Acknowledgment, Inclusion and Equity

image of colored yarn.

"Unity" public art installation

We respectfully recognize that University at Buffalo’s location is within the traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee people, and that the present is always built on the past, which must be continually acknowledged.

Central to Our Mission

In the Department of Art, diversity, inclusion and equity are central to our mission. Art as a practice represents, reflects, critiques and dreams for a culture. It is a discipline of creativity, criticality and expression. By its nature, art balances the examination of culture through humility and critical inquiry. It is with self-awareness and acknowledgement of diverse factions of intersectional identities, that we approach the making and scholarship of contemporary art through accountable virtues.

We reject white supremacy, and we are diligent to recognize that cultural and discriminatory bias has been historically and systematically ingrained in the fabric of society and its cultural and educational institutions, including our own. It is with this understanding that we dedicate ourselves to dismantling these inequities and injustices both internally and externally, striving for equitable inclusion for everyone. Today and every day, we endeavor to foster a respectful and safe environment for all students, staff, and faculty, regardless of race, color, ability, age, gender, gender identity and expression, national or ethnic origin, political belief, marital status, veteran status, immigration status, and religion.

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community

Dear Department of Art community,

The UB student group “Young Americans for Freedom” has invited Michael Knowles, a controversial political commentator, to speak on campus this Thursday night in Slee Hall at 7 pm.

While the Department of Art supports the right to free speech, and the respectful exchange of ideas from diverse perspectives, we are committed to the principles of social justice and ensuring a safe and welcoming community for all.

The Faculty and Staff of the Department of Art stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community. Discrimination and hate have no place in our society or on our campus. 

We realize this is a difficult time and encourage you to reach out to your professors and staff for support if you are feeling stress, anxiety or just need to talk. 

Below are some links from the UB community and local news:


Please take care and be safe!