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The Department of Jewish Thought is proud to announce the National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded Professor Richard A. Cohen a grant to direct a one-week seminar to be held in Augusts 2020 on the topic “Emmanuel Levinas: Ethics of Democracy,” at the University at Buffalo. 
Alexandra Zirkle will be our inaugural Irving M. and Marilyn C. Shuman Visiting Professor in Jewish Studies.
UB’s Department of Jewish Thought was delighted to host its 2019 graduation and awards celebration for its graduating students and award winners. The event took place on Tuesday April 30, 2019 at 7 pm in the Samuel J. Friedman Library in Clemens Hall.
Professor Sergey Dolgopolski's new book! "The Other Others" puts contemporary political theory and a literary-theoretical exploration of the core text of Rabbinic Judaism, the Talmud, into both a fruitful and tensed conversation one with another. In the words of the book's catalogue description: "Denying legal and moral existence to those who do not belong to a land, while tolerating diversity of those who do stabilizes a political order—or does it? Revisiting this core problem of contemporary political theory, Other Others turns to the Talmud as an untapped resource for a conception of the political and a take on excluded others our philosophical and theological traditions have effaced."
A ceremony on April 4th, 2019 honored twenty-five College of Arts and Sciences seniors for their noteworthy contributions to the College and their individual department or program. Congratulations, Louis!

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The Department of Jewish Thought was created to serve as a multidisciplinary research and academic department focused on teaching and scholarship related to the contributions of the Jewish tradition in the development of Western civilization. Our mission is to foster knowledge, inquiry and scholarly excellence to better understand Judaism, along with its contributions to a deeper understanding of current agendas and the social challenges of humanity at large. We invite you to follow our growth as we strive to excel in teaching and scholarship.

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