Transfer Students

The UB Department of Music is a compelling choice for students transferring from institutions around the world. Our music major programs are competitive with the best universities in the country, and the music minors are excellent complements to a major in another program. The Department of Music accepts credits from all two- and four-year regionally accredited institutions. Here are some resources to help you get started.

General Process

UB's Office of Admissions has compiled a page of excellent resources that you should consult as you begin the process.

Transfer students interested in spring enrollment must generally apply to the University by December 1, while those interested in fall enrollment apply by May 1.

After applying to UB, transfer students interested in a music major should submit an application to the Department of Music and schedule an audition.  

Department of Music Policies

In general, students transferring into a BA degree can transfer a maximum of 24 music credits, while those enrolling in the MusB degree can transfer up to 45 music credits. (This is roughly half of the total credits required for these degrees.) The Department of Music accepts credits satisfying up to one-half of the credits in the areas of music history, theory, applied lessons, and ensembles. Grades for music courses that will count toward the major must be a C or higher regardless of where they are taken, and transfer credits in music theory or history may be contingent upon passing a placement exam.

For students preparing to transfer, this document outline some general equivalencies in music theory, history, ensemble, and applied lesson coures. The specific equivalencies are "articulated" at the time of enrollment, and are greatly aided with documentation. Please keep your syllabi so that you can submit them to us when enrolling!

Questions about any specifics in regards to music can be addressed to the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Brian Moseley.