Sophie Nowicki


Sophie Nowicki.

Sophie Nowicki


Sophie Nowicki



Glaciology, ice-sheet modeling, climate modeling, sea level change


PhD, Theoretical Glaciology, University College London, 2007

Research Interests

My research interest lie in the broad field of ice sheet and sea level. I study how ice sheets interact with the global climate system and in particular affect sea level change, using a combination of applied mathematics, remote sensing observations and numerical modeling. The numerical models that I use span the spectrum of idealized models to large-scale continental ice sheet models. Key to my work are climate models, since they are key for providing forcing for ice sheet model, such as the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6).

Course Offerings

  • GLY 573: Introduction to Computational Earth Science
  • GLY465/565: Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GLY 499: Independent Study
  • GLY 633: Graduate Research
  • GLY 700: Thesis Guidance
  • EAS 560: Data Science Project

Current Students

  • Ana Carolina Moraes Luzardi, PhD TBA
  • Betsy McCall , PhD TBA
  • Rachel Oien, Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Donglai Yang, PhD TBA

Please contact Dr. Nowicki if you are interested in working with me. My research website gives a better idea of the projects that I am working on.

Recent Former Students

Da Lin, MS 2022

Recent Publications

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