Published November 17, 2021

Alumnus Olivier Delrieu-Schulze Performing at High Desert Soundings

poster for High Desert Soundings.

2021 MFA Alumnus Olivier Delrieu-Schulze (performing as Ulysses Atwhen) will be at High Desert Soundings on November 19, 2021 along with Joey Sullivan and Ethan Marks.

High Desert Soundings 2021

High Desert Soundings is a two-day outdoor music festival near Joshua Tree National Park in the California High-Desert. The festival is held at the Palms Restaurant in Wonder Valley, a homesteading frontier community sprawled across 180 square miles. The Palms is the only restaurant in Wonder Valley and the primary meeting place for the diverse group of artists, free spirits and isolationists who make up the valley's tiny population. Wonder Valley's natural beauty and remarkable quiet set the stage for unique and immersive performances.


  • Mark So
  • Euphotic
  • Ryan Wade Ruehlen
  • Banny Grove
  • Hunter Brown, Dominic Coles, Danie Meyer-O'Keeffe, Rob Cosgrove
  • Adam Zuckerman, Erika Bell, Sivan Silver-Swartz
  • Michael Gelinas
  • Aron Dahl
  • Silica Gel
  • All Vessels
  • Pauline Lay, Caspar Sonnet, & Gabie Strong
  • Cosmo Gallaro, Ethan Marks, Max Jaffe
  • Derek Monypeny, Joey Sullivan, Ulysses Atwhen
  • Victor Vieira-Branco, Aaron Edgcomb, Nina Guo
  • Nick Deyoe and Mattie Barbier
  • Georgia Bell & Josh Gerowicz
  • Humors
  • Christine Tavolacci & Katie Porter
  • Sobbing Honey
  • blu-sh
  • LCM
  • Corey Fogel & Judith Berkson