Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar Series

The 2017 seminar, held at the University at Buffalo, included a trip to Niagara Falls.

The 2017 seminar, held at the University at Buffalo, included a trip to Niagara Falls


The Levinas Philosophy Summer Seminar series examines a variety of topics approached through the thinking of Emmanuel Levinas (1906-95), who is recognized as one of the most original and important philosophers of the 20th Century. 

Levinas Seminar International Conference

"Levinas Today"

November 7-9 2023 Vilnius, Lithuania


Aula Parva (Universiteto str. 3)

9:30 am: Registration

9:45 am Welcome (Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy Jonas Dagys, Danutė Bacevičiūtė, Richard Cohen)

10:00–12:00 am Session 1 moderator Richard Cohen

Steven Shankman (University of Oregon, OR, USA) Levinas Today, Here in Vilnius: Vasily Grossman’s Stalingrad, Justice, and Maternity

Luc Anckaert (University of Louvain, Belgium) Emmanuel Levinas and Vasily Grossman. Little Goodness, Justice and the Mystery of the Soul

Rita Šerpytytė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) The Interpretation of Levinas in the Philosophy of Marco Maria Olivetti

12:00–1:45 pm Lunch

Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)

1:45–3:45 pm Session 2 moderator James Mclachlan

Richard Cohen (University at Buffalo, NY, USA & Vilnius University, Lithuania) Saying and the Politics of the Said

Sean Lawrence (The University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada) Levinas and Liberalism Today

Lorenza Bottacin Cantoni (University of Padova, Italy) Responsibility and Hegemony. Questioning Levinas on the Role of Intellectuals and the Relationship between Ethics, Justice, and Globalization

3:45–4:15 pm Coffee beak

Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)

4:15 pm to 6:15 pm: Session 3 moderator Danutė Bacevičiūtė

James Mclachlan (Western Carolina University, North Carolina, USA) Infnity and Openness: Levinas’s Reading of Bergson’s Two Sources of Morality and Religion

Aušra Pažėraitė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) The Problematic Nature of the Category of Religion and Levinasian Interpretation of this Category from the Jewish Perspective

Stephen Jay Stern (Gettysburg College, PA, USA) Transcendental Empiricism: Levinas’ Neo-Talmudic Epistemology

7:00 pm Reception


Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)
10:00–12:00 am: Session 4 moderator Richard Cohen

Robert Manning (Quincy University, IL, USA) Stepping Around, Across, and On the Trauma of the Holocaust in Levinas’s Texts: Interpreting Levinas Through Emily Dickinson

Jolanta Saldukaitytė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) Forgetting and Forgiveness

Yves Sobel (University of Paris, France) “If it isn’t You, it’s Your Brother then”

12:00–6:30 pm Levinas and Litvak Judaism. Visiting Levinas’ birthplace in Kaunas


Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)
10:00–12:00 am: Session 5 moderator Robert Manning

Irina Poleshchuk (University of Helsinki, Finland) From Singularity to Community: The Work of Affectivity in Maternal Relation

Cynthia D. Coe (Central Washington University, WA, USA) Levinasian Refections on Disability

Diane Perpich (Clemson University, SC, USA) Levinas and the Vulnerability of Dignity

12:00–1:45 pm Lunch

Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)
1:45–3.45 pm: Session 6 moderator Lorenza Bottacin Cantoni

Steve Larocco (Southern Connecticut State University, CT, USA) The Face, the Gaze, and the Other: Plasticity, Fantasy, Singularity

Todd Ho man (Augusta University, GA, USA) Levinas, Deleuze and the Ethical Call of the Environment

Paul Sandu (University of Bucharest, Romania) Otherwise than Human or Beyond the Anthropological Difference – Levinas and the Problem of Animality

3:45–4:15 pm Coffee beak

Senate Hall (Universiteto str. 3)
4:15–6:15 pm: Session 7 moderator Jolanta Saldukaitytė

Claire Maria Chambers (California Institute of Integral Studies, CA, USA) For Your Enjoyment: On the Limits of Relational Anarchy in Levinas

Danutė Bacevičiūtė (Vilnius University, Lithuania) Justice and Responsibility

Sandor Goodhart (Purdue University, IN, USA) Anti-Literature or Anti-Artistic Idolatry? Reading, Levinas, Art, and Philosophy

7:00 pm Group dinner, farewell

Each Presentation: 1 hour, 10 minutes Q/A


Organizing committee:
Danutė Bacevičiūtė (chair), Richard A. Cohen, Jolanta Saldukaitytė, Rita Šerpytytė.


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