 CHE 113LAB F4General Chemistry LabM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17559 CHE 113LAB H3General Chemistry LabT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17565 CHE 113LAB I4General Chemistry LabT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel closed
17572 CHE 113LAB K3General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
17578 CHE 113LAB L4General Chemistry LabW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17581 CHE 113LAB M3General Chemistry LabW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel open
17587 CHE 113LAB N3General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 262Ventura, Rachel closed
17574 CHE 113LAB L1General Chemistry LabW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17594 CHE 113LAB P4General Chemistry LabR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel closed
17602 CHE 113LAB T4General Chemistry LabF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 262AVentura, Rachel open
17561 CHE 113LAB H5General Chemistry LabT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel closed
17579 CHE 113LAB M1General Chemistry LabW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel open
17585 CHE 113LAB N1General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17591 CHE 113LAB P1General Chemistry LabR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel closed
17595 CHE 113LAB R1General Chemistry LabR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 260Ventura, Rachel open
12878 CHE 114LAB S1General Chemistry LabF9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 248Ventura, Rachel closed
17652 CHE 114LAB S2General Chemistry LabF9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 250Ventura, Rachel closed
17653 CHE 114LAB K1General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 248Ventura, Rachel open
17654 CHE 114LAB K2General Chemistry LabW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 250Ventura, Rachel closed
17655 CHE 114LAB N1General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 248Ventura, Rachel closed
17656 CHE 114LAB N2General Chemistry LabR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 250Ventura, Rachel closed
17818 CHE 127LAB M1General Chem for Engineers 1W6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
23117 CHE 127LAB F1General Chem for Engineers 1M2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel closed
23118 CHE 127LAB F2General Chem for Engineers 1M2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
23119 CHE 127LAB F3General Chem for Engineers 1M2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel closed
23120 CHE 127LAB F4General Chem for Engineers 1M2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
23123 CHE 127LAB L4General Chem for Engineers 1W2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
23124 CHE 127LAB R3General Chem for Engineers 1R6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
23125 CHE 127LAB R4General Chem for Engineers 1R6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel closed
22079 CHE 127LAB G1General Chem for Engineers 1M6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
17828 CHE 127LAB I1General Chem for Engineers 1T2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
17829 CHE 127LAB I2General Chem for Engineers 1T2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17830 CHE 127LAB I3General Chem for Engineers 1T2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel closed
17831 CHE 127LAB I4General Chem for Engineers 1T2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
17819 CHE 127LAB M2General Chem for Engineers 1W6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17833 CHE 127LAB J1General Chem for Engineers 1T6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
17834 CHE 127LAB J2General Chem for Engineers 1T6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17835 CHE 127LAB J3General Chem for Engineers 1T6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
17836 CHE 127LAB J4General Chem for Engineers 1T6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
17838 CHE 127LAB L1General Chem for Engineers 1W2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
17839 CHE 127LAB L2General Chem for Engineers 1W2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17820 CHE 127LAB M3General Chem for Engineers 1W6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
17840 CHE 127LAB L3General Chem for Engineers 1W2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
17841 CHE 127LAB P1General Chem for Engineers 1R2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel closed
17842 CHE 127LAB P2General Chem for Engineers 1R2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17843 CHE 127LAB P3General Chem for Engineers 1R2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
17844 CHE 127LAB P4General Chem for Engineers 1R2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
17845 CHE 127LAB T4General Chem for Engineers 1F2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
17846 CHE 127LAB R1General Chem for Engineers 1R6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel open
17847 CHE 127LAB R2General Chem for Engineers 1R6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17821 CHE 127LAB M4General Chem for Engineers 1W6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 242AVentura, Rachel open
17848 CHE 127LAB T1General Chem for Engineers 1F2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240Ventura, Rachel closed
17849 CHE 127LAB T2General Chem for Engineers 1F2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
17822 CHE 127LAB T3General Chem for Engineers 1F2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 242Ventura, Rachel open
17823 CHE 127LAB G2General Chem for Engineers 1M6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 240AVentura, Rachel open
15812 CHE 199SEM HONUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMCapen 108Benedict, Jason closed
13340 CHE 203LR AOrganic Chem Lec OnlyMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMNorton 190Clizbe, Elizabeth closed
13183 CHE 203LR COrganic Chem Lec OnlyTR6:30PM - 7:50PMNsc 225Richard, John open
13196 CHE 203LR BOrganic Chem Lec OnlyTR9:30AM - 10:50AMNorton 190Lin, Qing open
24006 CHE 203LR F1Organic Chem Lec OnlyM1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 109closed
24007 CHE 203LR F2Organic Chem Lec OnlyM1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 06closed
24008 CHE 203LR G1Organic Chem Lec OnlyM5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 148closed
24009 CHE 203LR G2Organic Chem Lec OnlyM5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 143open
24011 CHE 203LR G3Organic Chem Lec OnlyM5:00PM - 5:50PMTalbrt 103closed
24012 CHE 203LR H1Organic Chem Lec OnlyT8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 152closed
24013 CHE 203LR H2Organic Chem Lec OnlyT8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 148closed
24015 CHE 203LR I1Organic Chem Lec OnlyT1:00PM - 1:50PMGrein 120Bclosed
24016 CHE 203LR I2Organic Chem Lec OnlyT1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 110closed
24017 CHE 203LR J1Organic Chem Lec OnlyT5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 152closed
24018 CHE 203LR J2Organic Chem Lec OnlyT5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 148closed
24020 CHE 203LR K1Organic Chem Lec OnlyW8:00AM - 8:50AMCapen 257closed
24021 CHE 203LR K2Organic Chem Lec OnlyW8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 148closed
24023 CHE 203LR L1Organic Chem Lec OnlyW1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 221closed
24024 CHE 203LR L2Organic Chem Lec OnlyW1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 125closed
24025 CHE 203LR L3Organic Chem Lec OnlyW1:00PM - 1:50PMNorton 190closed
24028 CHE 203LR M1Organic Chem Lec OnlyW5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 148open
24029 CHE 203LR M2Organic Chem Lec OnlyW5:00PM - 5:50PMNorton 216open
24030 CHE 203LR M3Organic Chem Lec OnlyW5:00PM - 5:50PMTalbrt 103open
24031 CHE 203LR N1Organic Chem Lec OnlyR8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 152open
24032 CHE 203LR N2Organic Chem Lec OnlyR8:00AM - 8:50AMPark 148open
24033 CHE 203LR P1Organic Chem Lec OnlyR1:00PM - 1:50PMGrein 120Bclosed
24034 CHE 203LR P2Organic Chem Lec OnlyR1:00PM - 1:50PMGrein 134C/1...closed
24035 CHE 203LR P3Organic Chem Lec OnlyR1:00PM - 1:50PMClemen 215closed
24036 CHE 203LR R1Organic Chem Lec OnlyR5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 152open
24037 CHE 203LR R2Organic Chem Lec OnlyR5:00PM - 5:50PMPark 148open
24038 CHE 203LR R3Organic Chem Lec OnlyR5:00PM - 5:50PMCooke 127Bclosed
24039 CHE 203LR T1Organic Chem Lec OnlyF1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 152closed
24040 CHE 203LR T2Organic Chem Lec OnlyF1:00PM - 1:50PMObrian 104closed
24041 CHE 203LR T3Organic Chem Lec OnlyF1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 101closed
23566 CHE 204LR AOrganic Chem Lec OnlyTR3:30PM - 4:50PMNsc 216Clizbe, Elizabeth open
24042 CHE 204LR H1Organic Chem Lec OnlyT8:00AM - 8:50AMBaldy 117open
24043 CHE 204LR J1Organic Chem Lec OnlyT5:00PM - 5:50PMCooke 127Bclosed
24044 CHE 204LR N1Organic Chem Lec OnlyR8:00AM - 8:50AMBaldy 117open
19916 CHE 205LAB F6Organic Chemistry 1 LABM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 379closed
19917 CHE 205LAB F7Organic Chemistry 1 LABM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 377open
19918 CHE 205LAB G6Organic Chemistry 1 LABM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 379closed
19919 CHE 205LAB G7Organic Chemistry 1 LABM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 377closed
19920 CHE 205LAB G8Organic Chemistry 1 LABM6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 375closed
19921 CHE 205LAB H6Organic Chemistry 1 LABT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 379open
19922 CHE 205LAB H7Organic Chemistry 1 LABT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 377closed
19924 CHE 205LAB I6Organic Chemistry 1 LABT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 379closed
19925 CHE 205LAB I7Organic Chemistry 1 LABT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 377closed
19926 CHE 205LAB J6Organic Chemistry 1 LABT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 379open
19927 CHE 205LAB J7Organic Chemistry 1 LABT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 377open
19929 CHE 205LAB K6Organic Chemistry 1 LABW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 379closed
19930 CHE 205LAB K7Organic Chemistry 1 LABW9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 377closed
19932 CHE 205LAB L6Organic Chemistry 1 LABW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 379closed
19934 CHE 205LAB L7Organic Chemistry 1 LABW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 377closed
19935 CHE 205LAB L8Organic Chemistry 1 LABW2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 375closed
19936 CHE 205LAB M6Organic Chemistry 1 LABW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 379open
19937 CHE 205LAB M7Organic Chemistry 1 LABW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 377open
19938 CHE 205LAB M8Organic Chemistry 1 LABW6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 375open
19939 CHE 205LAB N6Organic Chemistry 1 LABR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 379open
19941 CHE 205LAB N8Organic Chemistry 1 LABR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc Arrclosed
19942 CHE 205LAB P6Organic Chemistry 1 LABR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 379open
19943 CHE 205LAB P7Organic Chemistry 1 LABR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 377closed
19944 CHE 205LAB P8Organic Chemistry 1 LABR2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 375closed
19945 CHE 205LAB R6Organic Chemistry 1 LABR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 379open
19946 CHE 205LAB R7Organic Chemistry 1 LABR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 377open
19947 CHE 205LAB R8Organic Chemistry 1 LABR6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 375open
19948 CHE 205LAB T6Organic Chemistry 1 LABF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 379closed
19949 CHE 205LAB T7Organic Chemistry 1 LABF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 377closed
19950 CHE 205LAB T8Organic Chemistry 1 LABF2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 375closed
23568 CHE 206LAB H6Organic Chemistry 2 LABT9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 375open
23570 CHE 206LAB J6Organic Chemistry 2 LABT6:00PM - 8:50PMNsc 375open
23572 CHE 206LAB N6Organic Chemistry 2 LABR9:00AM - 11:50AMNsc 375open
18301 CHE 251LLR I8Contemp Organic ChemistryT2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 375closed
14663 CHE 251LLR F8Contemp Organic ChemistryM2:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 375closed
14664 CHE 251LLR AContemp Organic ChemistryTR9:30AM - 10:50AMCapen 260Diver, Steven closed
14665 CHE 251LLR F1Contemp Organic ChemistryM1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 125closed
18300 CHE 251LLR I1Contemp Organic ChemistryT1:00PM - 1:50PMBell 325closed
18343 CHE 290LAB NGUUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrNguyen, Hung open
14667 CHE 290LAB FREUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrFrerichs, Valerie closed
15037 CHE 290LAB ATIUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrAtilla-Gokcumen, ... closed
15038 CHE 290LAB VELUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrVelarde, Luis closed
15377 CHE 290LAB COOKUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrCook, Timothy closed
15746 CHE 290LAB AKIUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrAkimov, Alexey closed
15747 CHE 290LAB LACUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrLacy, David closed
15748 CHE 290LAB RAYUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrRay, Steven closed
20154 CHE 290LAB HEPUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 515Heppner, David closed
20155 CHE 290LAB LIUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrLi, Yuguang closed
22718 CHE 290LAB DEJUndergrad ResearchARRNsc ArrDe Jesus, Luis open
13240 CHE 290LAB RZAUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 826Rzayev, Javid closed
13162 CHE 290LAB DIVUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 570Diver, Steven closed
13626 CHE 290LAB COLUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 582Colon, Luis closed
14267 CHE 290LAB BENUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 771Benedict, Jason closed
12962 CHE 290LAB AUTUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 312Autschbach, Jochen closed
13249 CHE 290LAB RICUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 633Richard, John closed
14241 CHE 290LAB PRAUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 428Prasad, Paras closed
13881 CHE 290LAB MURUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 672Murkin, Andrew closed
13509 CHE 290LAB GONUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 811Gong, Bing closed
13559 CHE 290LAB AGAUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 611Aga, Diana closed
13692 CHE 290LAB ZURUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 872Zurek, Eva closed
12376 CHE 290LAB WATUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 538Watson, David closed
14451 CHE 290LAB SZYUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 816Szyperski, Thomas closed
17547 CHE 290LAB GIOUndergrad ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMNsc ArrGionfriddo, Emanu... open
13685 CHE 290LAB WOOUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 415Wood, Troy closed
14056 CHE 290LAB MORUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 535Morrow, Janet closed
13868 CHE 290LAB LINUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 679Lin, Qing closed
14354 CHE 290LAB CHMUndergrad ResearchARRNsc 618Chemler, Sherry closed
15019 CHE 301LLR A1Intermed Organic ChemTW1:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 355Chemler, Sherry closed
15020 CHE 301LLR B1Intermed Organic ChemTW1:00PM - 4:50PMNsc ArrChemler, Sherry closed
15021 CHE 301LLR A2Intermed Organic ChemRF1:00PM - 4:50PMNsc 355Chemler, Sherry open
13188 CHE 301LLR AIntermed Organic ChemM12:00PM - 12:50PMCooke 127AChemler, Sherry open
17888 CHE 301LLR A3Intermed Organic ChemW12:00PM - 12:50PMPark 440Chemler, Sherry open
13370 CHE 314LEC AAnalytical ChemistryMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMFrnczk 422Colon, Luis open
14191 CHE 319LEC APhysical Chemistry LecTR11:00AM - 12:20PMClemen 19Akimov, Alexey open
18370 CHE 321LEC BInorganic Chemistry ITR9:30AM - 10:50AMCooke 127ALacy, David open
12475 CHE 329LAB B1Physical Chemistry LabM1:00PM - 5:50PMNsc 350Velarde, Luis closed
13796 CHE 329LAB B2Physical Chemistry LabT1:00PM - 5:50PMNsc 350Velarde, Luis open
13277 CHE 334LEC APhysical Chemistry LecWF5:00PM - 5:50PMNsc 228De Jesus, Luis closed
12518 CHE 349LEC AP Chem for Life SciencesTR5:00PM - 6:20PMNsc 220Szyperski, Thomas open
13252 CHE 413LEC AInstrumental AnalysisTR9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 117Wood, Troy closed
16924 CHE 457LEC APhysical ChemistryMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMPark 145Nguyen, Hung open
13504 CHE 498TUT AGASenior ResearchARRNsc 608Aga, Diana closed
22719 CHE 498TUT DEJSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrDe Jesus, Luis open
12946 CHE 498TUT DIVSenior ResearchARRNsc 570Diver, Steven closed
14646 CHE 498TUT FRESenior ResearchARRNsc ArrFrerichs, Valerie closed
12560 CHE 498TUT GONSenior ResearchARRNsc 835Gong, Bing closed
18727 CHE 498TUT HEPSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrHeppner, David open
15744 CHE 498TUT LACSenior ResearchARRNsc 657Lacy, David closed
18726 CHE 498TUT LISenior ResearchARR12:00AM - 11:00AMNsc ArrLi, Yuguang open
12432 CHE 498TUT LINSenior ResearchARRNsc 679Lin, Qing closed
13924 CHE 498TUT MORSenior ResearchARRNsc 535Morrow, Janet closed
15749 CHE 498TUT AKISenior ResearchARRNsc ArrAkimov, Alexey closed
13195 CHE 498TUT MURSenior ResearchARRNsc 672Murkin, Andrew closed
14068 CHE 498TUT PRASenior ResearchARRNsc 436Prasad, Paras closed
15750 CHE 498TUT RAYSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrRay, Steven closed
18345 CHE 498TUT NGUSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrNguyen, Hung open
13895 CHE 498TUT RICSenior ResearchARRNsc 640Richard, John closed
12841 CHE 498TUT RZASenior ResearchARRNsc 826Rzayev, Javid closed
13002 CHE 498TUT SZYSenior ResearchARRNsc 816Szyperski, Thomas closed
17548 CHE 498TUT GIOSenior ResearchARR12:00AM - 12:00PMNsc ArrGionfriddo, Emanu... open
15040 CHE 498TUT VELSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrVelarde, Luis closed
13680 CHE 498TUT WATSenior ResearchARRNsc 531Watson, David closed
15039 CHE 498TUT ATISenior ResearchARRNsc ArrAtilla-Gokcumen, ... closed
14153 CHE 498TUT WOOSenior ResearchARRNsc 417Wood, Troy closed
14114 CHE 498TUT ZURSenior ResearchARRNsc 872Zurek, Eva closed
12405 CHE 498TUT AUTSenior ResearchARRNsc 312Autschbach, Jochen closed
12686 CHE 498TUT BENSenior ResearchARRNsc 771Benedict, Jason closed
12695 CHE 498TUT CHMSenior ResearchARRNsc 620Chemler, Sherry closed
12683 CHE 498TUT COLSenior ResearchARRNsc 582Colon, Luis closed
15353 CHE 498TUT COOKSenior ResearchARRNsc ArrCook, Timothy closed
12781 CHE 501LEC AOrganic ChemistryTR11:00AM - 12:20PMCooke 127AMurkin, Andrew open
14188 CHE 503LEC BInorganic ChemistryMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMNorton 210Morrow, Janet open
16925 CHE 505LEC APhysical ChemistryMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMPark 145Nguyen, Hung open
13157 CHE 507LEC DAnalytical ChemistryMWF8:00AM - 8:50AMNorton 209Ray, Steven open
23642 CHE 520LEC AOrganometallic ChemistryTR9:30AM - 10:50AMBell 325open
15049 CHE 571LAB ATIAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrAtilla-Gokcumen, ... open
15050 CHE 571LAB VELAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrVelarde, Luis open
15378 CHE 571LAB COOKAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrCook, Timothy open
15751 CHE 571LAB AKIAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrAkimov, Alexey open
15752 CHE 571LAB LACAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrLacy, David open
15753 CHE 571LAB RAYAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrRay, Steven open
17664 CHE 571LAB GIOAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrGionfriddo, Emanu... open
18371 CHE 571LAB NGUAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc ArrNguyen, Hung open
12834 CHE 571LAB COLAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 578Colon, Luis open
12658 CHE 571LAB AUTAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 312Autschbach, Jochen open
13725 CHE 571LAB MURAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 672Murkin, Andrew open
12779 CHE 571LAB MORAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 526Morrow, Janet open
12577 CHE 571LAB SZYAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 816Szyperski, Thomas open
13684 CHE 571LAB WOOAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 417Wood, Troy open
12908 CHE 571LAB RICAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 633Richard, John open
13847 CHE 571LAB DIVAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 572Diver, Steven open
13691 CHE 571LAB ZURAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 872Zurek, Eva open
12861 CHE 571LAB RZAAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 611Rzayev, Javid open
13852 CHE 571LAB GONAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 811Gong, Bing open
12350 CHE 571LAB BENAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 771Benedict, Jason open
13506 CHE 571LAB AGAAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 611Aga, Diana open
12584 CHE 571LAB PRAAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 428Prasad, Paras open
13778 CHE 571LAB LINAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 679Lin, Qing open
13550 CHE 571LAB CHMAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 618Chemler, Sherry open
13911 CHE 571LAB WATAdv Laboratory TechniquesARRNsc 531Watson, David open
12650 CHE 598TUT AGraduate Rsch ProposalARRNsc 611Cook, Timothy open
13818 CHE 599TUT ASupervised TeachingARRNsc 611Cook, Timothy open
13498 CHE 600TUT AIndependent StudyARRNsc 360Cook, Timothy open
17665 CHE 700TUT GIOThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrGionfriddo, Emanu... open
18372 CHE 700TUT NGUThesis GuidanceARR12:00AM - 11:00AMNsc ArrNguyen, Hung open
15051 CHE 700TUT ATIThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrAtilla-Gokcumen, ... open
15052 CHE 700TUT VELThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrVelarde, Luis open
15379 CHE 700TUT COOKThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrCook, Timothy open
15754 CHE 700TUT AKIThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrAkimov, Alexey open
15755 CHE 700TUT LACThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrLacy, David open
15756 CHE 700TUT RAYThesis GuidanceARRNsc ArrRay, Steven open
12874 CHE 700TUT ZURThesis GuidanceARRNsc 872Zurek, Eva open
14218 CHE 700TUT WATThesis GuidanceARRNsc 531Watson, David open
12754 CHE 700TUT RICThesis GuidanceARRNsc 633Richard, John open
14381 CHE 700TUT DIVThesis GuidanceARRNsc 572Diver, Steven open
13565 CHE 700TUT AGAThesis GuidanceARRNsc 611Aga, Diana open
13900 CHE 700TUT RZAThesis GuidanceARRNsc 826Rzayev, Javid open
12756 CHE 700TUT GONThesis GuidanceARRNsc 811Gong, Bing open
13633 CHE 700TUT CHMThesis GuidanceARRNsc 618Chemler, Sherry open
12659 CHE 700TUT AUTThesis GuidanceARRNsc 312Autschbach, Jochen open
13631 CHE 700TUT BENThesis GuidanceARRNsc 771Benedict, Jason open
14152 CHE 700TUT WOOThesis GuidanceARRNsc 417Wood, Troy open
13888 CHE 700TUT PRAThesis GuidanceARRNsc 428Prasad, Paras open
12534 CHE 700TUT MORThesis GuidanceARRNsc 526Morrow, Janet open
12530 CHE 700TUT MURThesis GuidanceARRNsc 672Murkin, Andrew open
13989 CHE 700TUT SZYThesis GuidanceARRNsc 816Szyperski, Thomas open
14000 CHE 700TUT LINThesis GuidanceARRNsc 679Lin, Qing open
13625 CHE 700TUT COLThesis GuidanceARRNsc 578Colon, Luis open
23326 CHE 720LAB GIOGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrGionfriddo, Emanu... open
21936 CHE 720LAB DEJGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrDe Jesus, Luis open
14242 CHE 720LAB PRAGraduate ResearchARRNsc 436Prasad, Paras open
13882 CHE 720LAB MURGraduate ResearchARRNsc 660Murkin, Andrew open
13551 CHE 720LAB LINGraduate ResearchARRNsc 682Lin, Qing open
18346 CHE 720LAB NGUGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrNguyen, Hung open
14074 CHE 720LAB ZURGraduate ResearchARRNsc 411Zurek, Eva open
15380 CHE 720LAB COOKGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrCook, Timothy open
13894 CHE 720LAB RICGraduate ResearchARRNsc 638Richard, John open
13975 CHE 720LAB AUTGraduate ResearchARRNsc 345Autschbach, Jochen open
13632 CHE 720LAB BENGraduate ResearchARRNsc 771Benedict, Jason open
13239 CHE 720LAB RZAGraduate ResearchARRNsc 838Rzayev, Javid open
14164 CHE 720LAB SZYGraduate ResearchARRNsc 820Szyperski, Thomas open
15054 CHE 720LAB VELGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrVelarde, Luis open
13919 CHE 720LAB GONGraduate ResearchARRNsc 835Gong, Bing open
20389 CHE 720LAB HEPGraduate ResearchARRNsc 515Heppner, David open
14120 CHE 720LAB WOOGraduate ResearchARRNsc 415Wood, Troy open
20390 CHE 720LAB LIGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrLi, Yuguang open
12881 CHE 720LAB WATGraduate ResearchARRNsc 538Watson, David open
12538 CHE 720LAB MORGraduate ResearchARRNsc 535Morrow, Janet open
13132 CHE 720LAB CHMGraduate ResearchARRNsc 620Chemler, Sherry open
15757 CHE 720LAB AKIGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrAkimov, Alexey open
15758 CHE 720LAB LACGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrLacy, David open
15053 CHE 720LAB ATIGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrAtilla-Gokcumen, ... open
13161 CHE 720LAB DIVGraduate ResearchARRNsc 570Diver, Steven open
13137 CHE 720LAB COLGraduate ResearchARRNsc 582Colon, Luis open
15759 CHE 720LAB RAYGraduate ResearchARRNsc ArrRay, Steven open
13505 CHE 720LAB AGAGraduate ResearchARRNsc 608Aga, Diana open
13481 CHE 760TUT ASelection of Thesis RschARRNsc 611Cook, Timothy open
13532 CHE 800SEM 000Anal Chem SemARRUnknownopen
12623 CHE 815SEM 000Theoretical ChemistryARRUnknownAutschbach, Jochen open
13465 CHE 816SEM 000Organometallic CatalysisARRNsc Arropen
14359 CHE 833SEM 000Medicinal ChemistryARRNsc 684Chemler, Sherry open
13489 CHE 837SEM AGraduate Chem SeminarF2:00PM - 4:40PMNsc 205Chemler, Sherry open
23968 CHI 111DIS AFirst-Year Chinese 1st SemMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 109Tian, Yongbo open
23969 CHI 111DIS BFirst-Year Chinese 1st SemMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMBaldy 114Fang, Xianxian open
23971 CHI 111DIS DFirst-Year Chinese 1st SemMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 119Lin, Chuan open
23972 CHI 111DIS EFirst-Year Chinese 1st SemMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMBaldy 106Tian, Yongbo open
24296 CHI 114DIS AFirst-Year Chinese HeritageMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 127Fang, Xianxian open
17745 CHI 201LEC A2nd Yr-1st Sem ChineseMTWR1:00PM - 1:50PMBaldy 109Fang, Xianxian open
21348 CHI 201LEC B2nd Yr-1st Sem ChineseMTWR2:00PM - 2:50PMBaldy 121Fang, Xianxian closed
12700 CHI 301LEC A3rd Yr-1st Sem ChineseMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 114Lin, Chuan open
23356 CHI 401LEC BFourth-Year Chinese ITR2:00PM - 3:20PMBaldy 113Lin, Chuan open
15471 CHI 499TUT CLIndependent StudyARRArrangedLin, Chuan closed
24247 CL 100LEC SEBArc&Rediscov/Classic WorldASYNRemoteSebastiani, Aless... open
16413 CL 110LEC MCGLatest News Ancient WorldTR9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 17Coffee, Neil open
16414 CL 110LEC ONLLatest News Ancient WorldARRRemoteCoffee, Neil open
16425 CL 112LEC BYD1Stone Axe to TankTR9:30AM - 10:50AMAcadem 170Boyd, Timothy open
19990 CL 112LEC BYD2Stone Axe to TankTR2:00PM - 3:20PMAcadem 170Boyd, Timothy closed
23187 CL 113LEC NIKMyth & Religion Anc WorldMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMAcadem 170Nikolopoulou, Kal... open
16407 CL 151LEC 1Medical TerminologyMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMClemen 102open
23285 CL 199SEM TEE2UB SeminarTR9:30AM - 10:50AMBaldy 126Teegarden, David open
15842 CL 199SEM BYDUB SeminarTR12:30PM - 1:50PMCapen 107Boyd, Timothy closed
22654 CL 199SEM MURUB SeminarTR2:00PM - 3:20PMAcadem 328Murray, Jackie open
22639 CL 199SEM TEEUB SeminarTR12:30PM - 1:50PMClemen 220Teegarden, David open
12986 CL 222LEC TEEGreek CivilizationTR2:00PM - 3:20PMTalbrt 107Teegarden, David open
23841 CL 223LEC DUGRoman CivilizationTR3:30PM - 4:50PMAlumni 97Dugan, John open
23201 CL 305LEC 3HeroesTR2:00PM - 3:20PMAcadem 319closed
16678 CL 305LEC 1HeroesMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMGrein 116Bclosed
20323 CL 305LEC 2HeroesMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMGrein 116Bclosed
23903 CL 336LEC AULGreek Archaeology 1TR11:00AM - 12:20PMCfa 144Ault, Bradley open
24126 CL 440LEC SEBPompeiiASYNRemoteSebastiani, Aless... open
17684 CL 499TUT SEBIndependent StudyARRAcadem 347ASebastiani, Aless... closed
17685 CL 499TUT STAIndependent StudyARRAcadem 334closed
13600 CL 499TUT BOYIndependent StudyARRArrangedBoyd, Timothy closed
13714 CL 499TUT STIndependent StudyARRArrangedclosed
14311 CL 499TUT AULIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Ault, Bradley closed
12578 CL 499TUT MCGIndependent StudyARRArrangedMcGuire, Donald closed
14148 CL 499TUT WDDIndependent StudyARRArrangedWoodard, Roger closed
13472 CL 499TUT MURIndependent StudyARRArrangedMurray, Jackie closed
13136 CL 499TUT DUGIndependent StudyARRArrangedDugan, John closed
14034 CL 499TUT TEEIndependent StudyARRArrangedTeegarden, David closed
14356 CL 499TUT COFIndependent StudyARRArrangedCoffee, Neil closed
24127 CL 540LEC SEBPompeiiASYNRemoteSebastiani, Aless... open
23856 CL 543LEC DUGReading Latin LiteratureTR12:30PM - 1:50PMAcadem ArrDugan, John open
13994 CL 800TUT DUGReadings in Greek & LatinARRAcadem 343Dugan, John closed
13575 CL 800TUT AULReadings in Greek & LatinARRAcadem 343Ault, Bradley closed
12546 CL 800TUT STAReadings in Greek & LatinARRAcadem 343Murray, Jackie closed
14088 CL 800TUT WDDReadings in Greek & LatinARRAcadem 343Woodard, Roger closed
13602 CL 800TUT DYSReadings in Greek & LatinARRAcadem 343Dyson, Stephen closed
12795 CL 805TUT MALIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Malamud, Martha closed
12392 CL 805TUT BOYIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Boyd, Timothy closed
14235 CL 805TUT SEBIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Sebastiani, Aless... closed
12828 CL 805TUT COFIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Coffee, Neil closed
13971 CL 805TUT AULIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Ault, Bradley closed
12954 CL 805TUT DYSIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Dyson, Stephen closed
12722 CL 805TUT DUGIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Dugan, John closed
14460 CL 805TUT WDDIndependent StudyARRAcadem 343Woodard, Roger closed
12640 CL 805TUT STAIndependent StudyARRAcadem 335closed
14212 CL 805TUT TEEIndependent StudyARRAcadem 333Teegarden, David closed
18158 CL 810TUT SEBThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 334Sebastiani, Aless... closed
13135 CL 810TUT COFThesis GuidanceARRArrangedCoffee, Neil closed
12809 CL 810TUT DUGThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Dugan, John closed
12971 CL 810TUT WDDThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Woodard, Roger closed
12794 CL 810TUT MALThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Malamud, Martha closed
12404 CL 810TUT AULThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Ault, Bradley closed
13163 CL 810TUT DYSThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Dyson, Stephen closed
13736 CL 810TUT TEEThesis GuidanceARRAcadem 343Teegarden, David closed
16287 COL 199SEM SIUB SeminarMWF12:00PM - 12:50PMBaldy 120Irlam, Shaun open
18357 COL 199SEM KZUB SeminarMW4:15PM - 5:35PMClemen 123Ziarek, Krzysztof open
23178 COL 199SEM SI2UB SeminarMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 119Irlam, Shaun open
21696 COL 199SEM DHUB SeminarTR11:00AM - 12:20PMClemen 123Havis, Devonya open
23825 COL 525SEM FNTopT4:00PM - 6:40PMClemen 904Negrete, Fernanda open
23456 COL 598TUT APMasters Project GuidanceUnknownPitts, Andrea open
23457 COL 598TUT EPMasters Project GuidanceUnknownPaquette, Elisabe... open
22423 COL 598TUT CROMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrCross, Donald open
12900 COL 598TUT SMMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrMiller, Steven open
12857 COL 598TUT KNMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrNikolopoulou, Kal... open
14391 COL 598TUT EZMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrZiarek, Ewa open
14560 COL 598TUT SDMasters Project GuidanceARRArrangedDolgopolski, Serg... open
13405 COL 598TUT RGMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrGasche, Rodolphe open
13044 COL 598TUT DHMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrHavis, Devonya open
12677 COL 598TUT DEJMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrJohnson, David open
12467 COL 598TUT SIMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrIrlam, Shaun open
14370 COL 598TUT KZMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen ArrZiarek, Krzysztof open
23458 COL 600TUT APIndependent StudyUnknownPitts, Andrea open
23459 COL 600TUT EPIndependent StudyUnknownPaquette, Elisabe... open
13801 COL 600TUT DHIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrHavis, Devonya open
14411 COL 600TUT EZIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrZiarek, Ewa open
13359 COL 600TUT KNIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrNikolopoulou, Kal... open
13649 COL 600TUT GASIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrGasche, Rodolphe open
14561 COL 600TUT SDIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrDolgopolski, Serg... open
15333 COL 600TUT PINIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrPines, Noam open
14290 COL 600TUT IRLIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrIrlam, Shaun open
14309 COL 600TUT KZIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrZiarek, Krzysztof open
13263 COL 600TUT SMIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrMiller, Steven open
14266 COL 600TUT JOHIndependent StudyARRClemen ArrJohnson, David open
23460 COL 650TUT APSupervised ReadingsUnknownPitts, Andrea open
22728 COL 650TUT REESupervised ReadingsARRUnknownRead, Justin open
22820 COL 650TUT EPSupervised ReadingsUnknownPaquette, Elisabe... open
17945 COL 650TUT FNSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrNegrete, Fernanda open
13173 COL 650TUT IRLSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrIrlam, Shaun open
13422 COL 650TUT DHSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrHavis, Devonya open
13428 COL 650TUT COHSupervised ReadingsARRArrangedCohen, Richard open
13075 COL 650TUT JOHSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrJohnson, David open
13022 COL 650TUT KNSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrNikolopoulou, Kal... open
15334 COL 650TUT PINSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrPines, Noam open
13475 COL 650TUT SMSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrMiller, Steven open
12334 COL 650TUT EPZSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrZiarek, Ewa open
13947 COL 650TUT GASSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrGasche, Rodolphe open
12940 COL 650TUT KZSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrZiarek, Krzysztof open
14563 COL 650TUT SDSupervised ReadingsARRClemen ArrDolgopolski, Serg... open
15167 COL 690TUT KNDissertation WorkshopM12:30PM - 3:10PMClemen 708Nikolopoulou, Kal... open
17328 COL 700TUT AGThesis GuidanceARR12:00AM - 12:00PMClemen ArrGraves Monroe, Amy open
23461 COL 700TUT EPThesis GuidanceUnknownPaquette, Elisabe... open
23462 COL 700TUT APThesis GuidanceUnknownPitts, Andrea open
13461 COL 700TUT SMThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrMiller, Steven open
13429 COL 700TUT ZKThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrZiarek, Krzysztof open
13015 COL 700TUT ZEThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrZiarek, Ewa open
13216 COL 700TUT KNThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrNikolopoulou, Kal... open
14562 COL 700TUT SDThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrDolgopolski, Serg... open
13946 COL 700TUT GASThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrGasche, Rodolphe open
13677 COL 700TUT IRLThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrIrlam, Shaun open
15335 COL 700TUT PINThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrPines, Noam open
13290 COL 700TUT DHThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrHavis, Devonya open
17989 COL 700TUT FNThesis GuidanceARR12:00AM - 12:00PMClemen ArrNegrete, Fernanda open
12906 COL 700TUT JOHThesis GuidanceARRClemen ArrJohnson, David open
22868 COL 721REC RGSpecial TopicsT12:30PM - 3:10PMClemen 708Gasche, Rodolphe open
22869 COL 721SEM RGSpecial TopicsT12:30PM - 3:10PMClemen 708Gasche, Rodolphe open
22870 COL 722REC DJSpecial TopicsT3:30PM - 6:10PMClemen 708Johnson, David open
22871 COL 722SEM DJSpecial TopicsT3:30PM - 6:10PMClemen 708Johnson, David open
22872 COL 723REC KZSpecial TopicsW12:30PM - 3:10PMClemen 708Ziarek, Krzysztof open
22873 COL 723SEM KZSpecial TopicsUnknownZiarek, Krzysztof open
13276 COM 101LEC ZMC2Principles of CommASYNRemoteCarr, Zachary open
13055 COM 101LEC ZMC1Principles of CommMWF12:00PM - 12:50PMNorton 190Carr, Zachary open
17942 COM 199SEM BN1UB SeminarMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMBaldy 111McCracken Nickels... closed
22997 COM 199SEM HONUB SeminarTR12:30PM - 1:50PMCapen 109Hahn, Lindsay closed
21916 COM 199SEM RPTUB SeminarMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMBaldy 111McCracken Nickels... open
18487 COM 199SEM BN2UB SeminarTR9:30AM - 10:50AMBaldy 111McCracken Nickels... closed
20796 COM 199SEM BN3UB SeminarTR11:00AM - 12:20PMBaldy 111McCracken Nickels... closed
20851 COM 199SEM BN4UB SeminarMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMBaldy 111McCracken Nickels... closed
20821 COM 202SEM BJR1Intercultural CommunicationMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMClemen 322Reynolds, Brian open
20990 COM 202SEM JHIntercultural CommunicationASYNRemoteHong, Junhao closed
16960 COM 202SEM BJR2Intercultural CommunicationMWF12:00PM - 12:50PMClemen 322Reynolds, Brian closed
20797 COM 205LEC ZCResearch MethodsT6:00PM - 8:40PMObrian 109Carr, Zachary open
24095 COM 205LEC AZResearch MethodsTR11:00AM - 12:20PMAlumni 90closed
20800 COM 217LEC MSCommunication in OrganizationTR11:00AM - 12:20PMNsc 215Stefanone, Michael open
20937 COM 223DIS JFPrin & Methods InterviewgW7:00PM - 9:40PMCapen 240Filipiak, Jean open
20803 COM 225LEC DLInterpersonal Comm.TR3:30PM - 4:50PMClemen 102Lee, David open
23010 COM 225LEC AZInterpersonal Comm.TR12:30PM - 1:50PMObrian 102Tenzek, Kelly open
18488 COM 225LEC MMV1Interpersonal Comm.ASYNRemoteVorpahl, McKenzie open
20801 COM 231DIS AZPrinciples of PersuasionTR2:00PM - 3:20PMBaldy 110closed
22011 COM 240LEC GRIntroduction to Mass COMMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMClemen 102Wang, Hua closed
17817 COM 240LEC YOIntroduction to Mass COMTR12:30PM - 1:50PMTalbrt 107Ophir, Yotam open
16954 COM 300DIS CT1Written CommunicationMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMTalbrt 111Sachs, Andrew closed
16955 COM 300DIS CT2Written CommunicationMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMPark 146Tinnesz, Christine closed
16956 COM 300DIS CT3Written CommunicationMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMPark 146Tinnesz, Christine closed
16957 COM 300DIS CT4Written CommunicationMWF2:00PM - 2:50PMTalbrt 111Tinnesz, Christine closed
13202 COM 300DIS AS2Written CommunicationMWF12:00PM - 12:50PMCapen 260Sachs, Andrew closed
21161 COM 300DIS CT5Written CommunicationASYNRemoteTinnesz, Christine closed
22224 COM 300DIS MG1Written CommunicationASYNRemoteGuida, Marisa open
22225 COM 300DIS MG2Written CommunicationASYNRemoteGuida, Marisa closed
14192 COM 300DIS AS1Written CommunicationMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMTalbrt 106Sachs, Andrew closed
20805 COM 317DIS SCF2Intro Bus & Prof CommunicASYNRemoteFoster, Catherine closed
21290 COM 317DIS SCF1Intro Bus & Prof CommunicASYNRemoteFoster, Catherine closed
23013 COM 317DIS SCF3Intro Bus & Prof CommunicASYNRemoteFoster, Catherine closed
16400 COM 317DIS MG4Intro Bus & Prof CommunicMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMHoch 307Green-Frank, Mich... open
18173 COM 317DIS MG2Intro Bus & Prof CommunicMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMHoch 307Green-Frank, Mich... open
13232 COM 317DIS MG3Intro Bus & Prof CommunicMWF12:00PM - 12:50PMHoch 307Green-Frank, Mich... open
12632 COM 317DIS MG1Intro Bus & Prof CommunicMWF9:00AM - 9:50AMHoch 307Green-Frank, Mich... open
22171 COM 326REC BJR2Public SpeakingMWF10:00AM - 10:50AMTalbrt 111Reynolds, Brian open
17095 COM 326REC BJR1Public SpeakingMWF11:00AM - 11:50AMCapen 260Reynolds, Brian closed
13571 COM 326REC AS2Public SpeakingMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMCapen 260Sachs, Andrew open
20804 COM 337LEC MMVCommunication TheoryASYNRemoteVorpahl, McKenzie open
20802 COM 380LEC SGHealth CommunicationMWF3:00PM - 3:50PMCapen 262Gillis, Stephanie closed
21850 COM 380LEC KTHealth CommunicationTR9:30AM - 10:50AMBaldy 110Tenzek, Kelly open
20824 COM 420LEC FTConflict TheoryTR11:00AM - 12:20PMNorton 190Tutzauer, Frank open
21855 COM 438LEC MFNonverbal CommunicationTR3:30PM - 4:50PMClemen 17Frank, Mark open
13790 COM 441LEC KSPublic RelationsR7:00PM - 9:40PMObrian 102Swierski, Karen open
18489 COM 443LEC RRPrncples & Tech of AdvertisingR4:10PM - 6:50PMClemen 19Ried, Rhonda open
20806 COM 443LEC LSPrncples & Tech of AdvertisingASYNRemoteSinger, Lawrence closed
12443 COM 447DIS DKCommunication GraphicsASYNRemoteKolodczak, Debra closed
23024 COM 449DIS JD1Promotional WritingASYNRemoteDahlberg, John closed
13369 COM 449DIS JDPromotional WritingASYNRemoteDahlberg, John closed
23027 COM 455SEM LSAdvanced AdvertisingASYNRemoteSinger, Lawrence open
23001 COM 473SEM DLSp Top Com Theory/ResearchTR2:00PM - 3:20PMPark 146Lee, David open
23855 COM 492SEM LRSpec Top in Mass ComASYNRemoteRintamaki, Lance open
23002 COM 493SEM LRSpec Top Mass CommunictnW4:10PM - 6:50PMHoch 114Rintamaki, Lance open
19966 COM 495TUT YZUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
15144 COM 495TUT MCGUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
15283 COM 495TUT KETUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
15643 COM 495TUT JZYUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
13238 COM 495TUT ASUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedSachs, Andrew closed
16074 COM 495TUT MFUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
16794 COM 495TUT LSHUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
17537 COM 495TUT MVUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedVorpahl, McKenzie closed
17815 COM 495TUT DSLUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedLee, David closed
17816 COM 495TUT YOUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
18136 COM 495TUT ZMCUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedCarr, Zachary closed
18358 COM 495TUT CTUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedTinnesz, Christine closed
14707 COM 495TUT HWUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
13806 COM 495TUT LRUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
13833 COM 495TUT BJRUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedReynolds, Brian closed
14447 COM 495TUT MSUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
14531 COM 495TUT THFUG Supervised TeachingARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
14459 COM 496TUT LRInternship in CommunicationARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
12504 COM 499TUT LRIndependent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
12727 COM 499TUT JZYIndependent StudyARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
14535 COM 499TUT LR-2Independent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
14536 COM 499TUT LR-1Independent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
14537 COM 499TUT LR-3Independent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
14480 COM 499TUT HWIndependent StudyARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
22625 COM 499TUT AARIndependent StudyARRArrangedRaney, Arthur closed
17814 COM 499TUT YOIndependent StudyARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
15145 COM 499TUT MCGIndependent StudyARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
15284 COM 499TUT KETIndependent StudyARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
17813 COM 499TUT DSLIndependent StudyARRArrangedLee, David closed
13862 COM 499TUT JHHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHong, Junhao closed
18090 COM 499TUT ZMCIndependent StudyARRArrangedCarr, Zachary closed
16546 COM 499TUT ASIndependent StudyARRArrangedSachs, Andrew closed
19969 COM 499TUT YZIndependent StudyARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
19968 COM 499TUT LSHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
20941 COM 499TUT LR-4Independent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
14376 COM 499TUT MFIndependent StudyARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
13497 COM 499TUT FETIndependent StudyARRArrangedTutzauer, Frank closed
22624 COM 499TUT LAIndependent StudyARRArrangedArpan, Laura closed
14456 COM 499TUT THFIndependent StudyARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
15517 COM 499TUT MVIndependent StudyARRArrangedVorpahl, McKenzie closed
16799 COM 499TUT BJRIndependent StudyARRArrangedReynolds, Brian closed
14446 COM 499TUT MSIndependent StudyARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
14097 COM 500SEM KETProseminar in CommunicationM4:10PM - 6:50PMBaldy 114open
13696 COM 504LEC YZResearch MethodsT2:00PM - 4:40PMBaldy 114Wang, Hua open
12944 COM 515SEM YOCommunication TheoriesM9:00AM - 11:40AMPark 148Ophir, Yotam open
21010 COM 519SEM FETStatistics IITR2:00PM - 3:20PMClemen 117Tutzauer, Frank open
23006 COM 675SEM LHSpecial TopicsWF9:30AM - 10:50AMClemen 103Hahn, Lindsay open
24315 COM 676SEM LRSpecial TopicsASYNRemoteRintamaki, Lance open
19972 COM 695TUT YZSupervised TeachingARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
17812 COM 695TUT YOSupervised TeachingARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
14055 COM 695TUT FETSupervised TeachingARRArrangedTutzauer, Frank closed
13024 COM 695TUT LRSupervised TeachingARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
17811 COM 695TUT DSLSupervised TeachingARRArrangedLee, David closed
15280 COM 695TUT MCGSupervised TeachingARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
14481 COM 695TUT HWSupervised TeachingARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
12839 COM 695TUT THFSupervised TeachingARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
13453 COM 695TUT MFSupervised TeachingARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
12474 COM 695TUT MSSupervised TeachingARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
13690 COM 695TUT JZYSupervised TeachingARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
19971 COM 695TUT LSHSupervised TeachingARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
12745 COM 695TUT JHHSupervised TeachingARRArrangedHong, Junhao closed
17810 COM 695TUT KETSupervised TeachingARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
17807 COM 696TUT KETCommunication InternshipARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
17808 COM 696TUT DSLCommunication InternshipARRArrangedLee, David closed
17809 COM 696TUT YOCommunication InternshipARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
19973 COM 696TUT LSHCommunication InternshipARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
19974 COM 696TUT YZCommunication InternshipARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
14483 COM 696TUT HWCommunication InternshipARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
15282 COM 696TUT MCGCommunication InternshipARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
13689 COM 696TUT JZYCommunication InternshipARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
13669 COM 696TUT THFCommunication InternshipARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
12738 COM 696TUT JHHCommunication InternshipARRArrangedHong, Junhao closed
13641 COM 696TUT FETCommunication InternshipARRArrangedTutzauer, Frank closed
13437 COM 696TUT MSCommunication InternshipARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
12917 COM 696TUT LRCommunication InternshipARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
12923 COM 696TUT MFCommunication InternshipARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
22627 COM 699TUT LAIndependent StudyARRArrangedArpan, Laura closed
12950 COM 699TUT MFIndependent StudyARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
13752 COM 699TUT JHHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHong, Junhao closed
17805 COM 699TUT DSLIndependent StudyARRArrangedLee, David closed
19978 COM 699TUT YZIndependent StudyARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
14482 COM 699TUT HWIndependent StudyARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
15281 COM 699TUT MCGIndependent StudyARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
22628 COM 699TUT AARIndependent StudyARRArrangedRaney, Arthur closed
19977 COM 699TUT LSHIndependent StudyARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
12557 COM 699TUT JZYIndependent StudyARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
12505 COM 699TUT LRIndependent StudyARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
17462 COM 699TUT KETIndependent StudyARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
13114 COM 699TUT MSIndependent StudyARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
13177 COM 699TUT FETIndependent StudyARRArrangedTutzauer, Frank closed
17806 COM 699TUT YOIndependent StudyARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
13006 COM 699TUT THFIndependent StudyARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
19980 COM 700TUT LSHThesis GuidanceARRArrangedHahn, Lindsay closed
19981 COM 700TUT YZThesis GuidanceARRArrangedZhang, Yini closed
22629 COM 700TUT LAThesis GuidanceARRArrangedArpan, Laura closed
22630 COM 700TUT AARThesis GuidanceARRArrangedRaney, Arthur closed
14484 COM 700TUT HWThesis GuidanceARRArrangedWang, Hua closed
15279 COM 700TUT MCGThesis GuidanceARRArrangedGreen, Melanie closed
17802 COM 700TUT DSLThesis GuidanceARRArrangedLee, David closed
17803 COM 700TUT YOThesis GuidanceARRArrangedOphir, Yotam closed
17804 COM 700TUT KETThesis GuidanceARRArrangedTenzek, Kelly closed
13682 COM 700TUT JHHThesis GuidanceARRArrangedHong, Junhao closed
14139 COM 700TUT THFThesis GuidanceARRArrangedFeeley, Thomas closed
13294 COM 700TUT MSThesis GuidanceARRArrangedStefanone, Michael closed
12949 COM 700TUT MFThesis GuidanceARRArrangedFrank, Mark closed
12945 COM 700TUT LRThesis GuidanceARRArrangedRintamaki, Lance closed
13954 COM 700TUT FETThesis GuidanceARRArrangedTutzauer, Frank closed
13539 COM 700TUT JZYThesis GuidanceARRArrangedYang, Janet closed
13786 CRC 555TUT MULDirected ReadingARRClemen 712Muller, Dalia closed
14163 CRC 701TUT MULMasters Project GuidanceARRClemen 712Muller, Dalia closed
18708 DAC 104LEC ASYCAppreciating DanceASYNRemoteopen
20903 DAC 104LEC IPAppreciating DanceMWF1:00PM - 1:50PMCfa B83Bono, Rebekah open
13473 DAC 201LEC MAJModern Dance 1F10:30AM - 11:50AMCfa B84Ring, Kerry closed
18507 DAC 210LEC MAJTap Dance 1TR12:30PM - 1:50PMCfa B82Adametz, Kurt open
18276 DAC 213LEC OPENBallet 1TR9:30AM - 10:50AMCfa B83Schofer, Dani closed
12497 DAC 213LEC MAJBallet 1TR9:30AM - 10:50AMCfa B82Fornarola, Jeanne closed
20583 DAC 229LAB ACTutorial in DanceARRArrangedclosed
20464 DAC 229LAB MDTutorial in DanceARRCfa ArrDeeb Weaver, Mich... closed
21433 DAC 229LAB KATutorial in DanceTR12:30PM - 1:50PMUnknownAdametz, Kurt closed
21460 DAC 229LAB TBDTutorial in DanceMW12:00PM - 1:20PMAlumni Arrclosed
21432 DAC 229LAB ACBTutorial in DanceMW1:30PM - 2:50PMUnknownclosed
20571 DAC 229LAB BBTutorial in DanceARRArrangedclosed
13470 DAC 229LAB JFTutorial in DanceARRCfa ArrFornarola, Jeanne closed
12948 DAC 229LAB MATutorial in DanceARRCfa ArrAceto, Melanie closed
13291 DAC 229LAB JZTutorial in DanceARRCfa ArrZavrel, Jenna closed
17118 DAC 229LAB KRTutorial in DanceCfa ArrRing, Kerry closed
12466 DAC 229LAB TBD1Tutorial in DanceARRCfa Arrclosed
12498 DAC 229LAB ABTutorial in DanceARRCfa Arrclosed
20465 DAC 229LAB CJTutorial in DanceCfa ArrJudson, Chanon closed
18506 DAC 263LEC MAJJazz Dance 1TR2:00PM - 3:20PMCfa B84Deeb Weaver, Mich... closed
13356 DAC 263LEC OPENJazz Dance 1TR11:00AM - 12:20PMCfa B82Bono, Rebekah closed
21546 DAC 310SEM MAJTap Dance 3MW12:00PM - 1:20PMCfa B82Deeb Weaver, Mich... open
20220 DAC 337SEM ZODDance Studio ZodiaqueARRCfa ArrRing, Kerry open
19902 DAC 340SEM MFADance StudioARRCfa ArrAceto, Melanie closed
18277 DAC 341SEM MAJBallet 3MW10:30AM - 11:50AMCfa B82closed
23918 DAC 341SEM OPENBallet 3MW10:30AM - 11:50AMCfa B83Rojek, Amelia open
14363 DAC 345SEM MAJModern Dance 3MW12:00PM - 1:20PMCfa B84Aceto, Melanie closed