Recent News

Postdoc for Monty Hill

Alumnus Monty Hill (Skarù·rę Tuscarora Indian Nation) just accepted a postdoc fellowship with McMaster University, to work with Dr. Bryan Maracle, on the Tuscarora Language program and the Oneida language program in London to develop a decentralized network of language revitalization programs. Way to go Monty!

UB Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship to Karin Michelson

Congratulations to Professor Karin Michelson for being awarded a UB Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship for the 2020–2021 academic year. These competitive awards provide the fellow with a semester of teaching release to pursue a research project relevant to the humanities. More information can be found here: Congratulations, Karin!

Admission to PhD Program

Soo Hyun Ryu (M.S. in Computational Linguistics), and currently a researcher at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, has just been accepted to the Psychology program at Michigan University. Congratulations Soo! For more news about current or past M.S. CL students see the CL page.

Look who's talking @ CUNY

Congratulations to PhD student Yanwei Jin, on getting his abstract "From speech error to grammaticalization: The case of expletive negation, Yanwei Jin and Jean-Pierre Koenig" accepted at the upcoming CUNY Sentence Processing conference at UMass Amherst (the premier sentence processing conference in North America) as a talk. About 6% of abstracts are accepted as talks.

Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship for Monty Hill

Congratulations to PhD student Rahekawę̀·rih Monty Hill (Skarù·rę Tuscarora Indian Nation), who has received a Luce Indigenous Knowledge Fellowship for 2020. This fellowship provides Native knowledge holders and knowledge makers the funding and connections necessary to maximize their potential and realize their vision for their communities. It also provides these knowledge holders with the resources to match their existing knowledge, passion and drive to achieve their personal and community goals.

LSA Early Career Award to UB LIN alumna Gabriela Pérez Báez

Congratulations to alumna Gabriela Pérez Báez, who has won the LSA’s prestigious Early Career Award, to be presented during a special ceremony at the LSA Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 4, 2020, in New Orleans. The Early Career Award, established in 2010, recognizes scholars early in their career who have made outstanding contributions to the field of linguistics. This award is bestowed for contributions to the documentation of Zapotecan languages, for raising public awareness of language diversity and endangerment, and for leading efforts to train members of speaker communities in North America and Mexico.

Role and Reference Grammar conference

The biannual International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar (RRG) will take place on August 19-21, 2019, in Buffalo, New York. It will be held in downtown Buffalo at the University at Buffalo’s Educational Opportunity Center, conveniently located near the downtown theater district, local restaurants, and the Buffalo waterfront.

Visiting Assistant Professor position at the University of Nevada Reno for Kate Donelson

Alumna Kate Donelson will be takin a Visiting Assistant Professor position at the University of Nevada Reno. Congrats Kate!

Visiting Assistant Professor position at the College of William and Mary for Randi Moore

Alumna Randi Moore will be taking a Visiting Assistant Professor position at the College of William and Mary this Fall 2019. Congratulations Randi!

Soo Hyun Ryu @ the NLP*CL Lab at Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology

Computational Linguistics Alumna Soo Yoon Ryu is now a researcher in the NLP*CL Lab at Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST). This is a one year contract position, she plans to pursue a PhD after this. 

Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award to Janwei Jin

Yanwei Jin has been selected as an award winner in this year’s Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Awards competition. Congratulations!

Dr. Ardis Eschenberg to be next Windward Community College chancellor

Linguistics Ph.D. Ardis Eschenberg (UB Alumna) will be the next Windward Community College chancellor at the University of Hawaii. Eschenberg currently serves as vice chancellor for academic affairs at Windward Community College in Kāneoʻhe. Since 2010, she has been at Windward Community College and has also served as vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of language arts, humanities and academic support. For five years, Eschenberg was an academic dean and instructor at Nebraska Indian Community College, which provides for the higher education needs of the Isanti and Umonhon nations. She counseled and advised students who are primarily Native American, low-income, first-generation college students.

LANGUAGE publication

Professor Matthew Dryer's paper "On the order of the demonstrative, numeral and noun" just appered in LANGUAGE, the flagship journal of the Linguistic Society of America.

Assistant Professor position for Hong Mo Kang

Ph.D. student Hong Mo Kang accepted a Assistant Professor position in a governmental agency as a Korean language faculty. 

Look who's talking @ LSA

Various PhD students and faculty are presenting at the 2019 Linguistics Society of America conference:

  • Alexandra Lawson, "Variation in 'Reflexive' Pronoun Usage and Function across Genre"
  • Richard Hatcher "Is Cayuga a top-down accenting language?"
  • Katharine Donelson and Juergen Bohnemeyer "Audience Design and Spatial Description in Tseltal Maya and English"
  • Jen Schechter ""What Donald Trump's 'thoughts' reveal: An acoustic analysis of 45's coffee vowel”

Look who's talking @ AMPRA

Various UB PhD students and faculty will be presenting papers at the 4th International Conference of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA), to be held in 1-3 November, at the University of Albany, NY:

  • Erika Bellingham, Richard Hatcher and Hanno Beck "A Discourse Model for 'Undirected Speculation'"
  • Megan Hutto "Mea Culpa: Admissions of Guilt and Locus of Control"
  • Stephanie Evers, Juergen Bohnemeyer and EunHee Lee "An experimental investigation of the contexts predicting definite-marking demonstrative production in Korean and Russian"
  • Kiyono Fujinaga "The Japanese quotative –tte constructions at home"

Look who's talking @ SCiL

Soo Hyun Ryu, student in the MS in Computational Linguistics, will be presenting her paper entitled "On the interaction between dependency frequency and thematic fit in sentence processing" at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Computation in Linguistics, NYC.

Fellowship to Erika Bellingham

Congratulations to PhD student Erika Bellingham, who has been awarded a year-long Betty Patterson Commemorative Fellowship awarded by the Fellowship Fund Inc of Graduate Women Queensland. Way to go, Erika.


PhD. alumna Yen-Ting Lin is now a postdoctoral researcher, working on the subproject “The smart daily life and citizen engagement in digital communities”, as the part of the project "The Rebirth of Community along the Coast: The Memory Representation, Innovation and Transformation of Communities in Transition, Kaohsiung", Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.  


Congratulations to PhD student Ali Alshehri for having his QP, "The Principle of Canonical Orientation: A Crosslinguistic Study”, been accepted for publication by Language & Cognition (co-authors: Randy E. Moore, Gabriela Pérez Báez, and Juergen Bohnemeyer).

Look who's talking

PhD student Sang-Hee Park will be presenting her research on Gapping at several conferences this Summer, including Sinn und Bedeutung 23 (Barcelona), 25th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar  (Tokyo), among other talks. Way to go!

Look who's internshipping

Congratulations to Erika Belingham, PhD student and MC student in Computational Linguistics, for being awarded a Summer internship at Google, CA.


Congratulations to PhD students Thomas St Pierre and Robert Hepburn Grey, who have been awarded prestigious and highly competitive CAS Dissertation Fellowships. Well done, Rob and Tom!

Look who's talking @ CUNY

Congratulations to PhD students Hongmo Kang and Thomas St-Pierre, whose abstracts were accepted for presentations at the upcoming CUNY conference on sentence processing, held at UC Davis. Both of Thomas’ abstracts were accepted as poster presentations, and Hongmo’s abstract was accepted as a talk (7% acceptance rate). 


MS student Dianna Radpour is taking a leave during the Spring of 2018 to participate in an internship in the Reiken Institute (Tokyo, Japan). Way to go Dianna! 

Look who's talking @ BLS

Ph.D. students Kiyono Fujinaga and Sang Hee Park will each be presenting a paper at the 44th Annual Conference of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Sang Hee's paper is entitled "Underspecification and Scope: the case of Gapping", and Kiyono's is entitled "The subjectification and synchronic variations of Japanese adverb jitsuwa and English adverb actually". Congratulations to both!

Look who's talking @ DGfS & ICMS

PhD student Hanno Beck will be busy giving two talks next Spring. One is about "Studying the Footprint of Subjective Adjectives" and will be presented at the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft) Stuttgart conference, and the other at a roundtable at the International Congress for Medieval Studies conference in Michigan. Happy travels!

Symposium at UB to Examine Recent Developments in Chinese Language Education

The Linguistics Department and the Confucius Institute are jointly organizing a symposium on October 28-29entitled, “Building a Chinese Language Program for the 21st Century: New Approaches for Multicultural and Multilingual Universities.” The symposium will examine how university departments can build rigorous Chinese programs that meet the goals of the broadest spectrum of students while maintaining academic rigor and operating under resource constraints. Keynote speakers will offer valuable theoretical and practical insights and lead discussion. Speakers include David Honey, Professor of Chinese, Brigham Young University; Lening Liu, Professor of Chinese and Director, Confucius Institute of Chinese Pedagogy, Columbia University; and Kai Li, Senior Lecturer in Chinese, Oberlin College, and Beijing Normal University.
Advanced registration requested.

Look who's talking @ International Cognitive Linguistics Conference

PhD Student Katharine Donelson (in joint work with Randi Moore, Jihye Seong, Jose Antonio Jodar Sanchez and Juergen Bohnemeyer) will be giving a talk entitled “Choosing Landmarks: A Crosslinguistic Study of Variable Landmarks” at the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Tartu, Estonia.

ELDP Grant to Yu Li

Congratulations to PhD student Yu Li who has received and Endangered Languages Documentation Programme grant of £10582 to support her dissertation fieldwork on the Zauzou, a Tibeto-Burman language of China.

CSF Award for Young Scientists to Randi Moore

Ph.D. student Randi Moore won the CSF Award for Young Scientists for the Best Presentation at the Spatial Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction Conference, held in Ascona, Switzerland. The award comes with a plaque, a bookbag and 500 swiss francs!

CAS Dissertation Fellowships to Aron Marvel and Josh Benn

Ph.D students Aron Marvel and Josh Benn have been awarded CAS Dissertation Fellowships, which will support them in completing their dissertation research. Congratulations!

Look who’s talking @ HPSG 2017

Ph.D. student Robert Hepburn-Gray will be giving a talk entitled “Against Split Morphology: ‘inflection’, ‘derivation’, and the structure of the SBCG lexicon” at the International Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar conference, collocated with the Linguistic Institute at the University of Kentucky. Also presenting is JP Koenig, who will be giving a talk entitled “Oneida prepronominal prefixes in Information-Based Morphology”, in joint work with Karin Michelson and Ph.D student Thomas Diaz. Happy conferencing to all!

Look who’s talking @ the 2017 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

Dianna Radpour, a student in our Interdisciplinary Computational Linguistics M.S., will be giving a talk entitled “Sarcasm and its Symptoms” at the 2017 Sentiment Analysis Symposium, to be held in New York City from the 27th to the 28th of June.

AHI Fellowship to Monty Hill

Ph.D student Monty Hill has been awarded an Advanced Humanities Institute Fellowship to help him complete his dissertation. Only four such fellowships were awarded this year by the UB Humanities Institute. Congratulations!

Look who’s talking @ CogSci 2017

Congratulations to Ph.D student Hao Sun and Professor John Pate, who will be presenting their work “The Semantic Spaces of Child-Directed Speech, Child Speech and Adult-directed Speech: A Manifold Perspective” at the CogSci conference taking place in London, UK.

Alumna Craig Kopris receives DEL Fellowship

Craig Kopris, a 2001 Ph.D. Alumna (UB Dissertation entitled “A Grammar and Dictionary of Wyandot”) was awarded a Documenting Endangered Languages Fellowship by the National Science Foundation to write a dictionary of Wyandot (Iroquoian). We are so proud!

Look who’s talking @ DETEC

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Alexandra Lawson, whose paper “Repeating Names: Proper Names Usage is Sensitive to Speaker Expectation” was accepted as a talk at Discourse Expectations: Theoretical, experimental, and computational perspectives (DETEC 2017), to be held at the Max-Planck in Niejmegen this upcoming June. Way to go Ali!

Mark Diamond Research funds awarded to Luis Ulloa and Yu Li

Congratulations to PhD students Luis Ulloa and Yu Li, who have been awarded MDRF grants to support their research.

LSA Fellowship to Dana Glantz

Linguistics undergraduate student Dana Glantz has been awarded a Linguistic Institute Fellowship, to attend the upcoming 2017 LSA Institute. Congratulations!

Award to Thomas St. Pierre

PhD Student Thomas St Pierre has just been received a Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award. Congratulations!

Award to Erika Bellingham

Congratulations to PhD Student Erika Bellingham, who won one of only four student bursaries to present her paper at the International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA 2017) in Belfast, in July.

Congratulations to Dawei Jin

Ph.D. Alumnus Dawei Jin is now a lecturer in Shanghai Jiao Yong University, China. Congratulations!

Look who’s talking @ IPrA

Erika Bellingham, Sang-Hee Park & Juergen Bohnemeyer will be presenting a paper on “Causality in discourse: crosslinguistic patterns”, in the panel “Linguistic Expressions and Devices that Yield the Implicature of Cause and Effect” organized by Hanazaki Miki (et al.) during the 15th International Pragmatics Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 16-21 July 2017.

Look who’s talking @ Summer LSA Institute

Jürgen Bohnemeyer will be teaching a course entitled “Typology of Spatial Representation” at the 2017 Summer Linguistics Institute, which is taking place in Lexington KY from July 5th to August 1st. 

Look who’s talking @ BLS 43

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Hao Sun, who will be presenting a paper entitled “There are more valence alternations than the ditransitive” (co-authored with Professor Jean-Pierre Koenig) at the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society.

Mark Diamond Research Fund awards to Holly Keily and Derry Moore

Congratulations to PhD students Holly Keily and Derry Moore for each receiving a Mark Diamond Research Fund award, which will support their dissertation studies.