Advising Resources for Departments

Resources for faculty and staff in the College of Arts & Sciences

Our ten professional academic advisors specialize in CAS majors and minors, and are liaisons with department advisors and faculty. All CAS majors are assigned to a specific CAS advisor. Each summer and winter we work extensively with incoming freshman, transfers and re-enters before they set up their schedules. Throughout the year we run workshops, outreach projects, and meet with students on probation, first semester freshman and anyone who needs assistance navigating advisement needs. Faculty and staff are invited to consult with our staff on any student-related issues. Students who are exploratory, transitioning between majors or in pre-health tracks will also work with the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center (EPAC) in 112 Capen Hall.  Students in specialized areas (Honors, Athletics, EOP, ACE, Ackers) have their own advisement teams.

This page includes information, resources and links gathered to assist faculty and staff who are providing help to undergraduate students, particularly those with majors in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Last Updated: October 6, 2021