Chamber Ensembles

  • UB Contemporary Ensemble
    The UB Contemporary Ensemble is devoted to the preparation and performance of the music of our time. In addition to developing and expanding the experience of its performers, the ensemble is at the service of the History, Composition and Theory Departments.
  • UB Percussion Ensemble
    The UB Percussion Ensemble is dedicated to the study and performance of new works for a variety of solo and multiple percussionists. It was founded by Jan Williams and John Bergamo in 1964, and has been under the direction of Tom Kolor since 2008. The ensemble has given hundreds of percussion students the opportunity to work directly with dozens of composers, preparing new works and giving professional level performances.
  • UB Jazz Ensembles
    The UB Jazz Ensemble program consists of two sub-ensembles: the Big Band is a larger, mixed ensemble, while the Jazz Combo program consists of small groups of four to six performers. The specific instrumentation for these groups varies from semester to semester based on the makeup of the students. Interested students must audition at the beginning of each semester.
  • UB Chamber Music Ensemble
    The Chamber Music Program is designed to suit the needs of Music Performance majors and minors. Smaller instrumental ensembles are created, giving players more opportunities to work in chamber music groups.
  • UB Open! String Ensemble
    The Open! String Ensemble is open to players of all string instruments, combining bowed and plucked instruments while providing a welcoming atmosphere for strings from around the world.
  • UB Guitar Ensemble
    The UB Guitar Ensemble consists of small groups (duos, trios and quartets) in addition to a large collective ensemble.
  • UB Opera Studio
    Opera Studio provides an opportunity to sing in a fully-staged opera as well as concert performances with orchestra. Opera Studio also includes classes in acting, musical coaching and scene work in their original languages.
  • UB Sax Ensemble
    The UB Sax Ensemble provides the opportunity to explore the wide variety of chamber music literature available for the saxophone. Performances typically include selections from Baroque to Jazz.
  • UB Choro Ensemble
    Choro is a dynamic, living instrumental music tradition that began in late 1800s Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with Afro-Brazilian reinterpretations of European salon music. What began as a regional style has since become a global genre (played in almost every major city around the world) with its own composers that has continued to evolve with each new generation into the 21st century. A few of the most prominent composer-performers include Ernesto Nazaré (piano), Pixinguinha (flute/sax), Jacob do Bandolim (bandolim), and Waldir Azevedo (cavaquinho).

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