Published February 17, 2021

photo book club!

photo book club.

 The UB virtual photo book club is the only book club where it doesn’t matter if you’ve read the book or not. 

What is it?

Each week Naomi will be interviewing a different fabulous photographer about books they've published, their process, a Q&A and a fun proust questionnaire to end the chat.

So grab a coffee, tea or cocktail and join us at 4 pm EST

Featured Guests


  • 10: Greg Miller's "Unto Dust"
  • 17: Brant Slomovic's "The Cracks in Everything"
  • 24: Mayumi Suzuki's "The Restoration Will"


  • 3: Chloe Jafe's "I Give You My Life, Okinawa Mon Amour"
  • 10: Linda Simpson's "Drag Explosion"
  • 17: David Rothenberg's "Landing Lights Park, Roosevelt Station"
  • 24: Nancy Baron's "Palm Springs Modern Dogs at Home"
  • 31: Haley Morris-Cafiero's "The Waiting Game, Bully Pulpit"


  • 7: Don Weber's "Interrogations, War Sand"
  • 14: Pixy Liao's "Experimental Relationship Vol 1"
  • 21: Jeff Mermelstein's "#nyc, Hardened"
  • 28: Stacy Mehrfar's "The Moon Belongs to Everyone"


  • 5: Deanna Dikeman's "Waving Goodbye"
  • 12: Nick Waplington, “Comprehensive”