Alumni-Supported Awards and Fellowships

The following fellowships for undergraduate and graduate Chemistry students are supported through the generosity of our alumni, for which we are grateful.

Chemistry Alumni Award
The Chemistry Alumni Award honors the top Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Majors of senior status for academic excellence, based on cumulative rank, and is presented by the Department of Chemistry faculty at the annual Undergraduate Awards Ceremony. This award, consisting of a monetary gift and certificate, has been presented to one or more students each year since 2000.

Past Alumni Award Recipients

  • 2018: Roshaan Surendhran, Ariel Burgio, Daniel Szczepankiewicz, Leah Novo, Andrew Stewart, Alexander D’Arpino, Christina White, Emily Chou, Jackson Hernandez, Elisabeth Good, Ana L. Raffaini, Duarte Martins
  • 2017: Gregory George, Gregory E. Sokolow, Eugene Doyle III, Alejandro Falca, Megah Corcoran, Aidan Coon, Kwang Chung, Luke Wilczek, Mohamad Azzam, Bradley Schurr, Maoj Awad
  • 2016: Alexandra Van Hall, Hani Shayya, Corey Hollister, Patricia Johnson, Wen Jie Aw, Shukree Abdul-Rashed, Alan King, Jinwook Lee, Stephen Hintermeier, Amanda Lewis, Ying San Leung, Yuhan Lin, Damian Peterson, Steven Kahn, Jennifer Empey, Andy Lin, Wei Lin
  • 2015: Jeffrey P. Aldinger, Dalton R. Bisson, Matthew R. Crawley, Alexandra M. Curtis, Andrew M. Ellison, Christian Matthews, Shaunna M. McLeod, Cody B. Racha, Dylan G. Racha, Christopher J. Reinhardt, Megan Schmit, Shohini Sen, Bryna Torre, Lauren E. VanGelder, Yi Zhang
  • 2014: Marshall T. Mahon, Patrick T. Saitta, Jeansol V. Kang, Joseph Pechette, Tyler K. Harasta, Christina E. Wong, Jiechen Chen, Robert Davis, Daniel Rotshteyn, Sean Valente, Megan J. Ross
  • 2013: Victor A. Beaumont, Courtney E. Szyjka, Junhong Choi, Jeffrey C. Marvin, Rachel Demayo, David Kennedy, Vincent Mark, Lucas Smith, Christopher P. Kabb, Yanhui Wang, Kathleen L. Howe, Marat Mitelman, Eleanor K. Sokolow, Leah E. Baum, Katelyn A. Dennick, Steven M. Henderson, Rachel Petteys, Elizabeth W-Y Zhong
  • 2012: Nicole E. Kendel, Timothy J. Kuchera, Shuan-han Chen, Jasmine May, Greggory Martinez, Karen DeWispelaere, Ryan S. McGhee, Kimberly Gergelis, David J. Kennedy, Luke A. Fusco, Thomas K. Ricci, Taylor A. Phelps, Syafiq Abd Wahab, Alex M. Goodnough 
  • 2011: Derek M. Peloquin, Brian J. Payne, Yoo Ran Ki, Joonyeob Lee, Jenny Marie Wong, Jacob J. Steffen, Andrew J. Wroblewski, Peiwen Chen, Eugene Thalmann, Matthew R. Belair, Yoon Jung Cha, Laura R. Barres
  • 2010: Kristen M. Baroudi, Lauren L. Valtin, Matthew G. Frith, Elizabeth A. Cappadonia, Arthur W. Fyles, Patrick T. Beyer, Christopher C. Milleville, Guangyuan E, Alisa A. Vitkus, Jennifer L. Rodgers, Katie E. Farley, Stacia R. Wegst, Amanda L. Hayward, Jesse D. Sokolow, Alexander M. Strait, Thomas P. Smith, Daniel Saada, Jungmin Han, John J. Kapitany
  • 2009: Gregory Morrison, Brenda S. Basile, Lok Yin Ho, Sabrina L. Peczonczyk, Yekaterina V. Merkulova, Mary E. Veith, Shane R. Marcheson, Justin M. Reynard, Wen Jing Hu, Aaron P. Walsh, Weng Siong Tham
  • 2008: Thao Phuong Vo, Benjamin A. Silverman, Hong Pyo Lee, David J. Goldberger, Susan L. Dial, David A. Marsh, Meilan Wu, Farah E. Khorassani, Kaitlin A. Bailey, Alon Eliyahu, Dean M. Wieczorek, Betty Ng, Christine A. Finnegan, Alexander M. Strait, Elizabeth A. Cappadonia, Annmarie E. Argiros, Christopher C. Milleville, Meili M. Carpenter, Sabrina L. Peczonczyk, Daniel N. Saada 
  • 2007: Chia-Ching Wu, Joseph Morgan, Joel Urena, Jonas R. Locke, Yuta Suzuki, Kevin Cheng, Stacy Grant Morris, Eun Hae Park, Marc J. Siebert, Jason E. Arpag, Janice H. J. Lee, Vincent Lee, Sondra E. Hinman, Austin Leong, Ching Yee Chan 
  • 2006: David J. Goldberger, Courtney S. Halsdorf, Jonas R. Locke, David A. Marsh, Yuta Suzuki, Joel Urena, Chia-Ching Wu
  • 2005: Rachel J. Davis, Kelly D. Harris, Austin Leong, Jessica K. Murphy, Yevgeniya Naginskaya, Christopher R. Netter, Matthew E. Pragel  
  • 2004: Maryann T. Clune, Donald E. Gullickson 
  • 2003: Amy L. Wojciechowski, Todd M. Doran 
  • 2002: Brooks R. Bohall 
  • 2001: Brian N. Tse 
  • 2000: Tammy M. Milillo 

Kapoor Fellowship
The Kapoor Fellowship is given to advanced Medicinal Chemistry PhD students of outstanding scholarship and character. Dr. John Kapoor has established this generous fellowship to foster medicinal chemistry research.

Past Kapoor Recipients

  • 2013: Svetlana Kholodar
  • 2012: Jonathan French
  • 2011: Reyna Lim
  • 2010: Brandon Calitree

Edward J. Kikta Jr. Fellowship

Edward J. Kikta, Jr. received his Bachelor’s and Ph.D. in Chemistry at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He received his Ph.D. from UB after studying analytical chemistry with an emphasis in chromatography from 1972-1976.

Dr. Kikta served as a teaching assistant at UB from 1972 to 1975. He also served as a research assistant from 1975-1976. In 1976 he joined the FMC Corp. where he was a research scientist/chemist in Middleport, NY. Dr. Kikta was steadily promoted at FMC, holding positions of senior research chemist and research associate until 1981. In 1981, he was appointed manager of the ACG Analytical Sciences at FMC. Today he is a research fellow and competency leader for the analytical and sciences group of FMC Agricultural Products Group in Princeton, NJ.

Dr. Kikta has authored 30 publications to date. He has received numerous honors including the Award for Achievement in Chromatography from the Western New York Section of the ACS and the Niagara Frontier Society for Applied Spectroscopy, and the NECDG Distinguished Chromatographer Award. He was also a former President of the North East Regional Chromatography Discussion Group and three-time Chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials Committee E-19 on Chromatography. Dr. Kikta was also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Testing and Evaluation. He has been listed in Who’s Who in the East and Technology Today. He also serves as a charter member of the Dean’s Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences at UB.

This fellowship is for one year and will provide one or more incoming graduate students in Chemistry add-on support to their assistantship. The recipients are selected by the members of the Graduate Admissions Committee.

Past Kikta Recipients

  • 2018: Ameya Burde, Nuwanthi Suwandaratne
  • 2017: Steele Burgeson, Eric Jensen, Thomas Sobiech
  • 2016: Zackary Gregg, Vincent Pastore, Elizabeth Shaw
  • 2015: Matthew Crawley
  • 2014: Crystal Collado, Nita Chavez
  • 2013: Christopher Bond
  • 2012: Theodore Alivio, Jordan Cox, Liuyin Jiang, Samuel Ziebel
  • 2011: Jossana Damasco, Chi Man Ng
  • 2010: Matthew Bedics, Ryan Fenyves
  • 2009: Chelsie Bartoszek
  • 2008: Mark Kline, Meghan Kern, Michael Bovino
  • 2007: Chad Rezsnyak
  • 2005: Glen Labenski

Peter T. Lansbury Chemistry Award
Joseph P. Vacca, PhD 1983, received the Merck Director’s Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the discovery of Crixivan, an HIV protease inhibitor. Dr. Vacca selected the University at Buffalo as recipient of the Merck prize because of the important role UB played in his career. To honor his former PhD mentor, Dr. Peter T. Lansbury, Professor Emeritus, Dr. Vacca created the Peter T. Lansbury Chemistry Award in 1999. This award is given periodically to a deserving undergraduate chemistry major, preferably in his/her junior year. The funds may be used to carry out summer research with a UB faculty member.

Past Lansbury Recipients

  • 2018: Philip Lindhorst
  • 2017: Bao Sciscent
  • 2016: Gregory Sokolow
  • 2015: Sitora Khodjaniyazova
  • 2014: Christopher Reinhardt
  • 2012: Christopher Kabb
  • 2009: Elizabeth Cappadonia, Daniel Saada 
  • 2006: Justin Howard
  • 2003: Caitlin Hubbard
  • 2002: Amy Wojciechowski
  • 2001: Jordan Markham
  • 2000: David Hilmey
  • 1999: Anand Vaidya

Sol J. Lederman Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Sol J. Lederman Research Fellows will be selected by the Department of Chemistry’s Undergraduate Committee based on applications submitted by interested students. The committee will award the fellowship(s) to students who: (1) show special promise as a researcher, (2) have a commitment from a mentor to provide matching funds in support of a stipend, supplies, etc, and (3) have high promise of generating publishable results. At the end of the fellowship period, Sol J. Lederman Research Fellows must submit a short report (3-5 page) summarizing their research activity and results.

Past Lederman Recipients

  • 2018: Javier Trifundio
  • 2017: Ariel Burgio
  • 2016: Bradey Schurr
  • 2015: Shawn Dormann
  • 2014: Shaunna M. McLeod
  • 2012: Victor A. Beaumont
  • 2010: Jacob J. Steffen
  • 2009: Matthew G. Frith
  • 2008: Crystal M. Lewandowski

Silbert Fellowship
Established by Doris and Joseph Silbert in memorial to their brother Samuel Silbert to provide a fellowship award to a University at Buffalo graduate student with preference given to students from Western New York meeting the qualifications of outstanding scholarship and character and having financial need.

Past Silbert Recipients

  • 2019: Matthew Crawley, Karthika Kadassery
  • 2018: Anjula Kosswattaarachchi
  • 2017: Eryn Matich
  • 2016: Saurabh Chauhan, Jordan Cox
  • 2015: Joel Destino, Joshua Wallace
  • 2014: Lijuan Su
  • 2013: Timothy Liwosz
  • 2012: Joe Clark
  • 2011: Merced Malabana (Spring 2012), Kacie Mulhern
  • 2010: Jared Baker
  • 2009: Imee Del Mundo
  • 2008: Peter Fuller
  • 2007: Dominic Ventura
  • 2006: Brandon Galan
  • 2005: Amol Kulkarni
  • 2003: Derrik Helfer, Chase Munson
  • 2000: Olga Iranzo
  • 1999: Jeff Winiarz
  • 1998: Gary Baker
  • 1996L Daniel Epstein, Christine Ingersoll, Maria Toteva
  • 1995: Robert Bolotovsky, Yong Guo
  • 1994: Upvan Narang, Witold Paw, David Voss
  • 1993: Run Wang
  • 1992: James LaClair, Lisa Szczepura
  • 1991: Stephen Kubow
  • 1990: Kevin Litwiler
  • 1989: Yueqian Zhen
  • 1988: William Feighery, Mintang Zhao
  • 1987: Kevin Litwiler, Sally Ann Smesko
  • 1986: Yan Gao
  • 1985: Brian Rappali
  • 1984: J.G. Pazik
  • 1983 W. Go
  • 1982: Wayne Rees
  • 1981: Michael J. Page
  • 1980: Donald White
  • 1979: Randall Simmons
  • 1978: David Pautler
  • 1977: Todd Broockhart
  • 1976: Claire Tessier
  • 1975: Robert Kobos
  • 1974: Mark Philip Mack
  • 1973: Thomas Riedhammer
  • 1972: Andrew Komornicki
  • 1971: Graham Smith
  • 1970: Steven Cadle
  • 1969: Kee-chuan Pan
  • 1968: Franklin Hilfiker

Jere Solo Interdisciplinary Award in Chemistry
The Solo Fellowship was established in 2001 by Dr. and Mrs. John N. Kapoor in honor of Dr. Kapoor’s PhD Mentor, Professor Jere Solo. The award consists of a generous fellowship for graduate students studying medicinal chemistry.

Past Solo Recipients

  • 2012: Patrick Burns, Michelle Linder, Jeremiah Karanja, Elizabeth Mullin, Tyson Terpstra
  • 2010: Mark Kryman
  • 2006: Olga Aminova
  • 2004: Amber Helsel
  • 2002: Vincent Dunlap, Thomas Zabawa
  • 2001: Lee Snyder

Speyer Fellowship
The Speyer Fellowship is new for 2013. This fellowship was made possible through the generosity of Dr. Thomas and Judith Mich and is intended for exceptional doctoral students who have successfully passed both their research synopsis and research proposal requirements in the Department of Chemistry, who show developing independence and have met the qualifications of outstanding scholar and character. The Speyer Fellowship gives a generous stipend and a tuition scholarship.

Past Speyer Fellowship Recipients

  • 2019: Emily Sekera
  • 2018: Laura Parisi
  • 2017: Corey Damon
  • 2016: Patrick Burns, Michelle Linder
  • 2015: Archie Reyes
  • 2014: Mark Kryman
  • 2013: Justin Griffiths

Past Speyer Award Recipients

  • Fall 2013: Joe Clark, Edgars Jecs, J. Cody Vinci
  • Spring 2012: David Lonie, Brian Schultz
  • Fall 2010: Melissa Lee, Monissa Paderes, Mark Rudolph

Ralph F. Theuer Scholarship Award
The family of Ralph F. Theuer, University at Buffalo alumnus, BA Chemistry 1946 and EdM. Science Education 1950, in order to further science education, established the Ralph F. Theuer Endowment Fund in 1994. This award is presented annually to one or more outstanding students pursuing a degree in Chemistry or a graduate degree in Science Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Awardees are selected by the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Affairs Committee, and students selected are presented their scholarship and certificate at the Department of Chemistry annual awards ceremony.

Past Theuer Recipients

  • 2018: Stephen Carro, Ali Hussain, Ronald Jerozal, Zuiru Lin, Philip Lindhorst, Anxhela Nezha, Thomas Victor, Daoyang Zhang
  • 2017: Alexander D’Arpino, Andrew Stewart, Ariel Burgio, Christina White, Daniel Szczepankiewicz, Elisabeth Good, Nicoline Frederiks, Ana L. Raffaini, Duarte Martins, Huixi Li, Roshaan Surendhran
  • 2016: Maoj Awad, Megan Corcoran, Eugene Doyle III, Alejandro Falca, Gregory George, Bradley Schurr, Gregory Sokolow
  • 2015: Wen Jie Aw, Enzo C. Benfanti, Megan C. Corcoran, Alejandro Falca, Laura P. Favreau, Stephen Hintermeier, Joke O. Itabiyi, Patricia N. Johnson, Ying San Leung, Amanda Lewis, Yuhan Lin, Hani J. Shayya, Gregory E. Sokolow, Alexandra K. Van Hall
  • 2012: Victor A. Beaumont, Alexandra M. Curtis, Zachary Himmelsbach, Rachel DeMayo, Tyler K. Harasta, Jeffrey C. Marvin, Lucas Smith, Yanhui Wang, Courtney E. Szyjka 
  • 2011: Shuan-han Chen, Timothy J. Kuchera, Jasmine L. May, Greggory J. Martinez, Ryan S. McGhee, Luke A. Fusco, Kimberly Gergelis, Alex M. Goodnough 
  • 2010: Nicole E. Kendel, Derek M. Peloquin, Karen C. DeWispelaere, Alex C. Sunshine 
  • 2009: Patrick T. Beyer, Katie E. Farley, Matthew G. Frith, Jung M. Han, John J. Kapitany, Jamie L. Mancuso, Alex C. Sunshine, Alisa A. Vitkus
  • 2008: Peiwen Chen, Matthew L. Kilbridge, Gregory Morrison, Kristen M. Baroudi, Lauren L. Valtin, Thomas P. Smith, Arthur M. Fyles 
  • 2007: Chinaza Egbuta, Farah E. Khorassani, Hong Pyo Lee, Sabrina L. Peczonczyk, Thao Phuong Vo 
  • 2006: Kaitlin A. Bailey, Kevin Cheng, Rachel J. Davis, Wing H. Liu, Marc J. Siebert, Benjamin A. Silverman 
  • 2005: Olivia J. Barrett, Carrie M. Moldovan, Stephen L. Slocum, Stefan Vujcic 
  • 2004: Todd M. Doran, Nicholas J. Falco, Dara L. Farber, Austin Leong, Brenna E. McJury, Erin M. Parsons 
  • 2003: Jochebed J. Pun

William E. Townsend Scholarship Award
Mr. William E. Townsend, UB Class of 1950 with a BA degree in Chemistry, in order to recognize worthy students at his alma mater, established the William E. Townsend Scholarship Fund in 1992. This award is presented annually to one or more freshman chemistry majors, preferably from the Western New York area, with demonstrated financial need and possession of good personal characteristics in terms of attitude, personality, citizenship and leadership. Recipients are selected by the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Affairs Committee. The award may be presented to each awardee for up to four consecutive years, provided they remain a chemistry major in good standing with the University.

Past Townsend Recipients

  • 2018: Devin Angevine, Jacquekia Jefferson, Riley McFarland, Jingpeng Xu, Stephen Carro, Catherine Carter, Sasheena Harding, Ali Hussain, Zuiru Lin, Marina Kaczmarek, Joyce Lu
  • 2017: Ali Hussain, Catherine Carter, Devin Angevine, Beverly DiCorso, Jacquekia Jefferson, Alexander Puccio, Jingpeng Xu, Zuiru Lin, Riley McFarland, Sasheena Harding, Stephen Carro
  • 2016: Corey Hollister, Sitora Khodjaniyazova, Christina Perotti, Alexander Puccio, Hani Shayya, Alexandra K. Van Hall, Jingpeng Xu, Beverly DiCorso, Zuiru Lin
  • 2015: Jeffrey P. Aldinger, Matthew R. Crawley, Anne Fortman, Corey Hollister, Sitora Khodjaniyazova, Shaunna M. McLeod, Christina Perotti, Alexander Puccio, Dylan G. Racha, Christopher J. Reinhardt, Christopher D. Roy, Hani J. Shayya, Bryna Torre, Alexandra K. Van Hall, Jingpeng Xu
  • 2014: Shaunna M. McLeod, Jeffrey P. Aldinger, Bryna Torre, Christopher J. Reinhardt, Matthew R. Crawley, Dylan G. Racha Sr., Christopher D. Roy, Alexander Puccio, Sitora Khodjaniyazova, Christina Perotti, Hani J. Shayya, Alexandra K. Van Hall
  • 2013: Victor A. Beaumont, Matthew R. Crawley, Dylan G. Racha Sr., Christopher D. Roy, Alexander Puccio, Jiawei Zhu
  • 2009: Yekaterina V. Merkulova, Gregory Morrison, Marissa C. Bartels, Anthony J. Chipre, Steven A. Leonard, Adrienne C. Kimak, John R. Spaulding, Alex C. Sunshine, Sarah Bak, Geoffrey Gallson, Thomas R. Siudzinski, Christine Robertson
  • 2008: Amanda C. Charles, Kevin M. Cook, Yekaterina V. Merkulova, Gregory Morrison, Marissa C. Bartels, Anthony J. Chipre, Steven Leonard, Adrienne C. Kimak, John R. Spaulding, Alex C. Sunshine 
  • 2007: Shana J. Sessler, Dean M. Wieczorek, Amanda C. Charles, Kevin M. Cook, Yekaterina V. Merkulova, Gregory Morrison, Marissa C. Bartels, Anthony J. Chipre, Steven Leonard 
  • 2006: Michael J. Rizzo, Shana J. Sessler, Dean M. Wieczorek, Amanda C. Charles, Kevin M. Cook, Yekaterina V. Merkulova, Gregory Morrison
  • 2005: Patrick W. Schneider, Michael J. Rizzo, Shana J. Sessler, Dean M. Wieczorek, Amanda C. Charles, Kevin M. Cook 
  • 2004: William A. Cox, Patrick W. Schneider, Michael J. Rizzo, Shana J. Sessler, Dean M. Wieczorek 
  • 2003: Vicki Stamatikos, William A. Cox, Patrick W. Schneider, Michael J. Rizzo
  • 2002: Brian G. Rada, Vicki Stamatikos, William A. Cox, Patrick W. Schneider 
  • 2001: Brian G. Rada, Vicki Stamatikos, William A. Cox
  • 2000: Brian G. Rada, Vicki Stamatikos  
  • 1999: Brian G. Rada