2024 MFA Thesis Tour

As the culmination of their MFA degree, candidates create and present a thesis exhibition, open to the public and reviewed by their Thesis Committees. 

These thesis exhibitions take place through the Spring of the final semester of the MFA program, in galleries throughout the City of Buffalo and surrounding area.

The 2024 MFA Candidates are: Jon Bolt, Salem Browning, Dalton Carlson, Joey Goergen, Lydia Kegler, Chloe Koegel, Ali Lazik, and Cristiano Pereira.

Thesis Tour Schedule

  • Chloe Koegel (she/her) 
    • Title: The Semiotics of Home 
    • Location: Mirabo Press 
    • Dates: 3/28/2024 - 4/12/2024 
    • Reception: 3/28/2024, 6-9pm
  • Ali Lazik (she/her) 
    • Title: Bandaid Pink
    • Location: El Museo 
    • Dates: 4/5/2024 - 5/11/2024 
    • Reception: 4/5/2024, 5:30-8pm, with artist talk at 6:30PM
    • Poetry Reading and Open mic: 5/3 at 6:30pm
  • Jon Bolt He/Him 
    • Title: Overdrive: Nostalgia Through The Slipstream
    • Location: Store #816, within the McKinley Mall (use entrance closest to BestBuy, #816 is across from Hot Topic)
    • 4/5/2024 - 4/27/2024 
    • Reception: 4/19/2024, 4:30-6:45PM 
  • Salem Browning (he/him) 
    • Title: transevangelist blue 
    • Project 308 
    • Dates: 4/10/2024 - 4/30/2024 
    • Reception: 4/26/2024, 6-8pm 
  • Cristiano Pereira (He/She/They) 
    • Title: Apotropaic 
    • Location: Hall Chateau
      • 469 Virginia St., Buffalo, NY 14202
    • Dates: 4/26/2024 - 5/12/2024 
    • Reception: 4/26/2024, 5-8pm 
  • Joey Goergen (he/him) 
    • Title: Anything Can Happen Here 
    • Location: Hunt Gallery
    • Dates: 5/3/2024 - 5/31/2024 
    • Reception: 5/3/2024, 5-9pm 

Exhibition Posters

Chloe Koegel MFA thesis exhibition poster, with title "Semiotics of the Home". With an image of painted black objects on a cream background, including a pair of scissors, a colander, a fly swatter, and curling iron On View: March 28th, 2024- April 12th, 2024 by appointment: info@mirabopress.com Opening Reception: March 28th, 2024 6-9 pm Mirabo Press 11 Botsford Pl, Buffalo, NY 14216.
Thesis exhibition poster by MFA Candidate Dalton Carlson, with cream text saying the show title, "SKINLESS FINLESS HEADLESS BONELESS GUTLESS SPINELESS", on a mustard yellow-ish brown background.
Bandaid Pink exhibtion poster by Ali ALzik, with an image of canvas paitnings of three dimensional letters, painted over with imagined symbols.
Salem Browning's MFA thesis exhibition poster.
Cristiano Pereira's MFA thesis exhibition poster.