Handley-Cousins Wins Book Prize


Handley-Cousins Wins Book Prize

Published April 6, 2021

Associate Director of the Center for Disability Studies Sarah Handley-Cousins's book, Bodies in Blue: Disability in the Civil War North, was awarded the Outstanding Book Award from the Disability History Association for 2020. Prize committee members wrote:

“Handley-Cousin’s book painstakingly analyzes… a wide variety of disabilities and impairments drawn from across the historical record of the Civil War and its aftermath." 

Bodies of Blue broadens and deepens the historical study of Americans with disabilities, thereby simultaneously expanding both American History and Disability History.”

“Well-written and carefully worded, Bodies in Blue demonstrates historical research and writing at its best.”

“Handley-Cousins’s work is written with sensitivity and detail that will interest the general public and academics alike.”