The Center for Disability Studies has hosted many events and activities over the years. If you would like details on any of our past events, please contact Director Michael Rembis


April 11, 2018: UB CDS hosts One-Day Conference "Disability and Higher Education."
March 2, 2018: UB CDS hosts Prof. Eunjung Kim, Syracuse University, "Curative Violence: How to Inhabit the Time Machine with Disability."


November 17, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Wei Yu "Wayne" Tan, Hope College, "Japan's Hidden 19th Century: Disability Perspectives on the Ordinary (and Extraordinary) Lives of Blind Women."
November 9, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts Prof. Beth Linker, University of Pennsylvania, "The Great War and Modern Veteran Care."
November 3, 2017: UB CDS Book launch, "(Dis)integration: Buffalo Poets, Writers, and Artists 2017."
October 26, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Akemi Nishida, University of Illinois, Chicago, "Re-thinking Interdependence: Creating Community-Based Care Collectives Among Disabled People and their Allies."
October 13, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts "DEEJ" at the Museum of disAbility History
April 28, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Allison Weiner Heinemann, Cornell University, "'I Have a Peaceful Place': Redefining Disability, Trauma, and Access in Law and Education."
April 13-May 12, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts "Ill at Ease," Conor Moynihan, UB Department of Art.
April 11, 2017: UB CDS hosts Graduate Fellow, Anna Wroblewska, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland.
February 25, 2017: UB CDS co-hosts writer, activist, speaker, poet, Eli Clare, "Brilliant Imperfection: Grappling with Cure."
February 16, 2017: UB CDS hosts Prof. Catherine Kudlick, "American Telethons, 1966-2016: Disabled People to the Rescue."


November 18, 2016: UB CDS hosts Brian Teare, professor and author of The Empty Form Goes All the Way to Heaven, for a poetry reading and discussion.
November 11, 2016: UB CDS hosts Prof. Jean N. Scandlyn, "Moving Toward a Holistic Approach to Active Duty and Veteran Reintegration."
October 13, 2016: UB CDS hosts Prof. Mike Gill, "Sexual Ableism and Intellectual Disability."
April 1, 2016: UB CDS hosts "Disability and the Arts" one-day conference at the UB Center for Tomorrow.
February 25, 2016: UB CDS hosts Laura Mauldin, Assistant Professor of Human Development/Family Studies and Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of Connecticut, "Made to Hear: Cochlear Implants and Raising Deaf Children"


December 1, 2015: UB CDS hosts Ally Day, Assistant Professor of Disability Studies, University of Toledo
November 20, 2015: UB CDS hosts Paul Lawrie, Assistant Professor of History, University of Winnipeg, "Defective by Definition: Race, Rehabilitation and the Making of the Body Politic in World War One America"
October 28, 2015: UB CDS Mia Mingus, "Disability Justice: Theory & Practice
October 21, 2015: UB CDS joins ADA celebracion
October 7, 2015: UB CDS hosts Sami Schalk, Assistant Professor of English, University at Albany (SUNY), "Historicizing the Metaphors: Disability and Representations of Slavery"
April 29-30, 2015: UB CDS hosts "Living in the Community: Changes and Continuing Challenges." A two-day Interdisciplinary Conference and ADA Legacy Tour Stop
April 11, 2015: UB CDS hosts a poetry reading and talk by Meg Day
March 4, 2015: UB CDS hosts Lezlie Frye, PhD candidate, New York University, "'Crack Babies' and the Making of Disability as Racial Damage"


November 14, 2014: UB CDS hosts Stephen R. Ortiz, Associate Professor of History, Binghamton University (SUNY), "From 'Over There' to 'Over Here': Tracing the Impact of World War I on American Society through its Veterans"
November 5, 2014: UB CDS hosts Osagie K. Obasogie, Professor of Law, University of California, Hastings, "Blinded By Sight: Seeing Race Through the Eyes of the Blind"
September 30, 2014: UB CDS hosts Julie Minich, Assistant Professor of English, UT, Austin, "Aztlan Unprotected: Reading Gil Cuadros in the Aftermath of a Pandemic"
April 25, 2014: UB CDS hosts interdisciplinary Writing Disabled Lives conference
April 24, 2014: Author Activist Harilyn Rousso provides keynote address at Writing Disabled Lives conference
March 25, 2014: Professors Miranda Terry and Michael Rembis speak at Sex, Gender, Health: Narrating Wellness
February 20-21, 2014: Kim E. Nielsen, professor of Disability Studies at the University of Toledo, "Disability History is Our History" at Museum of disABILITY History 


December 2, 2013: Prof. Robert McRuer presents "Cripistemology of the Crisis: Queerness and Disability in an Age of Austerity"
November 15, 2013: Prof. Frances Bernstein presents "Prosthetic Manhood in Late Stalinist Russia"
October 24, 2013: UBCDS co-sponsors "Disability and the Media: A Community Dialogue"
April 19, 2013: UBCDS hosts "Disability Studies in Education: An Interactive Discussion" on UB North campus
April 2, 2013: Profs. Rembis and Gerber, "AN ORAL HISTORY OF THE WEST SENECA DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER," A Civic Engagement Research Fellows Presentation
March 1, 2013: Professor Rembis to speak at Sex, Gender, Health: Interdisciplinary Perspectives symposium on UB South campus
February 20, 2013: UB Prof. Korydon Smith, "Southern Accents: Disability, Housing, and Identity in the Rural South (and North)," at the Museum of disABILITY History


December 20, 2012: UBCDS to host Society for Disability Studies Affiliated Scholar Program
December 7, 2012: Center for Disability Studies Fulbright Scholar Prof. Sandhya Limaye to speak on "Social Work Opportunities and Challenges to Disability Research in India.” 
November 30, 2012: Prof. Geoffrey Reaume speaks about the Psychiatric Survivor Archive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Hosted by the UB CDS and the Museum of disAbility History Amherst, New York
November 9, 2012: UBCDS hosts third annual Veterans Day event
October 24, 2012: Prof. Rembis speaks at 'A Walk Into History' on UB Health Sciences campus
October 17, 2012: Roundtable on Civil War Medicine
October 5, 2012: Alison Barkoff, “The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Supreme Court’s Olmstead Decision: Where are we today?”
August 2012: Universal Design Yoga - Matthew Sanford visits UB with, “Opening Yoga to Everyone"
July 18, 2012: Prof. Rembis lectures before 90 as part of UBThisSummer lecture series, “Exploring UB’s Engagement in Health and Wellness”
May 2012: Diversity in Disability Symposium at UB
April 27, 2012: UB Center for Disability Studies hosts “Disability and Citizenship” conference.
March 23, 2012: Professor Ellen Samuels presents, “Ranges of Motion: Disability, Biocertification, and the Parking Permit Paradox”
March 2, 2012: Professor Beth Tauke presents, “A Sens-ible Home”
February 1, 2012: Professor Edward Steinfeld presents, “Changing Paradigms from Accessibility to Universal Design”


November 11, 2011: Professor Martin Norden presents, “Disability, Gender, and Nationhood in Oliver Stone’s Born on the Fourth of July."
November 4, 2011: Professor Jim Downs presents, “Diagnosing Reconstruction: Disability and Dependent Freed Slaves in the Age of Emancipation.”
October 14, 2011: Professor Leslie J Reagan speaks on her new book, Dangerous Pregnancies
September 2011: UB CDS launches fall speakers series
April 22, 2011: Dr. Rachel Gorman to Give Talk on Affect
April 26, 2011: Visiting Professor to Give Talk on Disability in India 
March 29, 2011: Dr. Rembis speaks at WNY Fair Housing Month Proclamation Celebration
February 25, 2011: Course Offerings for M.A. Program 
New! Interdisciplinary Master's (MA) Concentration in Disability Studies
February 25, 2011: "Discovering Junius Wilson: Disability, Sources, Subjects, and Public History"
February 24, 2011: "Dis-remembered: Disability and Removal in U.S. History"
January 19, 2011: New Course Program Addresses Mental Illness A glimpse into a new disability studies program offered


December 2, 2010: Students Mad for Madness in America
November 12, 2010: UBCDS hosts screening of THE GROUND TRUTH (2006; director and producer, Patricia Foulkrod; Focus Features)
October 29, 2010: "Empire of Rights: The convergence of neoliberal governance, 'states of exception,' and the Disability Rights Movement"


December 7, 2009: Center for Disability Studies Names Inaugural Scholar
December 3, 2009: Disability Studies Scholar Named
July 31, 2009: UB College of Arts and Sciences Launches Center for Disability Studies 
July 30, 2009: CAS opens Center for Disability Studies

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