Published January 12, 2022

Crystal Z Campbell wins Creative Capital Award

Green and Red image of a man in a vest along with two women.

Flight by artist Crystal Z Campbell

UB's Center for Diversity Innovation Distinguished Visiting Scholar Crystal Z Campbell was award a 2022 Creative Capital Award for her experimental film, performance, painting, and publication project entitled "Post Masters."

Creative Capital Awards for 2022

New York, NY (January 12, 2022) — Creative Capital today announced Creative Capital Awards for 2022 totaling $2.5 million in artist support. The grants will fund the creation of 50 new artists’ projects by 59 individual artists working in the performing arts, visual arts, film, technology, literature, and socially engaged and multidisciplinary practices. Each project will receive up to $50,000 in direct funding, supplemented by career development and networking services to foster thriving artistic careers.

Post Masters

Post Masters is an experimental film, performance, painting, and publication project considering intersections between the United States Postal System (USPS) and US Military through the lens of both Filipinx and Black histories. Throughout the project, the US-Filipinx relationship will be considered alongside parallel histories of Black Americana in US expansion and imperialism, using the artists’ intertwined Black and Filipinx family histories as a viewfinder to frame what it means to be(come) American.