Published December 2, 2021


Professor John Opera is interviewed by video poadcast Point of Learning. Click the video above to watch it here.

A Little Background

Assistant professor and head of the photography program at the State University of New York at Buffalo, John Opera has exhibited his critically acclaimed photographs for over two decades in dozens of galleries, from New York to LA, from Mexico City to Basel, Switzerland. His work has been featured in numerous reviews, articles, and other publications, from ArtForum to The New Yorker. Admired by new creators as well as established artists who are now in their 80s, John often invents tools and techniques to push the limits of photography, sometimes putting a new spin on nineteenth-century processes, sometimes developing a completely novel apparatus, for example involving a homemade turntable or a laser, as he explores fresh modes of painting with light. The son of a scientist and a social worker, Opera is an artist keenly focused on how we see the complexity of the multifaceted world around us--and within us. This is the video companion to Point of Learning podcast episode 035