Graduate Student Research Highlights

Graduate researcher, Grace Guardian.

Grace Guardian, Prof. Aga's Group

My research focuses on the development of mass spectrometry based analytical methods that can facilitate identification, structural elucidation and trace quantification of micropollutants in environmental samples.

I enjoy being a graduate student because it allows me to do an in-depth research on environmental issues that I am passionate about. I also enjoy the flexibility to work on various analytical problems and the opportunity to collaborate with scientists in different fields.   

Outside of the lab, I enjoy traveling and outdoor activities as well as watching plays and musicals.

Prof. Alec Millner.

Alec Millner, Prof. Atilla’s Group

My research focuses on elucidating lipid involvement in cellular senescence. An improved understanding of lipid function has the potential to introduce druggable lipid-related protein targets, paving the way for new therapeutic strategies.

I enjoy being part of a diverse and friendly department along with the many collaborative research opportunities. I also feel fortunate to have an advisor who is knowledgeable in both mass spectrometry and cell biology and has really helped me become a better chemist and writer.

Outside of lab, I enjoy music, watching sports and trying some of the many restaurants and breweries Buffalo has to offer.

Prof., Didar Asik.

Didar Asik, Prof. Morrow’s Group

My research focuses on designing, synthesizing and the characterization of Fe(III) macrocyclic complexes as T1 MRI contrast agents. I utilize NMR and MRI methods for characterization of complexes in vitro and in mice.

I appreciate being a graduate student at UB because it has improved me, not only scientifically but also personally and made me a more confident and independent researcher.

The reasons that I like my research are being part of a diverse and respectful team as well as collaboration opportunities with my colleagues and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center.

I have always enjoyed working and learning new analytical techniques in the Chemistry Instrumentation Center that has been a very friendly and supportive environment.

Additionally, working as a teaching assistant for General Chemistry courses was one my most favorite experiences at UB. I have realized how much I like to teach and help students. I learned from my students more than they did from me.

I will always be proud of being part of this inclusive, supportive and caring UB chemistry community!

Outside of the lab, I like to spend my time with my friends and family, walking and cycling in the parks, reading novels under a tree and listening to music 24/7 (If I don’t listen, I sing.)

Prof. Micah Raab.

Micah Raab, Prof. Prasad’s Group

My current research involves creating core/shell nanoparticle architectures and enhancing the visible and NIR emission for in vivo imaging and sensing.

The unique opportunity for novel cutting-edge research in UB's Chemistry Department is both exciting and fulfilling.

I enjoy hiking with my wife and son, playing competitive sports, and reading nonfiction.