Published October 26, 2020

UB Professor Presents Social Impact Art

Matt Kenyon.

UB Art Professor Matt Kenyon

In an article by Jackie Hausler published in UBNow, " professor Matt Kenyon says his works “Tide” and “Cloud” address the intersection of climate change and the housing crisis, bringing metaphors from banking and real estate back to a human scale."

“Tide” and “Cloud”

“I’m hoping that my work will inform environmental policy and inspire creative forms of resistance,” says Kenyon, associate professor and director of the graduate program in the Department of Art, College of Arts and Sciences, who also is a TED fellow. “Also,” he adds, “vote.”

“Tide” and “Cloud” are among 10 public art works created by artists and TED fellows in 10 cities around the world to kick off and raise awareness for “Countdown,” a TED Talks-affiliated global initiative that aims “to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.”