Student Research

Research is a critical component of evidence-based practice. Gain hands-on experience learning about the sciences of our field by working in a research lab.

Student in front of a computer reviewing sound waves.

Get Involved!

Our research labs often include student research assistants at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students include those from CDS, as well as other UB Departments, including Psychology, Linguistics, and Computer Science. 

Students often present their work at local, regional, and national conferences, including the Annual ASHA Convention and the American Academy of Audiology.

Students seeking to gain research experience are encouraged to read about the different laboratories in the CDS department, and email the Director of the research lab they are interested in to learn more.

Student Research Presentations

Sarah presenting a poster.
Thea presenting a poster.

Sarah (left) and Thea (right) presenting posters at the Audiology conference in 2022.

Jordan Belanger.

Jordan Belanger, fourth-year AuD student, presented a research poster at Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Conference. The poster is titled "Importance of Implementing a Hearing and Speech Screening Protocol in Preschools". She is completing her externship at the Marion Downs' Center in Denver, CO and is participating in a LEND program.

Read her research poster.

UB's Project Portal

Start a project to build skills and gain real-world experience for your career. The Experiential Learning Network's Project Portal is the easiest place to get started! Once you start a project, you can also pursue an ELN Digital Badge to display your accomplishments to future employers and graduate schools. 

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