Graduate Student News

Emily Sekera.

Emily Sekera, Prof. Wood’s Group

Research Highlight

My research in the Wood lab focuses on the utilization of high resolution mass spectrometry to investigate small molecules in their roles in disease states. Although the majority of my work focuses in metabolomics, investigating stercobilin as a putative biomarker for autism, I have recently started work in the fields of lipidomics and proteomics.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because of the endless opportunities to grow both professionally and socially. I am also fortunate to work for an advisor who is not only an extremely skilled mass spectrometrist, but also tremendously generous in sharing his knowledge to help me to further develop as an analytical chemist.

Outside of lab I enjoy playing video games with friends as well as taking advantage of our region's multitude of wineries. I also enjoy spending time with my cat, Tesla.

Cory Hauke.

Cory Hauke, PhD 2018 Prof. Cook’s Group

Research highlight

My research focuses on the fundamental photophysics of multi-chromophore systems attained using coordination-driven self-assembly, focusing on transition metal chromophores as structural elements of the assembly. By using these supramolecular metallocycles and cages, we can manipulate photophysical properties

by the introduction of multiple, communicative excited states as well as changing both radiative and non-radiative rate constants.

I think the biggest asset the UB chemistry department has is the cooperative atmosphere amongst both the faculty and the students. The support and collaboration within the department helps all of us raise our science to another level.

I love watching soccer, both at home or at Mès Que on Hertel Ave. Otherwise, I enjoy gaming and just driving around to see parts of the region, like Ellicottville or Lewiston.

Nasi Li.

Nasi Li, Prof. Atilla’s Group

Research Highlight

My research is on the functional characterization of lipids during apoptosis. I am particularly interested in how lipid droplet and its lipid components, such as triacylglycerols, are involved in this process.

As a graduate student, I enjoy the collaborative research opportunities and cutting-edge instrumentations here at UB. Also, I appreciate the helpful and insightful guidance from my PI, Dr. Atilla and other faculty members in our department.

Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking and exploring different food and places with my husband.

Anthony Cannella.

Anthony Cannella, Prof. Lacy’s Group

Research Highlight

My research focuses on the synthesis and reactivity of novel organometallic and inorganic compounds with manganese metal centers.

I enjoy being a graduate student at UB because the grad students and professors here are supportive and friendly, which creates a community that I feel fortunate to be a part of.

Outside of the lab I enjoy trying the many restaurants, food trucks, and festivals that Buffalo has to offer.