Spring 2016

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Jewish Studies Courses

JDS 225/PHI 288/RSP 225: Modern Times and Religion - Richard Cohen
T/TH 2:00pm–3:20pm
708 Clemens Hall

One of the most important developments and challenges of contemporary thought is to unmask and overcome the basic theological dualism and its various articulations - mind/body, spirit/matter, sin/salvation, idea/reality, freedom/necessity - which have perennially and destructively misled Western (and global) religious thought and life about fundamental questions of meaning and purpose. To overcome dualism and its prejudices, contemporary philosophy takes seriously human embodiment, time, history, change and language, not as obstacles to truth, but as part and parcel of it. This course will examine several schools and thinkers determined to liberate the human spirit from the errors of its long past.

JDS 237/HIS 237/RSP 237: History of Israel and Zionism - Daniel Kotzin
TU 6:00pm-8:40pm
708 Clemens Hall

This course will examine the development of the Zionist idea from its ancient and rabbinic origins to its modern political implementation. A particular area of focus will be on the modern Zionist movement, the variety of perspectives on Zionism within the movement, their conflicting visions, and the various ways in which Zionists sought to approach the Arab population. The history of Israeli politics, culture, and society since 1948 will also be a central element of the course.

JDS 284: Justice in Bibles, Law, and Philosophy - Sergey Dolgolpolski
T/TH 11:00am- 12:20pm
708 Clemens Hall

A comparative study of the relationship between justice, law, and society in pagan, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Thought.

JDS 402/COL 716/LAW 761/COL 706: Jewish Law in Development - Sergey Dolgopolski
M 6:30pm - 9:10pm
640 Clemens Hall

Historical, sociological, and legal concerns in early and later rabbinic literature; how Jewish life and thought relate to trends in legal interpretation though the centuries.

PHI 556: Topics in History of Philosophy: Spinoza - Richard Cohen
Tuesday 4:00pm - 6:50pm
141 Park Hall

Close reading of Baruch Spinoza's two major works: Ethics and Theological-Political Treatise, especially in view of Prof. Cohen's forthcoming book Out of Control: Confrontations Between Spinoza and Levinas (SUNY Press, 2016). (Open to senior Jewish Thought majors and minors.)

Hebrew Courses

HEB 102: Elementary Modern Hebrew 2 - Lilia Dolgopolskaia
M/W/F – 9:00am-10:25am
708 Clemens Hall

Hebrew 102 is the second part of the Elementary Hebrew course at UB. This course aims to further present students with the basis of Modern Israeli Hebrew and to assist them in developing the fundamental linguistic skills of Hebrew aural and reading comprehension, conversation and writing in a communicative approach. To supplement the course packet, enrichment activities, ranging from traditional handouts to the use of new digital technology are incorporated in the course.

HEB 202: Intermediate Hebrew 2 - Lilia Dolgopolskaia
M/W – 11:00am-12:20pm
708 Clemens Hall

Hebrew 202 is the second part in the continuation of Intermediate Hebrew at UB. This course aims to offer students further basis of Modern Israeli Hebrew and to facilitate their communicative and linguistic skills in Hebrew aural comprehension, conversation, reading and writing. To supplement the course packet, enrichment activities, ranging from traditional handouts to the use of new digital technology are incorporated in the course.

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