Karolina Kulicka, PhD '20

Karolina Kulicka in her doctoral regalia.

As a former civil servant (the Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of the Environment in Poland; the National Center of Research and Development) and a representative of Poland to the European Union and the United Nations, Karolina Kulicka is interested in gender equality in public administrations.

Karolina's dissertation examined gender inequality in the Polish civil service system. Her research focuses on gendered organizations, institutional mechanisms of sustaining inequality as well as public service institutions. With experience in both academia and non-academic professions, she links academic theory with practice and strives to come with strategies to shatter the status quo of class, race and gender inequality.

Karolina received the International Peace Scholarship and support from the Goethe Institute and the government of Singapore. She is a Public Administration Theory Network Fellow.

Since earning her PhD in spring 2020, Karolina has returned to Poland.

Email: kkulicka@buffalo.edu

Karolina Kulicka, Global Gender Studies PhD Student, chairing a United Nations working group meeting in Chisinau, Moldova, 2011.

Karolina Kulicka chairing a United Nations working group meeting in Chisinau, Moldova, 2011

The feminist theory will best prove its usefulness if it is used as a toolbox to shatter the status quo of inequality. – Karolina Kulicka

Awards and Honors

  • UB Humanities Institute PhD Fellowship
  • P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship (IPS), The International Peace Scholarship Fund
  • Public Administration Theory Network Fellowship
  • Mark Diamond Research Fund
  • The Isabel S. Marcus International Research Fellowship, UB Gender Institute
  • Goethe Institute Fellowship, Goethe Institute Europanetzwerk Deutsch Programme, Germany's Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institute

Recent Publications