Special Masters Program (SMP) in Biological Sciences

Research posters.


Flexible curriculum and timeline, finish in as little as nine-months


Experimental or Literature options across UB campuses

Program Features

Faculty mentoring, MCAT Test Prep, and Professional Development

Application Information

Rolling Admissions: Enter in Fall or Spring semester

The Special Masters Program (SMP) provides advanced graduate training that can be tailored based on a applicant's interest in a specific subject area. With a flexible curriculum and timeline, the SMP is designed for applicants planning professional careers in health care, seeking research experiences, or exploring career options across a variety of disciplines. Applicants who complete the SMP will receive a Master of Arts degree in Biological Sciences.

Rolling Admissions

Application deadlines
-July 31 for Fall entry.
-December 31 for Spring entry.

Time to Completion

Complete your degree in as little as nine-months, or plan a schedule that fits your timetable.

Tuition and Fees in 2024

  • In-State:  $600 per credit, or $7,194 per semester, FT.
  • Out-of-State:  $1,140 per credit or $13,669 per semester, FT.

Program Highlights

  • Flexible course selection: For your degree, choose from among over one-hundred relevant courses offered across the University, including the Department of Biological Sciences, the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the School of Dental Medicine, and the School of Public Health and Health Professions.
  • Diverse research opportunities: Conduct a research project with faculty in our department, or choose a research advisor in other departments across the university. All students must complete a research project, and students can choose whether this project is experimental, data analysis based, or centered on reviewing literature.
  • Choose your speed: Complete the program on an accelerated track in two semesters, or go slower to focus on other activities such as employment, clinical activities, or test prep. Students are not required to be enrolled full time and may pursue their degree studies at their own pace.
  • Strong mentorship: All students are paired with a faculty Academic Advisor, and join a diverse and highly collaborative community of scholars. Students frequently form study groups and build long-lasting relationships that continue after graduation.

Over the last six years, 85% of our medical-intending graduates have been successful in gaining admission to MD and DO programs and over 90% of dental-intending graduates have been successful in gaining admission to DDS programs. Many of our graduates have also been accepted into PhD, PA, DVM, and other terminal degree programs, and found employment in research, teaching, law, and business.

09133 Biological Science Lab.


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