BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences

The BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences provides foundational coursework in normal and disordered speech, language, and hearing, providing the necessary pre-requisites for pursuing graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology, as well as doctoral study in Communication Sciences and Disorders and related fields (e.g., psychology, linguistics, public health, education). 

Degree Requirements

The BA in Speech and Hearing Science requires a total of 31 credit hours. Please see the full curriculum plan for more details.

BA Core Requirements

  • CDS 151: Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  • CDS 286: Phonetics
  • CDS 301: Language Development in Children
  • CDS 387: Psychoacoustic Science
  • CDS 388: Anatomy & Physiology of Speech Mechanism
  • CDS 389: General and Speech Acoustics
  • CDS 390: Audiology: Diagnosis and Management
  • CDS 444: Phonological Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

These courses require senior standing and are only open to declared majors.

  • CDS 480: Clinical Observation and Participation
  • CDS 482: Diagnostics in Communicative Disorders
  • CDS 484: Aural Rehabilitation

Residency Requirement

Of the 31 credits of departmental courses (above), a minimum of 20 credits must be completed at UB.

Departmental Electives

  • CDS 402: Language Disorders in Children
  • CDS 428: Neural Basis of Communication
  • CDS 449: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity
  • CDS 450: Communication in Aging Adults
  • CDS 485: Speech Pathology in the Schools
  • CDS 491: Special Topics (rotating, for example Evidence-Based Practice)
  • CDS 496: Undergraduate Internship
  • CDS 497: Departmental Honors Thesis or Project
  • CDS 498: Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity
  • CDS 499: Independent Study

GPA Requirement

To graduate you must have earned an overall GPA of 2.5 in CDS courses.

  • CDS courses with a grade of less than C- will not be acceptable for the departmental average requirement and must be retaken for a grade of C- or better.
  • You are not allowed to elect S/U grading in CDS courses. 


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