Published June 23, 2020

Thinking Through Photographs

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JUNE 3, 2020 - ONGOING


A Conversation With Sara Greenberger Rafferty And Liz ParkWednesday, June 24, 5:30 p.m.

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Artist and educator Sara Greenberger Rafferty and UB Art Galleries Curator Liz Park discuss the importance of metadata embedded in digital images, including ways to obfuscate this information in public forums. They will further explore the qualities of representation during protest movements and how to think of new ways of documenting and picturing that are informative, poetic, and bear witness while resisting cooption by the state.

In fall 2019, Shannon Ebner* and Rafferty organized the symposium Teaching Photographs at Pratt Institute, which inspired UB Art Galleries’ online resource binder Thinking through Photographs. 

*We regret Shannon Ebner will no longer be able to join this conversation.