Spring Into Art 2023

On Tuesday, May 5th, 2023, a cross-disciplinary showcase of creativity and expression took place in the  Center for the Arts. "Spring Into Art" was organized by The Center, and the Department of Art featured a group exhibition of sculpture students in the Project Space (CFA Room 155); Guided tours of the Senior Thesis group exhibition "Reflections of Impermanence" in Lower Gallery (CFA Room B45); a printmaking station led in the CFA Atrium by Department Staff, for guests to try their hand at screenprinting and stamping; and a showcase of the 1st Year MFA Candidates' artwork displayed on walls and pedestals throughout the CFA Atrium.

Guests amongst the displayed work: "The Daltonverse", 2023, paper mache, oil paint, acrylic boards, cardboard, and paper, by MFA Candidate Dalton Carlson (MFA '24). Photo credit: Doug Levere.

Posters hand screenprinted of the Center for the Arts Atrium, in the Atrium. Filigree layer designed by student Kylie Naylor.

MFA Candidate Cristiano Pereira (MFA '24) and CFA House Manager Moriah Hegmann, posing by Pereira's works: "Encruza", 2023, Oil on canvas with beads, 63" diameter, and "Goiaba", 2023, Archival Inkjet print on paper, variable dimensions.

Print experiments with stencil coverage and partial printing, at the Spring Into Art screenpritning station.

White walls with artwork hung from wire cables, and sitting on a pedestal. Gray and white checkered floor, in the UB Center for the Arts Atrium.

From left to right, work by MFA Candidates Salem Browning, Joey Goergen, and Dalton Carlson, (MFAs for 2024).