MA in Art & Design for Social Impact


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Jessica Sutton

The MA in Art & Design for Social Impact is a full-time, 30-credit, two-semester program. All students start at the beginning of the academic year in Fall semester (mid August) with completion at the end of the Spring semester (mid May). Students are expected to commit 40 hours per week to the program. Part-time participation will be considered in special circumstances.

Students are eligible to apply for annual scholarships offered through the Department of Art.

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Summer Boot Camp (for non-art majors)

Intensive non-credit class providing training on industry level software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), an overview of basic design principles/concepts and design history. Students can also take existing ART 250 Intro to Digital Art offered during the regular academic year prior to enrolling in the program.

Program Plan

Core | 12 credits (includes Capstone Thesis Project)

  • ART 510 Platform Social Design Studio (6 credits)
  • ART 511 Platform Social Design Studio (6 credits)
  • ART 599 First Year Graduate Research with Department of Art faculty member

Required | 9 credits

  • Visual Studies 521 Intro to Critical Theory (Required lecture)
  • ART 599 First Year Graduate Research
  • VS 505 Tactics of Praxis (required seminar)

Required ART (Design) Elective: (1 required) | 3 credits

  • ART 543 Design And Computational Thinking

Required Electives (2 required) | 6 credits


Department of Art

  • ART 561 Design for Social Justice
  • ART 564 Biological Art
  • ART 502 Tactical Media
  • ART 525 Interactive Computer Art
  • ART 513 Graduate Photography Critique
  • ART 572 Installation: Urban Space
  • ART 573 Performative Action
  • ART 576 Topics in Print Media
  • ART 587 Real-Space electronic Art
  • VS 525 Designed Play
  • VS 550 Art & Psychoanalysis

School of Architecture

  • ARC 623 Design for Inclusive Environments
  • ARC 624 Practicing Universal Design
  • ARC 320 The Built Environment in Media

Department of Communication

  • COM 540 Persuasion and Social Influence
  • COM 682 Audience Analysis and Program Evaluation
  • COM 629 Entertainment Education for Health Promotion and Social Change
  • COM 673 Narrative Persuasion

Department of Media Studies

  • DMS 518 Emerging Technologies
  • DMS 555 Green Media
  • DMS 562 Game Design
  • DMS 563 Electronic Literature
  • DMS 602 Environmental Justice Issues
  • DMS 603 Plasma Lecture Series
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