Commencement Speaker: Victoria Udondian

The Department of Art is excited to have Victoria Udondian join our commencement ceremonies as our invited speaker. Victoria joined the department this year as a part of the Distinguished Visiting Scholars program at UB. Her work is driven by her interest in textiles and the potential for clothing to shape identity, informed by the histories and tacit meanings embedded in everyday materials.

Masters of Fine Arts Group Thesis Exhibition

Jason Contangelo, Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, Liane Goldblatt, Karis Jones, Dave Mosier , Tanner Petch, Felipe Santos Shibuya, and Sara Zak

Life, in the simplest of terms, is chaotic; the past year has proven just that but through it all inspiration and art prevail. In March of 2020, the same students created their first-year exhibition, but were forced to close the day it planned to open. In an expression of how we’ve both come so far but find ourselves in almost the exact same place, these artists hold their MFA thesis exhibitions in the same gallery, under the same title.

Bachelors of Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition

Our 2021 senior BFA students have dedicated the past academic year to defining and creating their individual artistic works in culmination of their fine arts degree. They collaborated and exhibited the culmination their hard work and dedication to their craft in a show in the Department of Art's Project Space. It was their opportunity to shine and show what artists they have become.