Recent PhD Graduates

Summer 2018

Altay, Esra-Chemistry PhD-Synthesis of star and network architectures from reactive molecular bottlebrushes

Borges-Munoz, Amaris Carina-Chemistry PhD-Development and evaluation of new stationary phases for liquid and supercritical fluid chromatography and their use in bio-analytical separations

He, Ping-Chemistry PhD-Development of mass spectrometry based methods and sample preparation strategies for the analysis of pesticides, hormones, metals, and biomarkers of endocrine disruption in the environment

Hurst, Jerod Jonathan-Chemistry PhD-Comprehensive evaluation of dairy manure management strategies for the removal of antimicrobials and the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes

Lewandowski-Baird, Tracey Marie-Medicinal Chemistry PhD-Bioorthogonal chemistry for protein labeling in live cells

Linder, Michelle Kay-Medicinal Chemistry PhD-Biological assessment of thioamide and amide-containing chalcogenorhodamine dyes as photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of cancer, extracorporeal photopheresis, and graft vs. host disease, and synthesis and evaluation of oligothiophene-containing chalcogenorhodamine dyes for biological and photochemical applications

Lizardo, Darleny Yosmil-Medicinal Chemistry PhD-Involvement of lipids in cellular senescence

Marchenko, Alexander Victor-Chemistry PhD-Dynamical effects on nuclear magnetic resonance properties via quantum molecular dynamics and relativistic density functional theory

Matich, Eryn-Chemistry PhD-LC-MSbased metabolomics analysis to determine the effect that varying growth conditions have on the metabolites produced by microalgae

Miller, Daniel Patrick-Chemistry PhD-Interactions at the surface-adsorbate interface: an outlook through computational work

Avery, Patrick Stuart-Chemistry PhD Open source software for the prediction of crystal structures and the analysis of their properties

Bateman, Gage-Chemistry PhD-Advances in dynamic in situ single crystal x-ray diffraction to understand the structural dynamics in flexible metal-organic frameworks and develop insight into crystal engineering

Chavez Soria, Nita Gabriela-Chemistry PhD-Understanding the effects of engineered nanomaterials on mammalian cells and plants using mass spectrometry- based approaches

Collado, Crystal Maria-Chemistry PhD-Creating unique chemistries within porous silicon platforms and piezoelectric inkjet printed glucose biosensor based on protein and luminophore doped hybrid xerogels

Fall 2018

Bruce-Vanderpuije, Pennante Naa Ayikailey-Chemistry PhD-Investigations into the state of pops in Ghana, and human biomonitoring of dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (dlPCBs), polychlorinated, polybrominated and mixed halogenated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs, PBDD/Fs, and PXDD/ Fs) in vulnerable Ghanaian populations

Connor, Alan Lee-Chemistry PhD-Determining conformational preferences of shape-persistent aromatic oligoamides and folding of aromatic oligoureas with ion-pair associations

Detchou, Cadnel Sylvestre Finagnon -Medicinal Chemistry PhD-Quadruplex DNA binders based on aromatic tetraurea macrocycles

Elsenbeck Jr, Dennis Wayne-Chemistry PhD-Exploring the versatile role of doubly resonant sum frequency spectroscopy in molecular characterization of self assembled and solid interfaces

Hauke, Cory Edward-Chemistry PhD-Phosphorescent chromophores as Structural tectons for coordination-driven self-assembly leading to emergent photophysical properties

Khoder, Zainab Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud-Medicinal Chemistry PhD-Copper-catalyzed synthesis of heterocyclic rings via alkene difunctionalization

Nitsch Velasquez, Lucia-Chemistry PhDThree plants from the tropical rainforest as potential antimicrobial adjuvants

Ray, Sneha-Chemistry PhD-Mechanistic insights into the catalytic mechanism and inhibition of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase

Um, Chanchamnan-Chemistry PhD-Copper- catalyzed synthesis of saturated oxygen and nitrogen heterocycles by alkene difunctionalization

Spring 2019

Duignan, Thomas J-Chemistry PhD-Analysis of f element compound bonding and properties through localized orbital descriptions by density functional theory and relativistic multi-configurational wave function theory

Jiang, Liuyin-Chemistry PhD-Molecular bottlebrushes with controlled architectures: synthesis and self-assembly

Kosswattaarachchi, Madushani Anjula-Chemistry PhD-Developing novel charge-carriers for high-energy density aqueous and non-aqueous redox flow batteries

Matthews, Samantha-Chemistry PhD-Porous silicon analyte-dependent photoluminescence response impacted by nanocrystal size and local environment, and investigating laser illumination and chemical vapor effects on singleand few-layer WS2

Plakas, Konstantinos-Medicinal Chemistry PhD-On the synthesis of novel dyes for biomedical imaging using surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy

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